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Cuttwood's e-liquids contain 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG), providing a mix that caters to both vapor generation and taste intensity.
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Cuttwood Juice has gained worldwide notoriety for its line of e-liquids, which originate in the dynamic city of Los Angeles, California. Despite previous criticism over one of its hallmark flavors, Cuttwood has persevered and grown as a major player in the e-liquid market. However, a brand's sheer size and popularity do not automatically imply great quality. Thus, it is critical to investigate Cuttwood's product line to see whether the hype around it is legitimate.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Before getting into the intricacies of each taste, it's important to establish some basic facts. Cuttwood's premium e-liquids are expertly created in a cutting-edge laboratory in Los Angeles. The company takes pride in employing only approved, high-quality ingredients and blending the best flavors available globally into their formulas. Cuttwood E-Liquids contain 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG), providing a mix that caters to both vapor generation and taste intensity. The high VG level assures abundant vapor generation, while the addition of PG enriches the flavors and provides a nice nicotine throat hit, making these e-liquids all-encompassing in their appeal. 

Due to its high VG content, this e-liquid may not completely soak wicks in clearomizers and simple CE4-style setups. To get the most performance and flavor out of Cuttwood blends, I recommend using a quality rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a premium tank.

Cuttwood E Liquids Review

Now, let's go into the distinct Cuttwood E-Liquid Flavors:

Cuttwood Boss Reserve 

My introduction to the world of Cuttwood began with this pure, golden elixir, which inspired me to start this review with it. Its label, which resembles a Jack Daniels whiskey bottle, is immediately visible, ideal for an e-liquid with the term "reserve." I couldn't help but smell the juice. The perfume enticed my senses with traces of honey-sweetened cereal and juicy ripe bananas, almost tempting me to try it (although I strongly advise against it). 

After vaping this fantastic blend, I discovered that it exceeded my expectations. It reminded me of one of my all-time favorite juices. The classic mix of scrumptious almonds and bananas was boosted with a cereal-like flavor reminiscent of honey graham cereal. Although it claims to have "creamy milk," I didn't perceive the flavor.

To say I adore vaping Cuttwood Boss Reserve is an understatement. I was completely impressed with its flavor profile and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a delicious dessert vaping experience. 

Now Cuttwood Unicorn Milk 

This flavor undoubtedly captures the essence of milk, providing a stunningly genuine taste that will astonish vapers from the first puff. Its widespread popularity is no accident; Cuttwood Unicorn Milk has earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after e-liquids on the market, with a unanimous chorus of praise from those who have sampled its delights and is frequently hailed as the pinnacle of strawberry milkshake juices for sale. While this assertion may appear exaggerated, the flavor profile is actually superb. 

Unicorn Milk has a striking resemblance to Nesquik strawberry milkshake. Despite the strawberry's excessively sugary and artificial undertones, they are specifically designed to replicate the creamy, frothy delight of childhood milkshakes.

While Cuttwood Unicorn Milk is the company's trademark e-liquid flavor, it has not been without controversy. Initially, this delectable juice had a presentation similar to true strawberry milkshakes: an opaque, creamy combination with a trace of pink. However, disclosures about the use of Titanium Dioxide to obtain this distinct appearance sparked debate in the vaping world. Concerns have been expressed about the potential health dangers of inhaling Titanium Dioxide, even though the FDA has pronounced it safe for eating. This underlines the complexities of component safety in vaping products, especially when shifting from ingestion to inhalation. 

Fortunately, Cuttwood decided to reformulate their original Unicorn Milk blend, releasing a new clear version that keeps the original's taste while removing Titanium Dioxide from its composition.

Cuttwood Mega Melons 

Originally marketed as "Big Melons," this e-liquid's name originally confused me. Anticipating a flavor concentrated on melons, I was surprised when my first inhalation revealed a surge of tropical fruit essences. While definitely delicious and refreshing, the lack of melon overtones puzzled me.

Initially suspicious about Cuttwood's execution, I checked the flavor profile on their website. Mega Melons are a combination of mango, cantaloupe, and papaya, making them a tropical delight. This insight gave light on my sensory experience; while mango and papaya dominate the flavor profile, the faint, aromatic scent of cantaloupe serves as a nuanced backdrop.

If you enjoy the refreshing taste of tropical fruits, Mega Melons is a must-try. However, if you're looking for a conventional melon-flavored vape, you should look into other options.

Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle 

Interestingly, Cuttwood has a habit of rebranding their e-liquids, and this one was originally known as Sugar Bear. They chose the name Sugar Drizzle, which seemed more appropriate for them.

Nevertheless, the most important aspect remains unchanged: the flavor profile.

While I have no objections to cinnamon in general, I dislike it in e-liquids. Many brands appear to believe that inundating their mixes with huge amounts of cinnamon increases their attractiveness, which I strongly disagree with. This is precisely what distinguishes Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle from other cinnamon-infused juices I've tried; it's a rare case in which cinnamon is seamlessly blended.

Rather than dominating the taste, the cinnamon in Sugar Drizzle enhances the sweet, doughy flavor of baked pastry. This balance is exceedingly rare in the world of cinnamon-flavored e-liquids.

Sugar Drizzle rapidly became my favorite morning coffee vape, thanks to its perfect balance of Cuttwood e liquid flavors.

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