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Vaping with Smok Nord? Here Are The Coils You Need To Keep It Going…

August 17, 2021

Vaping with Smok Nord? Here Are The Coils You Need To Keep It Going…

Finer puffs are the central requirement for the vaper and those who are crazy about vaping need to get it bigger and smoother. To put this requirement into action, many chose to vape through Smok Nord Vape that can work best only with the Smok Nord Coils. If you are about to begin your vaping journey with these then here is an article that will guide you about these replacement coils and all that needs to be minded before deciding the right one for yourself. Keep scrolling…

Understanding Smok Nord Coils

This pack contains 5 replacement coils. There are three kinds to select from- Ceramic, mesh, and regular. The resistance of ceramic and regular coils is 1.4 Ω while that of mesh coil is available in two types- 0.6 Ω and 0.8Ω. Depending on your requirements you can select the resistance and material. These are compatible only with the Smok Nord Vapes and offer the atomizer structure for the Nord Pod Systems only.

How to Select?

For picking up the best out of the above three, you need to first make a checklist of your vaping requirements. This will help you know how tight or lose you need your cloud productions to be. Now, you should know a little about the functioning of the coils and should have a slight technical idea about the resistance of the coil. Different resistance means that the airflow will vary in the three. The higher the resistance the less is the flow of your vapors which means the cloud size will be lesser in higher resistance coils. Note the below pointers-

Ceramic coils do not use a wicking material or cotton as they are porous and can absorb the vape juice rapidly but its drawback is that you might sometimes get the ceramic taste, however, it happens rarely. But the perk is that they never give you the burnt-out taste.

  • Regular and mesh coils give more vapor as compared with the ceramic. 
  • Regular Coil is suitable for MTL vaping. 
  • Mesh coils are ultimate for the DTL vapers. 
  • Ceramic Coils have a higher coil life, as compared with the other two. 
  • The lower the resistance you select, the wider and thicker you will get to fabricate your nicotine clouds.

How do you know when your Nord Coil is bad?

Gurgling sound, burnt-out or a change in the taste of vape juice, inappropriate vapor release are some of the common factors on which the Smok Nord Coils indicate that they are poor or need a replacement.

Order Now!

Hope you found the above instructions helpful. If you still have any queries regarding choosing a coil for yourself, feel free to ask. Also, to avoid the research of purchasing it from a reliable store, straight away order from that promises authenticity and fast deliveries with easy returns.