Quick Leisure Sessions With Titan 3500 Disposable Vape

Quick Leisure Sessions With Titan 3500 Disposable Vape

Say hello to the perfect alternative to digging your nails in and scraping out a vape hit. The Titan 3500 is hands down, one of our most innovative disposable vapes on the market. Its easy-to-use, compact design features two separate chambers for dual liquids that have been carefully refined for maximum satisfaction with each pull. In addition, you'll enjoy an instant spot flying - no need to wait! Take it from us: this product has everything that you're looking for when it comes to being discreet and maximizing your enjoyment. 

The sturdy design offers durability with each session for maximum satisfaction guaranteed. Easy-to-use components offer an enjoyable experience for every user no matter what your vaping preference maybe! Immediate spot hitting makes leisure feel like work - so take refuge in this disposable vape. 

Titan 3500 Features 

Finally, a disposable e-cig that doesn't leave your taste buds blue.


The Titan 3500 Disposable Vaporizer is for times when you want to get in and out without being weighed down by the consequences of cartridge filling or downtime before little Johnny nips into the back room with some bud he found under his dad's pillow.  It combines convenience with a commitment to good health: every vape comes wrapped in its future casing (and our iconic logo). It can be charged via USB like any old phone (no cords involved). And it spits out 5% nicotine salt at levels too intense for someone to take more than once if they value their sanity.

Achieve all your nicotine needs while only using one-time-use disposables! The 3500 puffs provide enough nicotine for even the most avid of smokers and come with two different flavours: traditional tobacco and refreshing eucalyptus mint. The battery that provides our disposable vape is USB-C rechargeable so you never have to worry about filling out yet another form at a gas station if it dies halfway through an important smoke break!

#1 Best Selling Titan 3500 Flavour 

Dozens of succulent strawberries encased in cotton candy is the dream smoothie you always wanted. Now, bring it with you wherever your day takes you so that no moment is too cloudy. To capture this magical feeling in a bottle, this disposable brings you Strawberry Cotton Clouds vape flavour - just enough to snatch that sense of serenity back up from those days gone by.

If you are looking for a delightful treat then discover this Strawberry Cotton Clouds vape flavour, featuring mouth-watering fruit tones mixed with the sugariness of cotton candy. This is one indulgent escape you need to try! Imagine the plump and juicy strawberry stems in the rich, velvety milk. The flavour is light and refreshing; like pure cotton clouds on a hot summer day.

How is Titan 3500 better than rest?

Don't settle for a standard juice when you can have a titan. With over 11 flavours to choose from and the smoothest puffing experience ever, this flavor is near-endless. Get your hands on it now! It is out of this world. Sure, it might not have too many flavours but you're guaranteed to get 3500 puffs in every box when you buy this.

Titan 3500, this baby has it all. Remember when you were little and couldn't wait for the ice cream truck to pull up on the block? With Titan 3500, that feeling never goes away! It has got you covered with not one, but many types of different flavours. Do your taste buds need some extra love in your life? Does your throat need carrying out lovingly by our cough suppressant menthol flavour? We've got all this and more for you in this white-hot product. Try it today! 

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