Orion Bar: Stylish, Long-Lasting, & Flavorful Delight - 2024 Review

Orion Bar Vape Flavors stand out for their commitment to innovation. Dive into the world of unique blends, where traditional meets contemporary.
Orion Bar Vape

The Orion Bar link is a disposable gadget that provides a simple and easy experience. Designed for consumers who desire a portable and simple vaping experience. The gadget is pre-filled with e-liquid and does not need to be maintained or refilled.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

The vaper's amazing puff count of 7500 is one of its standout qualities. This means customers may have a long-lasting and high-quality vaping experience without having to recharge or replace the device.  According to taste buds, the device's battery capacity is particularly remarkable, guaranteeing that customers may experience continuous performance throughout its existence.

The Orion Bar Vape link contains a USB type C charging connector for quick and easy recharging. This functionality is ideal for busy customers who want a dependable vape that can be charged while on the go.

The adjustable airflow technology of the 7500 vape electronic gadget is another noteworthy feature. Users may tailor their vaping experience by altering the airflow to their liking. You may tailor your vaping experience by adjusting the airflow, whether you want a tight or airy draw.

The vape has a sleek and small design that is both elegant and ergonomic. It comes in a variety of appealing colors and finishes, making it a trendy accessory for vapers.

The vape is a fashionable and functional disposable vape. It has a lot of puffs and can be charged with a USB-C cable.  It also allows customers to tailor the airflow based on their tastes. It boasts a large number of puffs, can be charged by USB-C, and the airflow can be adjusted.

What Does the Orion Bar 7500 VAPE Mean to Vapers?

Airflow Control: The vape provides a pleasant MTL impact while being partially exposed. The airflow control may be fine-tuned to close almost completely for a sip of vapor or fully open for a modest DTL puff.

Instant Vapor Production: The heating element activates instantly as you breathe in, so there is no waiting, and the vapor is consistent.\

Battery Capacity: With a 650mAh battery, the vape has a reasonable duration before needing to be recharged, albeit it degrades below 30%. To maximize the puff, we recommend recharging at this stage.

Lots of Juice: The disposable comes with an 18mL bottle of salt nic vape juice. This is greater than the Elf bar's 13mL capacity. You may also replenish the vape many times. It has a capacity of 7500 puffs.

Type-C Charging: Using a Type-C charger speeds up the charging process, and inexpensive charger cables are readily available.

Design and construction: The Orion Bar is difficult to grasp or carry in your pocket. It has a medium size and a smooth plastic finish. It also has a lot of sharp edges.

Aesthetic Transparency: The "Go-Pro" is made of clear plastic with printed wrapping on the battery and tank. This makes it visually beautiful while also being slightly unusual.

MTL Flexibility: This MTL device's airflow control switch allows you to regulate the airflow from a faint sound to a powerful puff. A fully open slider gives a pseudo for DTL vapers.

Size and weight comparison: The vape is heavier and larger than several popular disposable vapes. According to the Orion website, it is lightweight and tiny.


It has a design that caters to the aesthetic tastes of the discriminating vaper. The gadget looks to be a small box mod or all-in-one. It has a conventional C-frame form that reminds me of a vape store.

Kit Contents:

The kit includes the Orion Bar 7500 link , a disposable device intricately designed with attention to the vape aesthetic. Its transparent structure reveals two distinct sections, each contributing to its unique appeal. 

The contents comprise graphic art by an unidentified artist, representing different flavors with varied colors. The internal components, including electronics, e-liquid, polyfill, and coil, are concealed within the captivating artwork.

Size, Look, and Feel:

The Elf Bar BC5000 is a bigger version of the 7500. It utilizes the same C-frame design as box modifications. It delivers a pleasing feeling when held in the hand. The translucent case reveals the inside mechanism while highlighting the beautiful motifs & a cylindrical battery cover labeled "Orion."

Durability and Construction: 

Attempting to disassemble the vape for a closer look was difficult, highlighting its sturdy construction. Despite its plastic construction, the gadget has the durability that is indicative of Lost Vape's excellent standards. The heavy-duty plastic utilized in its manufacturing is consistent with Lost Vape's premium branding.

In conclusion, the vape is visually appealing and stands out for its strong construction, demonstrating the Lost Vape Orion Bar link brand's excellence. It is a high-end equipment that satisfies the most stringent industrial requirements.

Reviews based on flavors

Banana Cake

Savor the taste of banana cake anytime, anywhere—an enticing blend of sugar-dusted, cake-like fried dough with a smooth consistency akin to banana pudding.

Blueberry Raspberry

A ripe and robust sweet blueberry/raspberry vape with a medium-high ice level, enhancing the sweetness of the fruit flavors.

Cool Mint 

Sweet spearmint gum-flavored vape with a medium-high ice level for a refreshing and clean vaping experience.

Lush Ice

A delicious slice of ripe watermelon with a medium amount of ice provides a sweet, fruity, and icy vaping experience.

Mango Ice 

Sweet, ripe, juicy mangoes with a medium-high ice level accurately capture the essence of ripe mango without any artificial taste.

Orange Ice 

Orange-flavored vape with tart citric notes and a medium ice finish, offering a flavorful MTL experience.

Peach Mango Watermelon 

The sweetest mango vape blended with watermelon and peach for a robust, sweet, and icy vaping experience.

Pineapple Lemonade 

An exquisite blend of sweet pineapple flavor and tart lemonade  with a medium-high ice level creates a complex and enjoyable vaping flavor experience.

Sour Apple Ice 

Originally a sour apple with added sweetness and ice for a candied sour apple flavor experience.

Strawberry Kiwi 

Delectably sweet strawberries are paired with juicy kiwis for a medium-iced, fruity delight.

Blueberry Pie

Opinions vary on the Blueberry Pie, which offers a sweet blueberry dessert vape with a touch of ice on the inhale and a buttery crust flavor on the exhale. 

Dragon Fruit Berry 

A Sweet Berry Symphony with a Hint of Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit Berry presents a very sweet berry-flavored vape with medium to medium-high iciness. 


1. How should I go about selecting the greatest disposable vapes?

Consider aspects like battery life, flavor, and nicotine potency, which ranges from low to high.

2. Do you have any disposable vape device recommendations?

Yes, an elf bar is really popular on the market right now. When the e-liquid in the Elf Bar runs out, you can either discard the gadget or replace it with your own e-juice.

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