For those who have switched to using rebuildable atomiser coils and wicks, Cotton Bacon for vape devices is a premium option. Remember that not just any cotton will do when choosing it for your wick. An ordinary cotton ball, for instance.

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Discover the benefits of using Cotton Bacon for your needs in making vape wicks by reading on.This excellent item was designed exclusively for vaping. The fabric is created using American-grown cotton fibres that have through a thorough purification process to ensure that all pollutants, including oils, pesticides, and impurities, are removed. This produces a flavorless, food-safe product that is perfect for use in vaporizers.





  • The following are some of the qualities that make this product perfect for creating your own cotton wick:
  • 100 percent organic cotton
  • Ideal strip length to reduce to desired wick size with the least amount of waste.
  • There are no longer any chemicals, pesticides, bleach, or other pollutants.
  • Compatible with resistive to heat (RDA and RTA)
  • It arrives in a travel-sized resealable zip bag to keep it clean.
  • There are 10 pre-cut strips in each bag.



Always use caution while using rebuildable atomizer coils and wicks with Cotton Bacon for your vape. You should make sure your coils are in accordance with the specifications of your device by measuring their resistance with an ohm metre before using them with other mods, equipment, or batteries.


Remember that using the wrong wicks and coils can damage your device, so you must be aware of the risks and take the necessary precautions to ensure correct usage. Contact your helpful Cotton Bacon vape supplier if you have any questions or need assistance expanding your knowledge and skills regarding rebuildable coils and wicks.


A good coil is necessary for a satisfying vaping experience. With its exceptional quality material, which produces exquisite cloud hits without impeding the airflow for even a second, the Organic Cotton Bacon V2 Wick burns your vaping experience like a wildfire in that aspect. The smoothest impacts arise from this inch-perfect resistance.


Since this wick is made of regular cotton fibre, it has been in high demand. It is made of 100% organic cotton, which is free of harsh materials like chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, and other impurities that could obstruct the vaping process.


The Rebuildable Tank Atomizer and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer are compatible with Cotton Bacon wicks from "Wick n Vape," making this a fantastic combo for anyone who wants to make their own clouds. You can vape in either mode because it supports both DL and MTL. Additionally, e-juice may be absorbed exceptionally well. Here are some of this amazing resistant wick's key characteristics so you can see the bar it has set for the industry.


Cotton Bacon Wick's Main Advantages

  • High-end 100% Organic Cotton Material No harsh additives for smooth airflow
  • RTA and RDA atomizers are compatible.
  • Chemicals and insecticides are insignificant.
  • Each box includes ten cotton strips.
  • MTL to Sub-Ohm vaping standards are supported.

 How to Properly Use Cotton Bacon Wick?

It is obvious to have a solid grasp of how a certain resistance is generated in a vaping device because only serious vapers use these wicks. Only those who are knowledgeable about how to calculate and adjust a certain sort of air drawn in both size and flow should use cotton bacon wicks. You must thus be aware of the voltage and coil resistance required to meet their requirements for effective use. Otherwise, they will burn and leave behind a bad burned flavour.


Always test your coils with an Ohm-meter before using them. Additionally, you should be informed that they do not fulfil the requirements of many different kinds of mods or Vape Cotton, therefore they will not function with low resistance coils. We do not guarantee harm based on these issues, which we want the user to be informed of in advance, because rechargeable vape batteries are more likely to have the risk element. Additionally, you must prime them well before starting your vaping session.


What does the name Cotton Bacon mean? Does it have any pork in it?

More often than you may think, we receive this inquiry! No, there is no pork in our cotton, is the answer. The cotton comes in "strips" rather than balls, and during the early stages of product development, some customers felt the strips resembled strips of bacon. This fact served as the inspiration for the name.


In conclusion, Organic Cotton Bacon V2 Wicks are crucial for delivering intense nicotine doses, but only to vapers who are skilled in their use. If you do, we guarantee you'll have a wonderful vaping experience thanks to this wick!


When vaping, use caution! The health of a person may suffer from excessive use.




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