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WARNING: This Product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Elf Bar Lowit Disposable | 5500&2500 Puffs | $9.99

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Elf Bar Lowit

The convenient, portable, and disposable design of Elf Bar Lowit has stepped it up a notch and brings added comfort and satisfaction to the senses. Its new mesh coil creates massive nicotine clouds that burst into your mouth with the fullness of flavors. These come in two variations where one offers 2500+ puffs while the other 5500+. The upgraded design and performance will ensure that you are pleased with every aspect of this vape gadget.

Ameliorating the basic Elf Bar, Elf Bar Lowit has some striking new features like the battery indicator that comes with three different LED colors-Green Blue, and Red. Here, the Green color means that your system has 70% to 100% of battery power, Blue means 29% to 69%, and red means less than 29%. This prepares the vaper to manage their vaping breaks accordingly, resulting in ultra-smooth and textured vaping.

Resembling more of a box shape, this e-cig won’t let your hope down when it comes to
Carry them easily in their pockets. Also, the battery can be recharged by just connecting any Type C cable to the port. Elf Bar Lowit is all about getting knocked by the premium flavored throat hits with the easiest handling. This vape unit is sure to become something that you’d value.

The Notable Parameters of Elf Bar Lowit 5500 & 2500 Pod

  • Puff Size: 5500/ 2500
  • Dimensions : 66x40x20mm / 50x40x20mm
  • E-liquid : 14ml / 8ml
  • Nicotine%: 5% or 50mg (in salt form)
  • Charging port: Type C
  • Battery: 500mAh

Vape Juice Concoctions of Elf Bar Lowit Pod

This pre-filled vape device is available in 13 different tastes to give your taste buds an awesome swirl. These contain no harmful flavoring compounds and have the correct VG/PG concentration of 70:30 to impress you with sweet and velvety clouds. 5% of nicotine in the salt form is blended to hit your throat with the satisfaction it craves.

  • Mango Passionfruit - This ravishing e-liquid brings a delicious combination of mango and passionfruit.Vape all day long with this truly relaxing blend.
  • Blue Razz Ice - Blueberries, raspberries, and menthol mixed only to give you the good vaping vibes. This mouth-watering combination of berries will boast your every puff.
  • Cherry Grape Lemonade - Feel the magical taste of grapes and cherries with a hint of lemon juice. This one keeps you engaged with the delicious cloud hits from the beginning till the end.
  • Watermelon Ice - Give your throats and tongues the best coat of cool watermelon juice while you vape. This flavor soothes your soul.
  • Mixed Berries - A super exciting flavor that will leave you thoroughly pleased and refreshed with its lusciousness.
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava - The best that can happen to your vaping is to get hit by this unique flavor which combines three different fruit juices Kiwi, Passionfruit, and Guava.
  • Energy - Introduce your vaping soul with tons of freshness! The energy e-juice by Elf Lowit brings the best nicotine hits for you. It is an all-day flavor that will smash your palates with the ultimate rejuvenating vibes.
  • Grape - It is simple but extraordinary when it comes to vaping with Elf Lowit clouds. This all-grapes e-juice is the treat you would never forget.
  • Juicy Peach - This flavor is specially crafted for a huge vaping crowd that looks upon the peach-flavored vapor clouds. This is the one you must definitely consider.
  • Strawberry Yogurt - A satisfying blend for those who are fond of yogurts. This one is close to the real taste of strawberry yogurt and is smooth and flavorsome.
  • Blueberry Ice - The blueberries are formulated with a captivating blend of mint juice. A cool vaping ride for which you will return again.
  • Mint - The master flavor of all vape juices that massively cuddles your palates with its authentic vibes. This crowd favorite can never be a miss and Elf Bar Lowit has it in its best form.
  • Strawberry Ice - Get a delectable burst of rich strawberries on each puff you inhale. The flavor gives an extra dose of mint and it is so yummy that you couldn’t thank anyone enough.

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