Give A Hi-Fi To Your New Friend- Suicide Bunny Vape Juice!

Give A Hi-Fi To Your New Friend- Suicide Bunny Vape Juice!

If you've recently bought one, it might be frightening and challenging to find the best vape juice for your kit (or are going to). When there are so many new words to learn and so many flavors to choose from, where do you even begin? We've written an essay about e-liquids that addresses some of the most common queries in an effort to dispel some ambiguity.

What’s In The E-Liquid?

Three (and occasionally four) distinct  components make up vape juice, often known as e-liquid. Propylene glycol, flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and, if desired, nicotine. Every component has a big effect on how you vape.

PG, an odorless liquid that also produces the "throat hit" sensation associated with traditional cigarettes, carries the flavor of your vape juice. Due to its thinner consistency than VG, it is also less complicated to vaporize. The goal of food enhancers and ice cream boosters is to create the richest flavor. The sticky, sweet liquid known as VG, which is smoother to inhale than other liquids, aids in the production of vapor. VG is a typical component of toothpaste, soap, and caramel.

The flavoring possibilities are extremely varied and include everything from sweets to smoke, fruit, and menthol. It exists, as you may guess, to make sure that vaping is a pleasant experience for you.

The final ingredient in cigarettes, nicotine, is what makes them addictive. If you only want to vape for enjoyment, you can get e-liquid without nicotine, but most smokers who switch to vaping want some nicotine in their system. One milliliter of juice contains the amount of nicotine that is specified as the juice's strength on the bottle.

Having said that, in this article, we shall be putting some light on one of the best vape juices ever- Suicide Bunny Vape Juice. Read further about it in the coming sections. 

What Exactly Is The Suicide Bunny Vape Juice?

Pip Gresham developed the Suicide Bunny e-juice to help her and her husband quit smoking. Gresham developed the Suicide Bunny product line by fusing savory flavors with gothic images in order to appeal to a variety of smokers. You can find the prices for the entire flavor selection of the in-demand Suicide Bunny juice here.

Few e-liquid manufacturers can equal Suicide Bunny's range in terms of providing you with items that are constantly of a high caliber. Thousands of vapers have received fascinating juices from this company. Suicide Bunny has created a wide range of flavor options to satiate all conceivable desires and requirements. Vapers all over the world are familiar with Suicide Bunny juice because of how amazing it is for the money, in terms of both quality and performance. Pick a business that embodies total perfection!

One of the well-known flavors in the Suicide Bunny e-juice lineup is Mother's Milk, which combines delicious candy flavors with strawberry overtones. Sucker Punch: Dragonfruit flavor is a fantastic choice if you enjoy Mother's Milk e-juice but want to try something different, despite tasting somewhat strawberry-like. The O.B. is another wildly popular flavor for people who like a smooth vape with a strong vanilla flavor. Do you prefer citrus? Madrina can assist by This juice bursting with delicious flavors and has a distinct honeydew melon flavor. Queen cake is yet another option for dessert enthusiasts. It tastes like cake with a pineapple twist.

Which Nicotine Strength Do You Choose?

Low nicotine alternatives like 3mg, which are advised for social smokers or those who smoke only once or twice a week, are sometimes the last recourse for former smokers who have quit and don't want a lot of nicotine. You can also acquire 0mg juice if you want to vape just for enjoyment and no longer feel the need to eat.

For a light smoker—someone who smokes fewer than 10 cigarettes per day—we suggest a strength of 6 mg. This strength, which is still regarded as being on the lower end of the range, is appropriate for those who enjoy vaping but still require a little nic buzz.

For your normal smoking habit, a 12mg e-liquid is an excellent place to start because it makes the switch and replacement from the amount you'd get from actual cigarettes easier. A typical smoker should select a 12mg e-liquid if they smoke up to a pack every day.

Last but not least, you should select a dose of 18 mg or perhaps 24 mg for heavy smokers (those who smoke more than a pack each day). This is for smokers who use a lot of nicotine to feel satisfied because they are addicted to it.

When using a vaporizer to help you stop, it's crucial to choose the proper nicotine level so that you receive the precise amount of nicotine hit to quell your cravings without going overboard and feeling the effect too deeply.


By now, you must have understood that Suicide Bunny Vape Juice is a complete package in itself. Nothing can ever fall in comparison to this great and scrumptious vape juice. So, don’t wait anymore and give this vape juice a try!

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