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Orion Bar Amazing Vape

Everyone wants a durable and convenient vape in this fast-changing and growing world of vaping. When Orion Bar link came into the picture it emerged as a flare of superiority. As time passed, this stunning vape became popular for its travel-friendly features, attractive design, and unforgettable vaping experience. It is one of the best gadgets for beginners as well as experienced vape users.  

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Lost Vape Orion Bar is portable which is further amplified by its lightweight design. Those who have less time in the fast-growing world can get Orion vape as their good companion. It enhances your style and aura wherever you go. It may be parting with your friends, chilling at home, or heading to work. With its adjustable airflow feature, users can experience a hassle-free session. With the use of this vape, you can relax your mind and body completely. In this Blog, you will get to know more about Orion Vape and the reason for its popularity among its users.  

Specifications of Orion Bar

The amazing features of the Orion Bar Vape link make it easy to use and unique from other vapes on the market. As it comes pre-charged and pre-filled it allows you to use it instantly without any specific preparation. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to leak and airflow problems. You are just required to switch to Orion vape. Here are various specifications of this vape: 

  1. You will get a puff count of more than 7500 puffs which will satisfy your cravings and last for a long.
  2. It has an e-liquid pre-filled capacity of 18 ml. 
  3. The battery size of Lost Vape Orion Bar is 650 mAh, which will work very smoothly. 
  4. The crucial factor is nicotine strength, which is around 5%.
  5. It has a draw-activated firing mechanism which allows you to use it without any complicated settings or buttons.  
  6. It is chargeable and has a Type-C port. 

Where to Buy Orion Bar? 

This is the most necessary question for Lost Vape Orion Vape link users:  where you can get this incredible vape? The safest answer to this question is to purchase it from the official websites of vapes where you will get the most reliable and accurate product. You can also find it in your local vape stores as they sell popular vape gadgets. Before purchasing from local stores, thoroughly examine the product to check if it's in good working condition or not.  The other option is to purchase it from specialized vape stores where you will be properly informed about the features and working of the device. It also allows you to select the appropriate vape flavor for yourself.  

Mouthwatering Orion Bar Flavors 

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Orion Bar vape is its rich flavors. This gadget is made from the best quality materials which produce amazing flavors that take you to the next world of vaping. It is designed to provide a wide range of flavors that deliver fruity, Savored, and menthol-like tastes to your taste buds. Let’s have a look at these flavors: 

  1. Strawberry kiwi: The e-liquid that has a taste of juicy strawberry and tropical kiwi. These two when bled, create the most unique taste that is hard to resist. 
  2. Triple Berries: When your mouth is flooded with various berries you will go to another world of vaping. We are talking about this amazing Triple Berries flavor that has different types of berries to provide a sweet and sour taste. The users of this e-liquid have one of the best reviews. 
  3. Sparkling Double Ice Apple: Orion Vape has launched this e-juice to sparkle the life of its users with the incredible taste of apples with the essence of ice. 
  4. Pineapple lemonade: This flavor has a taste of exotic pineapple and lemonade. These two create the most unique taste. It also enhances your vaping experience with its uniqueness. 
  5. Mexican Mango Ice: Orion Vape has launched this e-liquid which has Mexican mango with the essence of ice to offer a cooling effect. After the first inhale, you will experience the most marvelous taste. It will add stars to your dull day. 
  6. Exotic edition blueberry rose mint: This flavor is made from exotic blueberry with a hint of mint, which delivers the chill effect to your throat. The rose fragrance of this e-liquid makes you fall in love with it. 
  7. Sparkling black current mixed berry: The e-juice has a magical taste of fresh black current and sour berries. When these two come together, it lightens up the mood of its users and makes them feel alive in a single puff. This amazing flavor is worth the try for every vape lover. 
  8. Sparkling Passionfruit Pineapple: The E-liquid is a perfect blend of sparkling passion fruit and exotic pineapple. Orion Vape has distinct flavors however,| this one creates a lot of significance among other flavors as it is made from freshly extracted fruits.
  9. Peach mango watermelon: The flavor is made from a combination of tropical peach, sweet mango, and juicy watermelon. This flavor is made for fruit lovers who are more inclined towards the fresh and juicy fruit flavor. It is best to start and end your day with.
  10. Cold classic Ice cap: For providing the cooling effect in your vaping experience cold classic ice cap came into the frame. This rich e-liquid is one of the coldest classic flavors.


Orion Bar 7500 link proves to be a portable, compact, cost-effective, and innovative vape in the world of Vaping. It offers you the best vaping experience, which you will not find in any other electronic cigarette. In the vaping community, it has created its value through its attractive design and incredible quality. Orion bar flavors are another crucial factor for its popularity. You will be amazed after knowing the varieties of flavors it offers. When you explore this device more, you will fall in love with its features. However, one should add this marvelous vape to their vaping collection.

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