The Vaping World is About to Witness the Most Happening Device: Pod 5500

The Vaping World is About to Witness the Most Happening Device: Pod 5500

The simple new vaping device is hitting the vaping world. The news is exciting and thrilling for vapers. They are getting an opportunity to try new and exciting vaping devices at their convenience. This time it’s all about Pod 5500 that is becoming the talk of the town. Are you feeling excited to discover more about the latest hit? You need to stick to this article to know how Pod 5500 could be your favorite one. 


Know little about Pod 5500   

Lately, Pod Juice has launched Pod 5500 to let the vapers enhance their vaping experience. It’s very light in weight and easy to carry around. If you are traveling or moving from one spot to another for personal or business purposes, Pod 5500 will soothe your taste buds and allow you to quit smoking in a matter of days. 

In totality, you can enjoy 5500 puffs (approximately) from this innovative device. Usually, vapers complain about regular and routine flavors, and they are waiting for a device that can offer something out of the box in terms of flavors. Considering the demand of users, the official at Pod 5500 has launched this new device with exciting 26 flavors that will surely impress vapers and give them a reason to try all flavors each day. Isn’t that an exciting and thrilling journey? 

You need to stick tight as there is more information to reveal. Pod 5500 is rechargeable with the assistance of a Micro USB port, and you will be in the lead to control its airflow as you will discover air control arrangements at the bottom of the device. It has 5.5% of nicotine salt, and it contains 12ml of e-liquid juice. Usually, you have seen 300mAh or 400mAh internal batteries in the majority of vaping devices, but in the case of Pod 5500, a different story speaks. You will be glad to know that Pod 5500 contains about 600mAH internal battery power, and further, you can recharge it with the assistance of a USB port, as mentioned earlier.  

It’s time for some FAQ’s 

  1. How many hits can I get from this device? 
  2. As the name suggests, you will be able to get 5500 puffs (approx) per device. 
  3. What type of flavors are available for me, and which one is the best? 
  4. There are around 26 exciting and thrilling flavors available for the users. It will be challenging to claim which one is the best because experts claim that each flavor of Pod 5500 is unique in its way. You can taste Hawaiian, Strawberry Kiwi, Peblez, Cotton carnival, Mighty mint sapphire, Marshmallow, Frozen sour apple, and many more. So, buckle up and get one of your favorite today. 
  5. What is the best way to order a Pod 5500 device? 
  6. There are plenty of options to procure Pod 5500. You can pop into your local vaping store and buy one for you, or else you can purchase them from a trustful online store such as They are an authorized supplier of Pod 5500 and many other exciting vaping devices. You will find cost-effective product prices on their website, and the authentic product is guaranteed.  
  7. What is the durability of my device, how long will it remain last? 
  8. This one is a bit tricky. Usually, if vapers vape a device in systematic order, 4-5 days are sufficient to utilize it. But in some cases, it has been found that vapers are coming back to procure a new device after two days. This is because they are using the device quite frequently and not following the systematic order. In the end, it depends upon the users how they utilize a Pod 5500 device. 

 To Finalize

 Pod 5500 is a good alternative to smoking. It’s new in the market and becoming quite popular among the vapers. Why are you holding yourself back? Get one for you now. Happy vaping! 

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