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Terms and Conditions

VaporBoss.com has an age restriction of 21+ to be able to purchase. We are 100% against underage individuals buying our products as it is against our laws in our great nation of the United States of America. We have youth of our own and believe that following the laws are priority. The bible states to " follow the laws of the land" and thats what we intend to do. That being said we Require proof of ID before purchasing. You will be required to Upload a Picture of your ID into a secure database to be verified for authenticity  and of the legal age required by law. VaporBoss.com top priority is to assure that no one under the legal age can buy products. We have the worlds greatest technology to assure we abide by the laws. You will also be required to do a second age verification after the ordering process for your products to get delivered to you. Adult signature is required along with uploading a live photo picture of your face to cross check that you are the person on your ID and that nothing fraud-lent or false Identities are being tried.

VaporBoss.com currently has a no refunds, exchanges, or cancelations policy. However, we also have a No Solider Left Behind Policy which does have exceptions to this policy. We want everyone to have the best experience possible when shopping with VaporBoss.com

All Product Warranty Varies but if no Warranty options are chosen during check out then all warranty must be dealt with directly through the Manufacture.

Meaning the customer would be responsible to contact the manufacture for help.

Any Questions You can call +1 (323) 374-3085 Monday-Friday 10am-3pm PST.


Any Orders/ Packages that get returned due to insufficient address , or if the delivery company can’t get to the address for any apparent reason and order gets sent back we do not refund. The customer must repay for the package to be reshipped at their own expense. If they do not repay for package to get resent we do not refund products. Customer Forfeits all products bought to vaporboss.com

If an item is missing from your order, please contact customer service. [email protected] We do have records of each order before it is shipped out. You will need to email a picture of what you received and state what item is missing. We will check our database to confirm and if you did in fact have a missing item you will be issued store credit for that specific item. Store credit can be used at checkout for you and you only with any future order. 


If you put the wrong address and order gets delivered we do not resend your order and we do not refund your purchase. You will have to resubmit another order. If you refuse the order and it gets sent back to us we do not ship order back at our expense and we do not refund. All orders are non refundable even if you change your mind after placing. 

All orders are non refundable whether or not your do the ID checks according to our laws.


Nothing is Refundable. We do not Refund anything for any situation. All sales Final. No money back guaranteed .

All Customers Waive there right to sue in any manner and agree that all concerns will be handled within Vapor Boss Managment.

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