Replace Your Traditional Atomizer With Revolutionary SMOK Nord Coils

Replace Your Traditional Atomizer With Revolutionary SMOK Nord Coils

Engage in a flavorful flavour experience with Smok Nord Coils. These custom coils are made to last through your vaping journey and offer dense flavours and high-temperature resistance. Choose from a range of coil resistances to suit your needs! Topping off the list of Nord’s features is its resistance variety, making it a versatile option for vapes on all levels. And with heady flavours, you know your experience will be vibrant and rich from start to finish.

With a variety of resistances and optimized for mouth to lung vaping, Smok Nord Coils let you enjoy dense flavours with an MTL experience. Choose between 0.6-ohm to 1.4-ohm coils and get ready for an optimized experience. Smok is committed to quality products that receive both domestic and international safety certifications so you can feel confident about your purchase whether you are using it at home or abroad!

Includes three options that are mesh, regular and ceramic, each with its own merits and intended usage. Want to vape some clouds of tasty vapour? Ceramic coils will make sure every taste bud is satisfied! But, let’s first understand what does mesh, regular and ceramic coils do? 

Why choose mesh coils in Smok Nord Coils?

Mesh coils are the new innovation in vaping. Many people believe that vaping is just a business but many have overlooked how important it is to create something new and unique that can help improve the quality of life on earth for decades. There are so many people who consider themselves experts of vaporizers yet they do not even know what mesh coil's role in vape technology is. 

It is an undeniable fact that there has been a sudden increase in terms of vape sales due to the numerous advantages associated with using a vape pen. Vaping has also become more popular than cigarettes as a lot of vapers claim that it gives them freedom from nicotine addiction without experiencing any health problems or damaging their lungs in any way.

Why choose Regular Coils?

It simply means that there is nothing unusual about this vape; the coils are just like any other coil. They don't have any special features and they even work very well with nickel-based juices as usual. The only difference, in fact, is that these coils can be changed by the user to their liking for a long-lasting experience. 

Why choose Ceramic Coils?

There is a lot of talk within the vaping community about ceramic vapes and ceramic wicks. What are they? Do they work any differently from other Smok Nord coils materials? The answers depend on who you ask, but if it's what most people say then the answer is no. Ceramic doesn't offer any better taste or flavour than  Kanthal(NiChrome) or SS wires, it does provide a harsher hit and mouth to lung vapers may find they don't like them.

The main point of ceramic coils is that they do not retain any "flavourings" after use, therefore you can taste the flavour of your juice more accurately.

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