How Pod 5500 Is Unique Comparatively Other Vaping Devices

How Pod 5500 Is Unique Comparatively Other Vaping Devices

Pod juice introduced the innovative Pod 5500. When compared to other gadgets on the market, this one is unique. You'll be able to get 5500 puffs from a variety of amazing flavors as a vapor. The good news is that a Micro USB connector may now be used to recharge the Pod 5500. You'll be even more shocked to learn that the airflow of the Pod 5500 can now be controlled via the bottom control ring. What wonderful news! So, let’s get started.


Take A Peek At Pod 5500's Exciting New Features -

  •       In terms of nicotine content, this is 5.5%
  •       12ml of e-liquid per e-cigarette equates to 5500 puffs of nicotine
  •       The 600 mAh battery contains salt nicotine and has an airflow control. Batteries that are built into the body (Micro USB option)

In Pod 5500 Flavors -

Cotton Candy Carnival: This cotton candy is sure to bring back happy memories of your youth. Get ready to inhale and exhale pin cotton candy with the same sweetness.

Peblez: There's a delicious vanilla crunch on the exhale to go along with the fruity, creamy inhale.

Marshmallow: With this new liquid version of your favorite marshmallow candy, you'll have even more cause to grin.

Hawaiian: It's a tropical taste juice that's ready to make your e-cigarette experience the best.

Strawberry Guava Frozen: You'll be in for a real treat with this juice's incredible blend of flavors. Are you ready to inhale the delicious strawberry flavor and exhale the guava flavor?

An Apple Frozen InSourness: Apple juice has long been a favourite among e-cigarette users. Pod 5500's ice and sour apple flavour combo will be available for the first time.

The Aloe Grape: You've never tasted anything quite like it before. Settle in for the ride.

It's Time For Cookies And Cream: It's time to relive your youth with Pod 5500, a liquid version of cookies & cream that will bring back memories of your childhood.

Razz Blues In A Cooler Climate: Indeed, you've never had anything like this before. It's all about the combination of sweet and tart blue raspberries with a hint of salt.

The Blue Razz Lemonade: What would it taste like to drink a mixture of tart and sweet blue raspberries spiked with lemonade? If that's not the case, enjoy this little respite!

Chew Blue Razz: Under the watchful eye of professionals, the flavours of blueberries and gum were expertly melded.

Snow Cone: Strawberry Strawberries and white ice are ready to provide a unique flavour to your taste receptors.

Sweet And Tart Strawberry Gummy: Your passport to sour-sweet bliss is Pod 5500, a gummy-strawberry concoction. Take a solo trip or go with a group of pals.

The Glazed Donut: Pod 5500 is reminiscent of a glazed doughnut but with a tinge of sourness.

Peach Ice In The Form Of Polar Peach: Using peach and ice together creates a whole new flavor experience for the vapers.

Loops: If you're looking for a cereal taste with a fruity twist, this is the one for you.

Frosted Banana: Another incentive to keep using your pod 5500 devices is the frozen banana taste.

The final words

As a general rule, all you need (and desire) is a nicotine dose that mimics the sensation of taking a draw of tobacco and doesn't take up a lot of room in your pocket. You can't go wrong with a (Pod 5500) disposable vape kit, which will meet all of your needs.

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