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Hyde Retro_Recharge
Hyde Retro Recharge Disposable Vape | 4000 Puffs | $19.99 $19.99 $25.00
Hyde Retro Recharge Disposable As a new trend, vaping is not only here to stay but is also becoming more popular. If you are considering quitting smoking, there are many advantages to consider. If you haven't already, consider making the transition. The primary advantages of utilizing a vape pen, such as the Hyde Retro, are the following: Tobacco Use Has Been Decreased In addition to being detrimental to your health, smoking cigarettes is detrimental to others who are around you while you do so. Since it is simple and disposable, the Hyde Retro Disposable Pen Pod Device needs no upkeep. A homage to the classic automatic batteries of yesteryear, the Hyde Retro has an updated, contemporary appearance and a higher puff count of about 4000 puffs. The Hyde Retro also has a built-in battery with a capacity of 600mAh, which can be recharged via the device's micro-USB charging interface. Specifications and characteristics E-Liquid Capacity: To Be Determined Approximately 4000 Puffs Disposable Design Built-In Rechargeable Battery Convenient Grip Design Ultra-compact and lightweight design Non-refillable design 50mg Nicotine salt-based e-liquid Capacity of 600mAh Flavors by Hyde Hyde Retro Flavors in a variety of combinations Sour Apple Ice Pina Colada Raspberry Watermelon Blue Razz Ice Peach Mango Watermelon Aloe Grape Strawberries & Cream Pineapple Ice Lush Ice Banana Ice Strawberry Banana Neon Rain Honeydew Punch Lemon Crumble Pineapple Peach Mango Blue Razz Spearmint Pink Lemonade Tropical Gummy Bananas and Cream Energize Cola Ice
Hyrde Retro Rave Disposable
Hyde Retro Rave Disposable | 5000 Puffs | 10mL | $19.99 $19.99
Hyde Retro Rave Disposable Hyde Retro has come up with this brand new laudatory vape to give its fans an extension of the puff counts that come embraced by an appealing body and functioning ability to process your cloud productions to an infinite level of satisfaction. It has an LED light with an option of switching on and off mode. Giving you the option of a total of 5000 puffs, Hyde Retro Rave is all about appraisal and taking your vaping satisfaction to the next level. Notable Specifications 5000 Puff Counts 10ml e-liquid 400mAh battery 5% nicotine concentration (in salt form) LED feature (with switch on/off mode) Super Light and High-tech designed Appetizing Flavor List Aloe Grape - Sumptuous vape juice with a warm blend of Aloe Vera and Grape extract. Bananas and Cream - Creamy banana flavor to make your vapes more rich and velvety. Blue Razz Ice - Blue Raspberries juice blended with a hint of mint flavor. Brazzmallows - Marshmallows combined with Blue Raspberries. Cola Ice - A taste of Chilled Coca Cola with on each inhales and exhales. Satisfying! Energize - Want your vapors to taste like an energy drink? Here’s your catch! Loops - Fruity cereal mixed in milk. A peculiar vaping taste that many would hook on. Minty O’s - Classic lovers of the mint and menthol flavor shouldn’t miss this one. Morning Brew - Creamy Coffee vapors on every draw will fill your soul with a sweet aroma. Peach Mango Watermelon - Puffs of the trio taste of Peaches, Mangoes, and Watermelons. Philippine Mango - Authentic mango juice infused from yellow mangoes in vape juice. Pina Colada- Coconut and pineapple vape juice to give you an exotic taste. Power - Green Energy drink tastes when puffed. Must try! Sour Apple Ice - Extract of Menthol and juice of Green Apple. Strawberry Banana - Strawberries and Bananas! A taste that is never outdated. Strawberry Kiwi - Kiwis and Strawberries, a vapor taste that gives unique sweetness. Summer LUV - The medley of different fruits that everyone would relish. Tropical - All the tastes of the tropics in the form of gummies. Dewberry - vapor taste that gives unique Raspberry Watermelon - Puffs of the trio taste of Raspberry and Watermelons.  A rechargeable pot is given at the vape’s bottom but the package does not include its charger. You can separately order a Hyde Charger or attach any of your Type C cables.     PRE-ORDER ITEMS COMING SOON!

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