Feel The Wonder With Ignite V15 And Ignite V25

Feel The Wonder With Ignite V15 And Ignite V25

Vapor boss Vape Brand has been helping people to switch to vaping from traditional smoking. It has thousands of loyal customers who love its same-day shipping service with the cheapest prices in America and always looking to provide the best customer service to everyone. It provides high-quality products at the lowest price which is best, so everyone can afford to vape. All of their products are super affordable to everyone. Vapor Boss sells Vapes, E-cigs, E-liquid, E-Juice, 18650 batteries, Vape Chargers, and a lot more.

They have so many great products to talk about but today we will be talking about their two new products which are Ignite V15 and Ignite v25. These vape pens are for those people who want the most astonishing vaping experience with every puff they take.

With the most stunning appeal and packed with loads of flavors and performance, the Ignite V15 and the Ignite V25 Disposable Vape Pen are sensational disposable vapes that have made their way to the market and winning everyone’s heart.

Ignite v15

Ignite v15 is designed by one of the leading brands which are IGNITE, and the impressive part is that this vape has a 0.005% of defect rate, which makes it cooler and safer than all other vapes out there in the market. It impresses your mind, heart, and, most importantly, your soul. The range of flavors it's 5.1 ml E-juice container holds, will make you want to create more puff clouds.

 Available Flavours: Banana Ice, Blueberry Ice, Blue Raspberry Ice, Cherry Ice, Cranberry Lemonade, Cucumber Ice, Fruit Splash, Green Apple Peach Kiwi, Icy Mint, Menthol, Orange Ice, Peach, Peach Cantaloupe Papaya, Raspberry Orange Ice, Strawberry Apple Watermelon, Strawberry Guava Ice, Strawberry Shake, Watermelon Ice and Tobacco. With these lip-smacking flavors, you will be wanting to collect all of the different flavored devices in your vape collection.

It is constructed with the latest ergonomically advanced hardware, and its robust battery functions on an auto-draw technology, making it very convenient with an 850 mAh battery. In this Vape, you get 1500+ Puff life in each unit which gives you longer vaping sessions without worrying about recharging and refilling its e-liquid.

It only gives you an ecstatic vaping environment. It can be considered a premium disposable vaping device that provides comfort by requiring low maintenance. The design and the way it looks are very stylish most of the vapes do not look good but this one does, and the quality of the product is excellent too.

Because of its simplicity, amazing performance, and comfortable design, it has become one of the best choices on the market. When compared to others, the Ignite v15 Disposable Vape is one of the best-priced disposable vapes.

Ignite v25

With time, ideas, and new technology, every brand tries to improve its products more and more so they can provide each and each customer with their wished features in a product just like this IGNITE offer another disposable vape pen which is Ignite v25. With brand-new auto-draw technology and hardware, the device offers the smoothest vaping experience without charging or setting adjustments; to activate it, the user just has to inhale it.

 It has a modern and very sophisticated appearance, It looks like a soda bottle which is very interesting and fun to see and carry around that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. With this device, you do not have to worry about anything at all because it comes pre-filled, pre-charged, and draw-activated firing mechanism that makes vaping a piece of cake. There is a 1000mAh internal battery that requires no charging.

 It contains a 7.5mL e-juice capacity, with this, you can go up to 25000 puffs per unit and use 5% (50mg) salt nicotine. This device is also safer than other devices out there in the market because it boasts less than a .005% defect.

Available Flavors: Strawberry Watermelon, Blue Raspberry Ice, Strawberry Cheesecake, Pink Lemonade, Icy Mint, Sour Apple Ice, Very Berries, Blood Orange Ice, Passion Fruit Lemon, and Raspberry Watermelon. With all these delicious varieties of normal and exotic flavors, your taste buds will be satisfied to the fullest.

If you are looking for the best vapes in the market, look no further than here. Stop your hunt right here if you are looking for a hassle-free device that comes ready to be used from the moment you receive it; the Ignite Disposable Vapes is one of the best options you can find out there in the market with these affordable prices.

These devices are created to deliver the most satisfaction, the best tastes, and an unbelievable vape each time you take a puff.   With each puff you will take, these devices will deliver the most satisfaction, the best taste, and unbelievable peace of mind, heart, body, and soul.     

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