Hassle-Free Vaping With Titan 3500 Disposable Vape

Hassle-Free Vaping With Titan 3500 Disposable Vape

Imagine you and a close friend meeting up during the evenings. You peel out of your parking spot and find them waiting for you. The two of you, united in the drink-and-drive taboo that's been ingrained in generations before either of us were born. Tonight, though, there is no need to toss back a soda or get an Uber home - tonight we're going all out! We take our space blanket, cut off two small chunks to chew on by way of sustenance for this evening's adventure. Slipping your Titan 3500 Disposable Vape from its soft sheath and gently striking it against the wheel well so it lights up with a warm glow: beautiful.


With well over 100 different tastes, you’ll never tire of Titan because there is always something new to try! Also with insanely powerful cloud production that will leave you breathless, Titan 3500 has the best flavours. This disposable vape is always ready for you, all thanks to a simple push-button mechanism that’s as easy as it looks. Forget those days of being tethered to your precious rig and feeling like your vaping levels have been reduced from 100% to 20%. 

Titan 3500 Best-Reviewed Flavours

  1.  Arctic Mint: This minty vape flavour by Titan 3500 is renewing, re-energizing. You feel your senses rouse to life, electrification running through you like a cooling breeze off the Hudson river. It invokes feelings of youthful innocence and starts fires in your heart. Chills start up on your upper arms while an undeniable calm washes over you while brevity seeps into your bloodstream. Take an inhaler of this vapor for brevity today!
  2. Banana Berry: A smooth and sweet vape on a summer day is pure bliss. You can smell the rich, succulent berries as they steep on the horizon. The sun sets over the cityscape behind you as you feel its warmth wrap around your body. This is truly a flavor for a different kind of berry lover. Ever wanted to taste that smooth, sweet fruit flavour right in the back of your throat? Excellent! This is one delicious blend!
  3. Blue Razz Blizzard: One mouthful is enough to realise that this is not just an ordinary ice cream flavour, but a one-of-a-kind experience. The way the frozen ice cream melts slowly on your tongue like black magic with chunks of ripe berry delight will make you want more. This is the new frozen summertime favourite. Perfect for tossing in your freezer with friends, yelling to each other on a warm night or even served as dessert with some chocolates!
  4. Blue Razz Peach: Do you love blue raspberries? Have you ever loved the flavor, but hated how it turns your teeth green? Enjoy that flavour without changing colors with our Blue Razz Blizzard Flavour. The rich fruitiness of this blend enhances flavours from common fruits to uncommon ones like lychees and mangoes. So go ahead, take a bite out of summer. Start your engines! you'll be able to step on them any time you want as soon as you get a taste of the perfect Blue Razz Blizzard Flavor by Titan 3500.
  5. Frozen Banana: Thinking of a treat that hits the spot? A frozen banana flavour by Titan 3500 makes for a refreshing and scrumptious taste. With its naturally sweet, creamy taste customized to your style you'll be addicted from your first sip. Plus with 5% nicotine you can still satisfy withdrawals without looking like an underpaid monkey at work! It’s so delicious, it seems like another banana split. The taste of this frozen banana vape flavour will remind you of your favourite childhood summertime dessert without the messy cleanup afterwards.
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