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Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny is a Texas-based e-juice company. These superbly designed e-juices are assisting in raising the standard for vape liquids in general by providing tasty experiences for vapers of all levels. They offer approximately two dozen flavors to pick from, as well as accessories and fashionable attire. Furthermore, all of their e-liquids are made with just the finest and highest quality components, resulting in amazing flavor and vapor.

This business is an e-liquid distributor established in Carrolton, Texas, just north of Dallas along Interstate 35. Pip, the company's creator, decided to manufacture her own e-juice because she was dissatisfied with the quality of other goods she had to use in her vapes. Rather than waiting for a better brand to emerge, Pip opted to create his own. The end result was this fantastic firm, and they were not disappointed.

Suicide Bunny link has released 23 vape juice options that may be utilized in a variety of vapes since its inception. Mother's Milk, Sucker punch, Derailed, and Mother's Milk and Cookies are among the most popular. Let's go over a couple of flavors in depth. 

Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk

Mother's Milk e-juice is flavored with strawberries and cream. The inhale is really creamy, while the exhale is light and fruity. When asked to choose their favorite vape juice, consumers chose this option. Its sweet and creamy flavor makes it a good choice for both new and experienced vapers.

Suicide Bunny Sucker Punch

This is an e-liquid that generates a lot of tasty vapor. It mixes the flavors of cream, dragonfruit, and mixed fruit into a delicious vape juice. The cream foundation with gentle fruit overtones contributes much to the magnificence. It is a smooth and sweet juice that truly strikes the mark in any vape.

Suicide Bunny Derailed

Derailed is undoubtedly the most inventive of the e-liquids discussed in this article. Snickerdoodle is likely to go well with cinnamon, whether in baked goods or e-juice. However, the addition of bananas to the juice was a welcome surprise. The flavor has a Snickerdoodle foundation, yet the exhale tastes like cinnamon and banana.

Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk & Cookies

This is the same combination used to produce Mother's Milk, but instead of just strawberries and milk, they opted to include sugar cookies as well. This is a fantastic flavor that is quite satisfying. The only drawback is that this new option is only available for a limited time, so vapers must take advantage of it while they can! This flavor, with its inventive blend of sugar cookies, milk, and strawberries, is one that buyers should not pass up.

Suicide Bunny O.B

The "Original Bunny" (O.B.) flavor is a mystery, however, most people detect sweet cream and probably some cake from the combination. The sweet cream is unmistakably important to the flavor, coming through strongly throughout your draw, with a thick, creamy sweetness accounting for the majority of the flavor. It's the velvety smoothness that truly carries the juice, but I agree with some who detect cake in the mix - there's a sweet cake flavor with just a trace of vanilla in there, bringing a bit of extra character to the blend.

The Mixing Options

Suicide Bunny Vape juice link feature a secret PG/VG ratio, but it's pushed toward the VG end of the spectrum, giving thick juices with just a bit of throat hit and some rather hefty clouds. It may not be the greatest mix for just-switching smokers, who want a bit of a throat hit, but the juices aren't the type of stuff you'd pick up while switching anyhow. 

The nicotine levels offered are 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg/ml, with the 3 mg choice ideal for drippers and the 18 mg/ml option providing enough of nicotine for freshly converted smokers. We'd like to see more options, but the range is more than adequate for the vast majority of vapers.

Final Thoughts on Suicide Bunny

This is a fantastic company for anyone looking to buy American-made e-juice. Because of their creamy and sweet taste, the fruity dessert flavors tasted by our writing staff passed our tests with flying colors. When it comes to these great e-liquids, vapers cannot go wrong. They also carry some great garments and accessories that are worth a look.

While they have an excellent range of e-juices, there are some drawbacks. To begin, the only method to contact the firm is by email. Vapour Boss provides a massive assortment of e-juices on their website. They also feature a variety of flavor categories, such as vape juice, pods, vape coils, disposable vape, and others. Furthermore, the costs start at $11.95 per bottle, which is significantly cheaper than the pricing given by Suicide Bunny.

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