Suicide Bunny - Ultimate Guide To It's Creamy Flavours

Suicide Bunny - Ultimate Guide To It's Creamy Flavours

Marketing has never been done right, just like the Suicide Bunny. With their right marketing tactics they have always caught the attention of users. Its founder is a vape celebrity by now. Their branding style using tattoos is extremely unique and popular. People have started using it and admire it enough to compel anyone. But isn't it getting more than needed attention? Well we can conclude that after a review. Read the text to know why Suicide Bunny flavours are getting such attention.

About Suicide Bunny

Pip Gresham founded Suicide Bunny in 2013 and amazingly it has reached to the forefront of the vaping world by now. You will be amazed to know that she didn't start manufacturing vape juices out of her love. Her original idea behind it was helping her husband quit smoking. And this mission spread its wings when she realised that it could affect millions of lives. By now she regularly attends all the vape meets. Suicide Bunny manufacturers lay impact on quality; hence it is made with best quality ingredients. It's careful process gives rise to perfectly textured, complex and smooth flavour liquids.

Although the line of products may be limited with them but you can expect only best vape liquids at Suicide Bunny. You might want to sacrifice in terms of options but not quality right? Suicide Bunny is a vape liquid that comes in five flavours and has better relaxing impacts rather than any others available in the market. One of its most famous and favoured flavours is Mother's Milk. People talk a lot about it. Its unique flavours are all creamy and rich that you might surely fall for vaping.

Line of flavours to try

Suicide Bunny surely has an amazing line of flavours to try. Here is a list of those:

  • DeRailed: Snickerdoodle that is combined with banana, this is a cookie flavoured unique liquid. It has a balance between smooth and flavourful taste. Although it wouldn't have been the top pick from Suicide Bunny, but is worth a try. Its cookie creamy base is aptly combined with banana along with a hint of spiciness. Users review it to be a slightly different vape juice. The taste will kick off as a banana pudding followed by caramelised banana, brown sugar and cinnamon. The taste of banana will be more prominent than cinnamon.
  • Madrina: The name Madrina sounds unusual and reminds of melons and creams right? Isn't it very fascinating to have a combination of these two. One can describe the taste of Madrina as a creamy base covered with melons. On inhaling this creamy vape liquid you will initially feel like a subtle cantaloupe which will be followed by honeydew explosion. You will also feel the taste of watermelon on exhaling. It will also provide the sweetness of muskmelon throughout your vaping experience. The creaminess present in this liquid ties all flavours together. Although it is not a complex flavour of Suicide Bunny, but who doesnot love melons.
  • Mother's Milk: The one and only flavour that made Suicide Bunny top the charts is Mother's Milk. People absolutely love it and every now and then look forward to trying it. There is lots of hype about Mother's Milk leading to disappointments for some customers. Majority of people love it due to its rich, creamy and custardy flavour. Also many say that this flavour is even more creamy than strawberry. Initially it feels so smooth with a hint of fruity taste. The soft yet spicy finish at the end adds charm to the flavour.
  • Suckerpunch: The next creamy and fruity flavour from Suicide Bunny is Suckerpunch. This flavour is on the tropical side that has a taste of dragonfruit. And maybe you could feel a hint of strawberry and pineapple. Surprisingly it is quite tough to pinpoint any particular flavour from the vape. Each flavour blends so well making it difficult to distinguish. But for sure the topicalness of dragon fruit creates uniqueness. The experience with this flavour in all will be smooth and creamy just like all Suicide Bunny flavours along with tropical flair.
  • The O.B: O.B in the name stands for Original Bunny. The O.B is the smooth and creamy base that is used to develop all the vape liquids from the line of Suicide Bunny. This flavour is generally designated as a complex blend that has rich creamy flavours. Also this flavour has a cake blend but it's tough to notice. Majorly you will find it to be like a vanilla custard. This flavour is pleasant and has the right amount of sweetness. It certainly lacks the complexity like other flavours; hence is least prefered by users. If you love subtle and sweet vanilla flavour, this is for you!

 To end

 All the flavours of Suicide Bunny is for those that love smooth and creamy flavours.  They have limited selection with ultimate flavours made out of best quality ingredients. Comparing the prices, Suicide Bunny isn't a cheap option. Start your vaping journey with the premium vaping liquids with Suicide Bunny.

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