Popcorn Caramel By Air Bar Lux - Taste & Performance

Popcorn Caramel By Air Bar Lux - Taste & Performance

Popcorn caramel might be one of the most addictive snacks. Sweet, buttery and utterly delicious! So, if you are someone who loves snacking on sweet popcorn while watching movies at the theatre, here’s a flavor that you might fall in love with. 

Air Bar Lux has recently launched the yummiest range of flavors that delivers the cleanest throat hit with dense clouds. Allows you to vape on 1000 puffs, this pod comes with an integrated battery of 500mAh and 2.7ml of vape juice. Apart from popcorn caramel, there are 28 other flavors that deliver equal satisfaction and decent hits. Moreover, the draw activated firing mechanism allows you to puff on as soon as you screw it in your mouth. 

What is the Taste of Popcorn Caramel Vape Like?

It tastes like a freshly made movie popcorn that’s salted from melted butter and expertly blended with caramel. It’s a unique burst of popcorns that has an unmistakable aroma and has a secret taste of caramel on every exhale. 

Air Bar Lux has dedicatedly created this delectable taste of popcorn with a drop of caramel. An irresistible concentrate characterized by the notes of toasted corn enriched by a pleasant initial flavor, and sweet and delicate aftertaste. A simple and perfect flavor that can solicit all the palates and leave anyone who’s tired with it and has the desire to taste even more. 

How is Popcorn Caramel better from other flavors?

Each flavor of Air Bar Lux has been blended with perfection, having a different aroma, taste and throat hits. This flavor is perfect for those who are obsessed with the taste of movie caramel popcorns, and like something sweet and buttery. 

Each inhale fills the mouth with a flavor of freshly made popcorns and butter while the exhale has a sweet caramel taste. This fusion hits the taste buds differently and can take your vape game to a whole new level. 

Why vape Air Bar Lux Popcorn Caramel?

Things are poptastic indeed with a tasty popcorn e-liquid. It features that inexhaustible source of ultra-gourmet pleasure with the aroma of caramelized popcorn pillars. The taste is infinitely soft and generously sweet that embalms the entire room in a breath. Whether you want to enjoy this while sitting under the open sky or while a little escape from the office, this flavor will definitely cheer you up in no time. 

With popcorn caramel, you get that distinctive popcorn taste with a sweet caramel all the way through and then with some cinnamon undertones. This is everything you’ve been looking for. 

Other top selling Lux Bar Flavors

Air Bar Lux has a unique range of flavors that are beautifully blended to excellence. Some flavors deliver the refreshing taste of tropical fruits while some are as smooth as whipped cream. 

Vapers who loves extra sweetness must try Popcorn Caramel, Shake Shake, Triple Shake, Guava Shake, Strawberry Mango, Mixed Berries and so on while others who adore freshness can go for Sunset Cocktail, Cool Mint, Red Bull Ice and the list goes on. 

Each pod and flavors have a realistic flavor with 1000 mouth-to-lung satisfactory hits. The shake flavors are yummy and thick while the tropical flavors have refreshing extracts of fruits. From satisfaction to the neat look of bottles, this pod is coming to your rescue in the quest for freshness and is no less than a refreshing cocktail. So pick according to your taste and slay all day long like a pro. Let us know if you tried any of these and share your reviews below.

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