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Air Bar Max Flavors
Air Bar Max Disposable Device | 5% Nicotine | $10.99 | 2000 Puffs $10.99 $25.00
Air Bar Max Disposable Vape Discover the Air Bar Max Disposable Vape, where simplicity meets satisfaction. With a soft nozzle for smooth draws, this device is hassle-free - no maintenance, no charging, and no refilling. It's pre-charged and activates with a simple puff, making it incredibly user-friendly. Say goodbye to messy refills as it comes pre-filled with a generous 6.5ml of e-liquid, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. And when it comes to power, the 1250mAh battery has you covered, providing reliable performance with each pull. The Air Bar Max is the epitome of ease, delivering a delightful vaping experience in the simplest way possible. The Nossel is Soft. There is no need for maintenance, charging, or refilling with a disposable pod device. It can be pre-charged, and to activate the device, puff or pull on it. There are no messy refills because it is pre-filled. 6.5ml e-liquid  It has a 1250mAh battery. What's in the package? 1 x Air Bar Max Disposable Vape
Air Bar Cool Lemon
Air Bar Box Disposable Vape | 3000 Puffs | $10.00| 5% Nicotine $10.00
Air Bar Box Classy in looks and impeccable in performance, Air Bar Box Disposable Vape comes with 10ml of pre-filled e-juice and can produce up to 3000 puffs. The integrated battery is powered by 1500mAh and also comes pre-charged and is sufficient to suffice till the last pull of your vapor. The flow and hit are smooth, velvety, and hits with 5% of nicotine power which is blended into the vape juice in the form of salt. As the name indicates, this vape looks just like a box yet it easily fits into the pockets and is super comfortable to hold while you vape. The outer appeal is painted with a single shimmery shade which represents the flavor it contains. The drip trip and edges are finely bordered with black. A perfect vape that can last you longer without any worries of maintenance! Flavors of Air Bar Box are exotic and are perfectly blended with the VG/PG ratio leaving you with 15 fresher experiences of vaping. Check out the brief specifications and flavor chart of this vape below- Notable Specifications 3000 Puffs 10ml vape juice 1500mAh Battery 5% Nicotine strength Pre-Charged and Pre-filled For one time use Strong and Safe Chasis Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism Nil Maintenance Required Travel-friendly 15 Luscious Flavors of Air Bar Box Cherry Lemon - Sweetness of red cherries with a hint of tarty lime drops. Cool Lemon - Strong taste of mint with lightly infused lemon juice. Cool Mint - Classic mint taste in abundance. Cranberry Grape - Juices of Cranberries and grapes blended to give a nice balance of sweet and sour tastes. Energy Drink - Take a sip of Red Bull and Green Monster with every inhale. Kiwi Shake - Unique taste of Kiwis that comes after mixing milk cream to it. Orange Juice - A treat to refreshen your senses with a strong flavor of Oranges. Orange Shake - Orange juice with cream to make the vapors smooth and tasty. Pineapple Shake - Loaded with the sweetness of pineapples. Sour Apple Freeze - Juice of Sour Apples mixed with the menthol taste. Strawberry Mango - Blend of mangoes and strawberries. A favorite taste of many. Vitamin Water - Sweet and floral vapors bring you closer to the perfect taste of hits. Strawberry Watermelon - A vaping taste of watermelon and strawberry is ultimate. Worth giving a try. Watermelon Candy - Relish the playful childhood vibe of watermelon candy on every inhale and exhale. Watermelon Freeze - A watermelon mocktail-like flavor that you would want to vape with again.
Air Bar Lux
Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape | $8.88 | 2.7ml | 1000 Puffs $8.88
Air Bar Lux An upgraded version of Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape comes in 2.7ml packing. It has almost 1000 puffs with 5% salt nicotine strength. It comes with a 500 mAh battery and 2.7 prefilled juice. It provides more puff, relaxation, and thick airflow. It comes with a more unique and double times longer vape. A better way to use air bar lux with more tasty and vivid flavors.  Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape 2.7ml Specifications Almost 1000 puffs per vape Seven unique flavors 5% salt nicotine 500mAh battery The Captivating flavors of Air Bar Lux Vape Apple Shake- A blend of sweet and tart undertones of apple and creamy condensed milk. Guava Shake- Milky creaminess amalgamated with a sweet and flowery feel of guava savory. Banana Shake- Best for banana and milk lovers. Triple Shake- Thrice the regular milky feels, is yum! Blueberry Kiwi Ice- Perfect to soothe the stress with a nice concoction of icy kiwi and blueberry extracts. Banana Ice- Banana with a cooling effect is awesome! Watermelon Apple Ice- Palatable fruity mix of watermelon, apple under the fine sensation of ice will give you the Refreshing Summer feels. Blueberry Pomegranate Ice- Feel exotic under a minty sensation with hints of blueberries and sweetness of pomegranate. Red Bull Ice- Ultimate for a fan of Red Bull! Cranberry Lemon Iced- A punch of sweety cranberry sprinkled with the sourness of lemon, topped with mint-like sensation! Aloe Blackcurrant-Goodness of Aloe Vera is hit by the tarty flavor of blackcurrant berry. Popcorn Caramel- Feel the carnival nostalgia with this popcorn and caramel blend. Strawberry Mango-Relish tropical summers with the sweetness and tartness of strawberries and mangoes.
Air Bar Lux Plus
Air Bar Lux Plus Vape | 6.5ML | 2000 Puffs | $13.49 | 5% Nicotine $13.49
Air Bar Lux Plus Experience luxury in every puff with the Air Bar Lux Plus, priced at just $13.49. This cutting-edge disposable vape is designed to give you an astonishing 2000 puffs of satisfaction. Loaded with a robust 5% nicotine punch and a generous 6.5ml of pre-filled juice, it ensures a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. Plus, with its high-capacity 1250mAh battery, you can count on long-lasting performance. Elevate your vaping journey to new heights with the Air Bar Lux Plus - where style meets substance for an unforgettable vaping experience. New air bar Lux plus disposable vape contains 2000 puffs. Contains 5% nicotine Contains prefilled juice of around 6.5 ml Battery 1250mah What's in the package? 1x Air Bar Lux Plus vape device.

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