10 Delicious Lost Mary Vape Flavors You Must Try

In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about the Lost Mary, including its specifications, features, and, most importantly, the delectable flavors it has to offer! 
Lost Mary OS5000

Are you on the hunt for a delicious and satisfying vape experience? Look no further than the Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape by Elf Bar! This pod system is a game-changer in the vaping industry, offering a range of features that will elevate your vaping journey. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about the Lost Mary, including its specifications, features, and, most importantly, the delectable flavors it has to offer!

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Introduction to Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape

The Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape is a compact and portable pod system designed for vapers who are always on the go. It is equipped with a powerful 500mAh battery, ensuring you have enough power for all-day vaping. The device has a 2ml e-liquid capacity with a top-fill design, making refilling hassle-free and mess-free. With a draw-activated firing mechanism, you can enjoy your favorite flavors without the need for pressing any buttons.

Specifications of Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape

Before we dive into the tantalizing flavors, let's take a closer look at the specifications of the lost mary disposable vape:

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh

The Lost Mary OS5000 is equipped with a powerful 500mAh battery. This battery capacity ensures that you have enough power to last you throughout the day, making it perfect for vapers who are always on the go and don't want to worry about frequent recharging. The 500mAh battery strikes a balance between portability and performance, offering a satisfying vaping experience without compromising on convenience.

  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml

The pod of the Lost Mary OS5000 has a generous e-liquid capacity of 2ml. This capacity allows you to carry a sufficient amount of your favorite e-liquid without the need for constant refilling. The 2ml e-liquid capacity strikes a balance between the convenience of a compact pod system and the practicality of a larger capacity, ensuring you have enough vape juice to last you a good amount of time.

  • Nicotine Strength: 5%

The Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape features a nicotine strength of 5%. This nicotine percentage, also known as 50mg, is a common choice for many vapers seeking a strong and satisfying nicotine hit. The 5% nicotine strength provides a smooth and potent vaping experience, making it an excellent choice for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes or vapers who prefer a higher concentration of nicotine.

  • Puffs: Up to 5000

One of the most impressive features of the Lost Mary Disposable Vape is its longevity. With up to 5000 puffs per device, this disposable vape offers an extensive number of puffs that can last even the heaviest of vapers for an extended period. The high puff count ensures that you won't have to replace the device frequently, providing exceptional value for money and convenience.

  • Charging Port: Type-C

The lost mary vape os5000 is equipped with a Type-C charging port, which is a notable advancement in charging technology. Type-C charging ports offer faster charging speeds and a reversible design, meaning you can plug in the cable without worrying about its orientation. With Type-C charging, you can quickly recharge your Lost Mary OS5000, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your vape.

  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery

The lost mary vape os5000 features an integrated rechargeable battery, which means you won't need to replace the battery. When the battery is depleted, you can recharge the device using the included Type-C cable. The integrated battery design enhances the overall user experience, eliminating the need for external batteries and offering a hassle-free vaping solution.

  • Lost Mary OS5000 Flavors

Now, let's explore the mouthwatering flavors that will elevate your vaping experience to a whole new level!

Blueberry Ice: Indulge in the sweet and tangy flavor of fresh blueberries, perfectly balanced with a refreshing icy twist. The Blueberry Ice flavor is a delightful combination of fruity goodness and coolness that will keep you coming back for more.

Blue Cotton Candy: Relive the fun and excitement of the carnival with the Blue Cotton Candy flavor. This sweet and fluffy treat will take you on a nostalgic journey with every puff, satisfying your sweet tooth cravings.

Blue Razz Ice: If you're a fan of blue raspberry candies, then the Blue Razz Ice flavor is a must-try! The bold and tangy taste of blue raspberry is complemented by a cool menthol finish, creating a harmonious and delightful vape experience.

Cranberry Soda: Quench your thirst with the refreshing and zesty Cranberry Soda flavor. The tartness of cranberries blends perfectly with the fizzy soda undertones, making this flavor an ideal choice for those who enjoy a little tang in their vapes.

Juicy Peach: Experience the lusciousness of ripe and juicy peaches with every inhale. The Juicy Peach flavor is a celebration of the natural sweetness and juiciness of this beloved fruit, delivering an authentic peachy vape.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: Escape to a tropical paradise with the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava flavor. This exotic blend of kiwi, passion fruit, and guava will transport your taste buds to a sunny beach with its tropical goodness.

Pineapple Mango: Get ready for a tropical fruit explosion with the Pineapple Mango flavor. The juicy pineapple and ripe mango combination delivers a burst of sweetness that will make you feel like you're sipping a fruity cocktail on a sandy shore.

Strawberry Ice: The classic and timeless Strawberry Ice flavor is a crowd-pleaser for its simplicity and deliciousness. Enjoy the sweet and succulent taste of ripe strawberries, enhanced by a cooling icy sensation.

Strawberry Mango: The Strawberry Mango flavor is a symphony of fruity delights. The sweetness of strawberries harmonizes with the tropical notes of mango, creating a vaping experience that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Strawberry Pina Colada: Indulge in a taste of the tropics with the Strawberry Pina Colada flavor. Immerse yourself in the creamy coconut and pineapple blend, with a hint of strawberry sweetness that will whisk you away to a beachside paradise.


With the Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape, you can embark on a vaping journey filled with delicious and satisfying flavors. From classic favorites to tropical delights, the range of flavors offered by the Lost Mary OS5000 will cater to every vaper's taste buds. So, why wait? Grab your Lost Mary Disposable Vape and explore these delectable flavors for a vaping experience like no other!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Q: What is the nicotine strength of the Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape?

  1. The Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape comes with a nicotine strength of 5%, which is equivalent to 50mg. This nicotine concentration is known for providing a strong and satisfying nicotine hit.

Q: How long does the battery last on the Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape?

  1. The Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape is powered by a 500mAh battery, which can last for an extended period, especially considering it provides up to 5000 puffs. The battery life will vary depending on usage, but it is designed to last throughout the day for most vapers.
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