Suicide Bunny E-Liquids | Vape Juice Flavors | $11.95

Suicide Bunny is the lord of vape juices!! Once tasted, you are sure to experience the highest intensity of vaping satisfaction! As the name suggests, it is that ultimate feeling of ‘blissful suicide’ or ‘the attainment of Nirwana’ that’s deadly as heaven!! If you think that’s too much of an exaggeration, then let the quality speak. This e-liquid believes in treating its vapers with a sharp and solid punch of nicotine clouds for which a nice 70% of Vegetable Glycerine has been infused. The 30% of PG creates an awesome way to evenly escalate the flavor that is unique and yummy as hell.


Into the bargain, this vape juice brand believes in treating its vapers with a nice dose of dessert flavors and ergo it brings this goodness to its exotic e-juices by adding an extra punch of cream and vanilla to all the standard popular e-liquid tastes. Majorly created for all dessert lovers, it brings the best of the authentic dessert tastes that give you the quickest contentment of throat hits, leaving you all speechless in its succulence! Coming to the three most in-demand nicotine strengths are 0mg,3mg, and 6mg; it is so strikingly unconventional that you are almost at the zenith of Vaping!!

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