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When a person starts vaping, but while vaping, what if your e-liquid is finished or the battery dead of your vape device? Will it be a good or bad experience? While working with the vape device, we got many queries related to vape devices.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Most people get a short time to smoke or vape, but the period of vaping is significant for them because, after a long day, they get a short time to relax. This is every vaper's right to feel a smooth or relaxing experience while vaping. In this blog, ELF Bar introduces their unique and valuable small gadget, Funky Republic Vape link

Why quit cigarettes to join vaping is a better option?

If you are planning to quit cigarettes and want to start vaping, this would be a good decision. According to the health organization survey cigarettes are more harmful than vape devices. The cigarette contains tobacco which produces a number of chemicals and carcinogens. Electric vape contains only 5 % nicotine with different flavors and it produces heat while vaping rather than burning tobacco. If you are vaping you do not inhale nicotine directly because devices are manufactured with e -liquid, on the other hand when you smoke you directly inhale burning tobacco. 

More tobacco in the body risks so many diseases. Cigarettes are risky to use anywhere, especially in petroleum pumps or fireplaces, but your vape device works without any fire. Flavored e-liquid gives an aroma, but on the other hand, cigarettes provide the same smell while smoking. 

What is an ELF Bar?

ELF Bar link is a vaping device brand, and it is known for its disposable vape device. Their disposable vape devices are creating a great sensation among youth and vapers. Every device there is prefilled with e-liquid and easy-to-use devices. Disposable vape devices are the most comfortable devices that give a hassle-free vaping experience without charging or refilling. It provides a dynamic when new devices launch and are frequently introduced in the market. These disposable vape devices are considered safer than using electric vape or cigarettes. 

How is Funky Republic Vape a game changer?

Funky Republic Vape is a disposable vape with all the features discussed below. This small device is a highly advanced innovation that relieves you from refilling e-liquid or recharging the battery. Disposable vapes are easy to use whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper. The Funky Republic link has officially changed its name to Funky Land. Several reasons make this device demanding in the vaping world. 

The device features are given below. 

  • The name of this brand, Funky Republic Ti7000, indicates that this tiny gadget offers up to 7,000 puffs.
  • There are so many e-liquid Funky Republic flavours available
  • This device indicates battery level
  • Pre-filled with the Funky Republic flavours
  • Easy to portable
  • Available in intelligent power screen display
  • USB type C-type portable cable
  • Recharged 600mAh inbuilt battery 
  • The E-liquid quantity would be 17 ml
  • A disposable vape contains 5% nicotine 
  • Designed with Anti-leak Technology

Mouthwatering amazing 25 Funky Republic Flavors 

  1. Peach Pie
  2. Pineapple Coconut Ice
  3. Pink Bomb
  4. Blue Razz Ice
  5. Rainbow Cloudz
  6. Tropical Island
  7. Mixed Fruit
  8. Blue Red Mint (blueberry, cherry, mint)
  9. Cantaloupe Apple
  10. Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime
  11. Strawberry Banana
  12. Pomelo Pearl Grape
  13. Peach Mango Watermelon
  14. Blossom Mint (Cherry Blossom Mint)
  15. Blueberry Duo Ice
  16. Ice Mint
  17. Tropical Rainbow Blast
  18. Watermelon Ice
  19. California Cherry
  20. Super Berry / Berry Mix
  21. OSK Ice (Orange Kiwi Starfruit)
  22. Mango Kiss
  23. Strawberry Duo Ice
  24. Watermelon Nana Duo Ice
  25. Melon Berry Bomb Ice

How are disposable vape devices better than electric vapes?

Every vaping device has its advantages and drawbacks, but according to customer reviews, disposable vapes are much better than electric vapes. Let's compare both vaping devices.

Disposable vape: These devices are often more convenient to go anywhere because they're prefilled and do not even need to change the e-liquid flavors. Disposable vapes are easy-to-carry (lightweight) devices as they do not need any accessories to add while vaping. This is a pocket-friendly gadget; you do not need additional items. The inbuilt battery and the design make it lower upfront costs. Accessible to disposable; no need to carry the vape device once you finish your vaping puffs. Every device contains its puff capability. 

Electric vape: Every electric vape device is customized in many options but equally requires maintenance, including coil change, tank refills, and battery recharging. Going out with your electric vape device will be bulkier because you need to carry a charger and e-liquid tank. You need to invest more if you plan to buy your device because you need to buy e-liquid flavors and coils for replacement, and sometimes, burnt coil flavor ruins your experience. This device is flexible before starting. You need to adjust the temperature, airflow, and wattage. The device's battery life is dependent on your vaping, so you may need to buy new batteries for your vaping device. 

Final Thought

For the vapers, this is the time to change your device and enhance your vaping experience. ELF Bar is available in multiple flavors, and the attractive design of this gadget makes you bright. This is the time to do smart vaping rather than vaping with a loaded accessory. 

One thing you must check before buying our products is the customer reviews, and if you are a beginner, that will help you know more about the device without buying. Every flavor gives you a different aroma and different experience. There are some unique flavors which remind you of your childhood tastes. After reading this blog, you must wonder about trying Funky Republic Ti7000 link . Order now and get exciting offers or discounts on our registered websites.

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