Take A Deep Breath & Sip On The Delicious Titan 3500 Flavour Mixes

Take A Deep Breath & Sip On The Delicious Titan 3500 Flavour Mixes

Titan 3500 is a disposable vape, available in eleven mouthwatering flavor mixes. It has an instant effect, best for people who are constantly moving, have short attention spans or just need quick relief from stress. With its discreet design and all-day battery life, Titan 3500 fits easily into any pocket or purse. The disposable vape is ready for use in seconds and creates no ongoing cost or need for refills.

How does Titan 3500 disposable vape work?

Titan 3500 disposable vape allows users to control airflow, air pressure and temperature by using the built-in controls on the sides of the device. Consumers just have to press a button with their  thumb and inhale to receive discreet, stress-relieving relief.

Titan 3500 disposable vape flavor mixes

Blue Blizzard - With blue blizzard you'll feel refreshed and revitalized. Bursting with the taste of chilled watermelons, add a bit of sweetness courtesy of blueberries to leave your mouth watering for more.

Arctic Mint - This flavor is for the sophisticated palate. It's cool and subtle, like a comfortably numb winter breeze that cuts through your nostrils right long before it reaches your tongue. Notes of minty spearmint with an aftertaste of fresh wintergreen.

Banana Berry - Made with the best of berry flavours blended into that smooth banana flavour, this e-juice will surprise you & keep you coming back for more. This vape flavour is so fresh and delightful, you will feel like it's an afternoon on a tropical island.

Frozen Banana - The summer is scorching hot, but you can stay cool with your new Frozen Banana vape flavour. This tasty treat will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you chilled during these hot days. Start the day off right by vaping this refreshing flavor for breakfast or simply enjoy it after a long day of swimming at the beach - no matter when, this Frozen Banana vape flavour won't disappoint!

Frozen Lush - Frozen Lush watermelon will be the perfect summer vape with a subtle, sweet flavour. With cooling properties and the right hit desired by many, this juice is sure to satisfy any desiring cannabis enthusiast.

Purple Watermelon - We're not kidding when we say we vape the freshest fruits, so brace yourselves for this one. You get a nice cool flavour of watermelon mixed with some tangy sweet grapes on the inhale and even more of that lovely grape sensation on your exhale!

Strawberry Cotton Clouds - We all know that cotton candy is a childhood favourite, but it can be hard to find vape flavours that satisfy our inner child. That's why we created one of the most playful and fun tastes out there: strawberry cotton clouds vape flavour with sweet fruit notes bringing back memories from an innocent time.

Strawberry Lush - You tried one of our five luscious fruit flavours, the strawberry lush. It's an irresistible mix of strawberries and watermelons, sure to quench your thirst! The fruity flavour awaits you like a slice of sunshine in your mouth. 

Strawberry Mango Nectar - These flavours by Titan 3500 bring the taste of a tropical getaway right to your vape pen. The strawberry mango combination is perfect for those moments when you just want a little something sweet, but don't have time for a vacation.

Strawberry Sour Apple - You're in the mood for vacation, but you can't leave work. So take a deep breath and sip on this delicious strawberry sour apple vape flavour with intense clouds to make your day better! It's always a great idea to turn up and tune in with this mind-blowingly sweet strawberry and sour apple vape.

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Titan 3500 provides an optimal temperature range for vaping fresh leaves or delicate ground herbs with every draw. Imagine that! Vape flavors changing at the speed of light without any ash residue whatsoever. If you’ve been looking for a top quality alternative to smoking cigarettes, buy vinyl wallets terrify you – take home a durable yet disposable vaporizer today – we promise you won't regret it!

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