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Wick 'N' Vape Organic Cotton Bacon V2 | $4.94 | 10 Strips

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Cotton Bacon- The Component For Purest & Incredible Vaping!

A premium vaping experience vests very much in a good coil. In that sense, Organic Cotton Bacon V2 Wick ignites your vape time like a wildfire with its superb quality material that produces impeccable cloud hits without disrupting the airflow even for a second. The resistance offered by this is inch-perfect which results in the cleanest hits.

The reason why this wick has been in demand is that it is made from standard cotton material. It is 100% organic cotton that is naturally free from chemicals, pesticides, bleach, or any other harsh compounds that obstruct the vaping flow.

Cotton Bacon wicks by ‘Wick n Vape’ are suitable for the Rebuildable Tank Atomizer and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer and therefore it is a great package for those who are more into fabricating the clouds of their own kind. Whether you are a DL or MTL vaper, it supports both styles of vaping. Moreover, the capacity to absorb e-juice is beyond the ordinary.  Here are the key specifications of this exceptional resistance wick to check out the standard it has set in the industry…

The Main Features of Cotton Bacon Wick

  •   High-end 100% Organic Cotton Material
  •   No harsh compounds for smooth airflow
  •   Corresponds to both RTA and RDA atomizers
  •   Negligible chemicals and pesticides
  •   Outstanding e-juice absorbing capacity
  •   Superb hold on to your favorite vape juice
  •   Each pack contains 10 Cotton Strips
  •   Suitable for all standards of vaping MTL to Sub-Ohm

How to utilize Cotton Bacon Wick the right way?

Since these wicks are used only by those who are hardcore vapers, it is obvious to have an in detail knowledge about how a particular resistance is achieved in a vaping gadget. These Cotton Bacon wicks are used by only those who know how to calculate and fix a particular kind of air drawn in both size and flow. So, you must be aware of the voltage and coil possessing the apt resistance that is required to suffice these for efficient use. Otherwise, these would burn and lead to an unpleasing burnt taste.

It is advised to always test your coils with an Ohm-meter before putting them to use. Also, you must know that these won’t go with low resistance coils as they do not match the requirements of many variations of mods or Vape Cotton. Rechargeable vape batteries are most likely to have the risk factor and therefore, we do not guarantee damage based on these faults that we expect the consumer to know about in advance. Also, you must prime these well before beginning your vaping session.

In short, Organic Cotton Bacon V2 Wicks have a great role in producing ultra-satisfying nicotine hits but only at the cost of a vaper who has a deeper knowledge of using them. Buy only if you do and we guarantee that this wick is sure to give you the euphoric vaping kick!

Alert: Vape Wisely! Excessive use can be dangerous to health.

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