An Overview: Voopoo Argus GT

An Overview: Voopoo Argus GT

All of the information you'd expect to see on a box is now printed on the box's cardboard cover, thanks to the inclusion of the new VooPoo Argus GT's plastic casing with latch closing mechanism and a thin sheet of cardboard. In addition to being refreshing, the plastic box may be reused for holding other items when the fluff has been removed. Kits for this new Argus GT box mod contain:

  • Two alternative PnP coil heads.
  • A USB-C charging cable.
  •  A user's instruction booklet.
  • If you're looking for a standard startup kit for a mod, this is it.

Mod Design And Build Quality Of The Argus GT


The best-looking Voopoo Argus GT box mod ever made by the Chinese maker is the centerpiece of this kit. VooPoo's usual high-quality standards are evident in every aspect of this device, from its tiny size to its elegant design. The Argus GT is equally as stunning in terms of design. Several features, including the high-quality leather cover, metallic frame, and vibrant color display, give it the appearance and feel of a pricey, high-end gadget. Gold-plated, spring-loaded pins are used to connect to the mod, and a protective plate is attached to the device using visible screws. However, anything more significant than that would look weird.

We've seen this color display on Voopoo Argus GT devices since the debut of the original Vinci pod mod, which has a square plastic fire button, rectangle + and – buttons, and a stunning color display. The buttons don't have the best feel, but they appear strong and don't rattle at all, which is always a benefit. There aren't any issues with the screen's brightness, color fidelity, or resolution. With a hinged battery door on the bottom, the battery door includes polarity indications on the inside, and it locks into place with a simple push. Understandably, it seems fragile, given the small size of the gadget.

Menu And Features Of Voopoo Argus GT

To switch it on or off, press the fire button five times. You may change modes by pressing the fire button three times. Coil resistance is measured, and this device limits the maximum power output. Using a 1-ohm coil in the mod will allow you to reach the maximum output of 160W.

It is possible to change TCR, starting voltage, resistance, and other parameters in this mode by pressing and holding the + and – buttons for a few seconds. There's no need to mess with them unless you're an expert. Keeping the fire and + buttons together will lock and unlock the power adjustment buttons or the fire and – buttons to rest puff counter.

Battery Life Of The Argus GT

Because the VooPoo Argus GT uses external 18650 batteries, it's hard to know precisely how long it will last. Battery capacity, the power output you've selected, and your vaping technique all have a role. In terms of battery life conservation, the Argus GT's GENE Chip is as excellent as ever.

Wrapping Up

That's not an issue with the Argus GT. With the accompanying plastic tank, you may use all PnP coil heads compatible with a 510 connection. ' Is there anything not to enjoy about this? Since the initial Drag 157W mod, we have learned to anticipate lightning-quick battery activation and power ramp-up from Voopoo Argus GT devices like the GENE Chip. A decent vape doesn't need a ton of bells and whistles to be enjoyable, and this mod is no exception. The Argus GT is the best option if you're looking for pure performance, no-frills like light displays, and other features.

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