Relax your throat with Tasty Nicotine Puffs of Air Bar Lux

Relax your throat with Tasty Nicotine Puffs of Air Bar Lux

The disposables are in vogue and the same scenario prevails among the vape devices. Their activated firing mechanism and ergonomic designs have made the puffing all the more convenient. What adds as a piece of good news above all this is the multiple taste options to select from. While there are many disposable vape pods to pick from, in this article we will discuss the extensive flavors of the Air Bar Lux that comes under 2.7ml e-liquid which holds 5% of the nicotine level. The range is full of 13 flavors in which every taste has its own taste story to take you through! Puffing with these savories is smooth, enjoyable, and heavenly!

Keep scrolling for the delectable nicotine puff showdown...

  • Triple Shake- These nicotine puffs are super thick and velvety! Puffing with triple shake flavor is going to be a swing between threesomes. Shake fans will love the level of creaminess in this one.
  •   Mixed Berries-The most luscious berries have been blended to give you the juicy blast. Nicotine enhanced with a fulsome punch of these juices will make you go crazy!
  • Pineapple Ice- The exotic and tropical, the sweet and tarty pineapple feels amazing when backed up with a slight hint of menthol.
  •   Grape Ice- Icy grape juice when blended with nicotine feels amazing! Grape lovers would relate! This taste is going to satisfy your sweet and sour demands during vaping.
  •   Banana Ice- When Banana blends with ice, nothing beats that! Enjoy the thickness of the banana with flavored vape juice.
  •   Blueberry Ice- Those who want just a hint of sugary vibes will relish vaping with this one. To top it up are the icy notes it comes with.
  •   Watermelon Ice-Make your cloud productions happening with this summerish fruit. It will come to you not ordinarily but as frozen to drive your taste buds crazy!
  •   Blue Raspberry- Blueberries and raspberries are one of the most cherished flavors of berries and having them in the vaporous form is all the more amazing! You go Berri-Licious!
  • Strawberry Mango- These two fruits taste super as a blend and vaping flavor list is incomplete without them.
  •   Black Currant- It is full of the earthy tarty taste. If you enjoy blackcurrant ice cream, you'll love it as a nicotine blend as well.
  •   Banana Shake- Those who are hardcore fans of banana shake will get to experience the same flavor in their nic clouds as well. And it is going to be pleasing!
  •   Blueberry Pomegranate Ice- Chilled vibes with fruity and musty cloud hits are superb!
  • Coconut Grove-Groove your puffs to the tropical woody, vanilla feels. This flavor is creamy, sweet, and smooth.
  • Cranberry Lemonade Ice- With this taste of vape juice you can take your taste buds to the succulent soda feels. The perfect sweet and sour combination. Throat hits with this flavor are crazy!
  •   Sunset Cocktail-Go on a cocktail vacay with yourself! This flavor hit will appetize not just your palates but also your need to socialize with yourself. As the name suggests, this flavor is a true picture of the vaping sensation and vapers love it the most!

Other flavors of Air Bar Lux that are equally delectable are as under:

  •   Watermelon Apple Ice
  •   Raspberry Grapefruit
  •   Shake Shake
  •   Blueberry Kiwi Ice
  •   Cherry Pomegranate Ice
  •   Red Bull Ice
  •   Apple Shake
  •   Guava Shake
  •   Orange Juice
  •   Peach Lemon Pie
  •   Cranberry Grape
  •   Raspberry Watermelon-
  •   Strawberry Watermelon

So, what is your pick? Explore all the flavors of this outstanding throwaway device and share your experience in the comment section below.

Nicotine is an addictive compound so Vape Safe and Stay Healthy!

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