Cuttwood Juice Reviewed: Perfect Flavors Like Never Before

The Cuttwood Juice collection boasts a substantial VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content and is available in nicotine strengths ranging from 00mg (0%) - Nicotine Free
Cuttwood Juice Reviewed

A preeminent enterprise experiencing rapid growth acknowledged for crafting some of the most superior Cuttwood E-liquids emanating from the United States, has commenced leaving an indelible imprint in the United Kingdom and Europe.

This ascendancy can be primarily attributed to its renowned concoction, Unicorn Milk, universally acclaimed as among the paramount sweet milk-flavored E-liquids currently procurable in the market.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Cuttwood, colloquially referred to as "The Boss Sauce" with justifiable rationale, presently presents an assortment of four exquisitely flavored E-Liquids, a response to the escalating demand from their burgeoning aficionado base for more distinctive and diverse flavors. I fortuitously received their entire spectrum for a comprehensive review.

The Cuttwood Juice collection boasts a substantial VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content and is available in nicotine strengths ranging from 00mg (0%) - Nicotine Free, 03mg (0.3%) - Very Low, 06mg (0.6%) - Low, 12mg (1.2%) - Medium, to 18mg (1.8%) - High. These elixirs are meticulously bottled in 15ml and 30ml volumes.

Each bottle is meticulously secured with tamper-evident seals and is equipped with a child safety cap, housing a glass pipette dispenser for facile filling or dripping of the enclosed E-liquid.

Cuttwood E liquids Review After Testing 

The evaluation spanned three weeks, employing devices from two distinct manufacturers, a customary approach in my review process. Noteworthy among these were the New SMOK M80 Plus and the sophisticated Mojo Chi You Megan.

In tandem, a trio of diverse tanks, namely the cutting-edge Smok VCT Pro, the Kayfun V4, and the Innokin iSub G, were utilized, featuring resistances of 0.2 Ω, 0.5 Ω, and 1.0 Ω, aligning with the suggested ranges in the accompanying chart for enhanced consistency. Rigorous testing ensued, encompassing flavor and vapor production, reaching a maximum of 80W.

It is my conviction that this meticulous methodology ensures an equitable and precise evaluation of both the Cuttwood E-Liquids Flavor and vapor production, along with the throat hit characteristic of this brand. Such assessments are pivotal for retail suppliers and consumers alike, aiding in informed decisions regarding the incorporation of this particular range into their inventory or personal vaping repertoire. Furthermore, a requisite steeping period of two weeks was observed before testing, facilitating the full manifestation of flavor.

For those involved in retail distribution or intent on supplying this array of E-Liquids, diligence in adhering to prevailing regulatory requisites set forth by the respective national bodies is strongly advised.

Health Considerations Regarding Diacetyl & Acetoin

Diacetyl and Acetoin

Before acquiring or utilizing the E-juices scrutinized herein, it is advisable to seek counsel from your E-liquid supplier or directly engage with the manufacturer to ascertain the absence of any deleterious substances.

Potential Issues with Polycarbonate

It is a widely acknowledged fact that specific ingredients in e-liquids have the propensity to induce cracking or, in more severe cases, melting of polycarbonate plastic or acrylic tanks and tubes. For a more comprehensive understanding of this matter, it is recommended to confer with your E-juice supplier before purchase and utilization or initiate direct communication with the manufacturer.

Top Cuttwood E liquids Flavors

Monster Melons

For enthusiasts of generously proportioned, luscious melons harvested fresh from tropical regions, Monster Melons presents an extravagant blend. True to its name, this concoction is a tropical extravaganza, intricately weaving together fruit notes of Mango, Cantaloupe, and Papaya.

Upon inhalation, the palate is greeted by the distinct essence of freshly harvested melon, accompanied by an underlying hint of ripe Mango. The exhalation introduces a seamless and invigorating fusion of both Cantaloupe and Papaya, a sensation lingering until the subsequent inhalation.

What distinguishes this particular amalgamation is not solely the meticulous equilibrium of flavors but the authentic taste of the represented fruits that lingers eloquently on the palate.

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk

The allure of Cuttwood Unicorn Milk as a dessert-flavored all-day vape lies in Cuttwood's incorporation of no fewer than four meticulously chosen creams, complemented by an all-natural strawberry extract top note.

The charm, I contend, resides in the subtle manner in which the flavor gradually envelops the palate upon inhalation, offering a velvety richness and creaminess rounded off with a delicate hint of sweet strawberry. The exhale leaves behind a delightful aroma, enticing one to revisit the experience repeatedly.

Sugar Bear

Commencing the day with a breakfast vape featuring the expected elements, coupled with a nuanced sweetness, is an exquisite choice.

Sugar Bear maintains an undercurrent of cereal flavor throughout, unveiling a distinct note of cinnamon on the inhale. This is succeeded by a delectable, creamy cereal flavor on the exhale, epitomizing, in my estimation, the quintessential taste of a breakfast vape.

Boss Reserve

In my opinion, Boss Reserve represents the most tantalizing selection of individually gratifying flavors that Cuttwood has curated in its repertoire to date.

The meticulous consideration of essences and their strategic layering in this elixir encapsulates why Cuttwood Juice has earned the moniker "Boss Sauce." The utilization of Graham, infused with honey for a sweet cookie undertone, transitions seamlessly into cream, and banana, and concludes with a subtle touch of toasted nuts. To truly appreciate this amalgamation, it must be experienced to be believed.


If your preference leans toward a robust manifestation of individual flavor notes, the Cuttwood range may not align with your expectations.

These elixirs represent a nuanced and sophisticated assortment of flavors, meticulously conveying each note in a straightforward, meticulously considered, and harmoniously balanced manner.

This subtlety and refinement contribute significantly to the widespread appeal of the Cuttwood juice range, establishing it as one of the most coveted premium lines of irresistible E-Liquids—an offering that captivates enthusiasts and remains challenging to set aside. I trust you will find them as impressively satisfying as I did. Additionally, be sure to inquire about their upcoming Gold line. Undoubtedly, Cuttwood offers a collection of premium E-liquid flavors.

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