Essential Things You Need to Know About The Titan 3500 Disposable Vape

Essential Things You Need to Know About The Titan 3500 Disposable Vape

Pre-filled and pre-charged vapor delivery systems are classified as disposable vapes, which are electronic cigarette devices. This single-used electronic vaporizer consists of e-juice. The striking feature of the disposable Vape is that it is ready to use after purchasing.

An ideal example of a disposable vape is the titan 3500 disposable vape. Additionally, these kinds of products are innovative and efficient. All you need to do is open it, inhale, and discard it when the battery or e-juice runs out. Further, dispose of it and consider the new one.

List of the disposable electronic Cigarette products:

All the single-use vaping devices have one common sharing that they are disposable. The term disposable stands for those products which are ready to puff without the need of charging. Apart from it, you get numerous options in the disposable electronic cigarette products that include:

Pre-Filled E-liquid

The disposable e-cigarettes can be consists of any vape-able liquid that include:

  • 5% strength salt nicotine
  • 0% nicotine
  • Alternatives of Tobacco
  • Plat-based liquid
  • THC, and so on.

Puff Count - There were only 300-puff devices in the past, but now, you will observe the 2000 hits, 3500 hits, and 4500 puffs.

What does the term stand for salt nicotine?

The origin of salt nicotine is done from tobacco leaves. Further, the addition of benzoic acid is done for creating lower levels of alkalinity. By this, the users can experience a higher concentration of nicotine. Due to it, they do not have any harshness in the throat.

Difference between the disposable vapes and disposable pods:

One of the most important differences between the disposable pods and disposable vapes is that the first one can be recharged and refilled while the second one does not have the feature. Apart from this striking difference, there are several more associated with it. Here is the list of some notable differences between disposable Vape and disposable pods:

Price - When it is a matter of price, a reusable vape pod is affordable compared to the disposable Vape as it is cheaper for buying the e-juice. On the other side, the ban has been implemented on the purchasing of e-juice refills. Due to it, a single disposable e-cig is cost-effective as compared to an open system pod.

Performance - There is no such difference between the performance of the disposable Vape and disposable pods. From both of them, you get satisfying results.

Maintenance - If you purchase the disposable Vape, you do not need to stress about the maintenance. All you need to do is open the pack and use it. By considering the reusable pod, you have to maintain it. Additionally, you will have to learn about how to use it.

Convenience - If you are familiar with disposable Vape or disposable pods, both of them will be convenient for you. But, the use of disposable Vape is relatively easier.

What is inside the Titan 3500 disposable Vape?

The disposable vape pen contains a similar component to the e-cigs. It includes:

  • Mouthpiece by which you inhale the vapor
  • It consists of the chamber, which consists of e-liquid
  • Battery for powering the atomizer
  • An atomizer which is categorized as the heating element

Apart from it, there are various benefits associated with the disposable Vape, which are in the following ways:

Benefits of Disposable Vape:

  • Cost-effective as compared to the cigarettes and reusable mods
  • Small size and a great example of improved technology
  • The best option for the tobacco smokers
  • It comes with a massive range of flavors

When you seek the disposable Vape, you will not find any discrepancy in the flavors. You can choose the flavor as per your perception.

So, if you are a tobacco smoker, you can give the preference to disposable Vape. It is not only cost-effective but easy to use too. Due to its immense popularity, their demand is surging over time.

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