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WARNING: This Product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ignite V15 Disposable Vape | 1500 Puffs | $17.99

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Ignite V15 

Ignite V15 Disposable Vape Pens is here to rule the vaping industry with its 0.005% of defect rate when it comes to impressing your soul with the extravagant cloud hits. Build by one of the leading brands-IGNITE; the range of flavors that it has crafted is sure to slather your taste buds with a wonderful experience of puffing. 

To add convenience, this device is constructed on the latest, ergonomically advanced hardware where its robust battery functions on an auto-draw technology. You get a massive 1500+ Puff Count in each unit that not only gives you the longer vaping session without the worry of re-filling and recharging but also takes you on an overall ecstatic vape mood.

Additionally, the design and feel of Ignite V15 Vape Pens are jaw-dropping. It comes with the most attractive finish that not only appeals to the eye but also to the skin with its smooth and soft touch. Here, the stellar drip tip gives the most satisfying feel of vaping and there is no way that you would want to have more of this.

Carrying the legacy of goodness further, this one-time-use vape pen won’t let your hopes sink when it comes to vape juice. There are 12 e-juices offered and each one consists of a 5% synthetic nicotine concentration. Just perfect to give the feel of a cigarette. Check out the notable leads of V15 Vape Pens!

Specifications of Ignite V15 Vape Pens

  • 1500+ clean clouds
  • 5% synthetic nicotine
  • Pre-filled
  • Pre-charged
  • Portable and Handy
  • Comes in 12 tasty assortments

Flavors of Ignite V15 Vape Pens

  • Banana Ice: This mouth-watering flavor is going to give you the most enriching creamy feel of fully ripe bananas that taste even better when vaped.
  • Blueberry Ice: The richness of blueberry juice with the bold hints of menthol is going to sink your heart with every puff you’ll make.
  • Blue Razz Ice: Blueberries and Raspberries are overloaded with the light taste of mint juice. Here is the most extravagant flavor that any berries fan would love to sting to for vaping.
  • Cherry Ice: There is nothing as pleasing as the taste of pure cherries. Make your vape time relaxing with this taste where every puff feels like diving your palates into a frozen cherry juice.
  • Cranberry Lemonade: Mocktail fans can blindly grab this tasty concoction of cranberry and lemon juice that is suffused with mint. There is no reason why you won’t love this splendid vape juice.
  • Cucumber Ice: This flavor by V15 Vape Pens is a unique creation in the vaping world and turned out to rock the hearts. When the chances are that the cucumber-tasting clouds won’t let you down, why not give it a try?
  • Fruit Splash: A luscious sweet taste that comes with the rich sensations of many fruits. It makes your vaping divine!
  • Green Apple Peach Kiwi: The more draw you make from this flavor blend, the more likely you will fall in its love. Green Apple, Kiwi and Peach juices create magnificent glory that you would like to hold for more time.
  • Icy Mint: The favorite flavor of the vaping fraternity that ‘Ignite’ could not have missed. Icy mint, as the name says it all, takes you to the next level of rejuvenation through vaping.
  • Lemon Ice: Say cheers to the tarty cloud hits that taste so good with a touch of menthol. This single and simple flavor blend will surely become your regular favorite of yours.
  • Menthol: Define your vaping with super fine-tasting clouds that give all menthol feels. Giving you closely similar refreshing vibes as that of the Icy Mint, the taste of menthol pleases the taste buds differently.
  • Orange Ice: Nothing is as refreshing as Oranges and exactly the same happens to vape when your nic hits are crafted under the enriching orange juice.
  • Peach: Single and strong tones of peaches will make your day just perfect with every inhale and exhale.
  • Peach Cantaloupe Papaya: The exciting flavor that sure is to charge the mood up with the awesome delicious nicotine hits. Peach, Cantaloupe, and Papaya are as soothing to vape on as interesting as it sounds.
  • Raspberry Orange Ice: The awesome flavor Bombardment makes your throat hits exceptionally tasty. The juices of raspberries, oranges, and mint leaves create an unforgettable succulent taste.
  • Strawberry Apple Watermelon: The trio juices of strawberries, apples, and watermelons that you would wish to have more. It offers a distinctly crisp and enjoyable taste to your mouth from the start until the end of vaping
  • Strawberry Guava Ice: Grace your taste buds with the goodness of Strawberry and Guava juice blended into one. The mint undertones make it even more enjoyable.
  • Strawberry Shake: Dive deep into the remarkable creamy cloud hits with Strawberries pleasing your palates at their best.
  • Tobacco: This flavor works well with those who have been addicted to smoking and now have decided to switch to vaping. It gives a nice smell and taste of the authentic conventional cigarette.
  • Watermelon: Pure original sweet watermelon taste that sure deserves no miss! It is the classic flavor that everyone has come to know and love.
  • Watermelon Ice: The best vaping experience also comes from a chilled watermelon taste. This flavor of vape juice connects you to happy throat hits!

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