December 18, 2022


The dimensions of the Lost Mary OS5000 vape pen are 1 34" wide by 2 34" tall by 1" thick. It features an oval-shaped mouthpiece that protrudes 3/4 from the top. It has proportions that are comparable to those of a bar of soap and gently rounded edges. 


  • Vape Juice Contents: 13ml
  • Puff Count: +5000
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Recharging: Rechargeable with USB-C *Charger not Included

You won't use up all 5000 puffs before the Lost Mary runs out of energy and needs to be recharged because the 13ml capacity is a respectable quantity of vape juice. There is a greater requirement to recharge this vape because the battery is smaller than that of some of the other disposables on the market. To let you know the gadget is charging, a little light on top of it blinks continuously. The LED indicator changes from red to blue to green as the battery charges. Whenever the battery is completely charged, it will blink several times before shutting off.

Overview of the LOST MARY collection

With the exception of the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, I can say that most of their fruit tastes were accurate after smoking the collection for two days. In addition to fruit flavours, they also had Cotton Candy, Strawberry Sundae, & Cranberry Soda. The Cotton Candy & Cranberry Soda of those were delectable, but Strawberry Sundae was lacking. For an all-day vape, I particularly love strong, naturally-flavored fruit tastes, and I really liked the entire range of Lost Mary flavours. For a few days, I placed them up next to my printer and vaped them sporadically throughout the day. The majority are great all-day vapes.


Let's take a look at how our team felt about every Lost Mary e-liquid flavour.

Cotton Candy in blue Missing Mary Vape was very chilly and delicious. It was a touch too sweet to vape all day, however I did enjoy a few puffs here and there. The taste is good. It tastes wonderful, even better than a few other cotton candies I've recently reviewed, but it was a little excessive for me to give it the highest scores. Nevertheless, if you want incredibly sweet and chilly cotton candy, you'll enjoy this e-liquid.

Juicy Peach Lost Mary Vape: This flavour tastes like a luscious peach. It's delectable and sweet on the inhale, then cool and peachy on the exhale. I generally experience sweetness between puffs, with a little berry taste tucked behind the sweetness. This taste definitely appeals to me. Although peach has never been one of my favourite vape tastes, the overall flavour of these is pleasant enough to make the peach tasting less significant. Strong MTL impact with ice-infused sweet fruit taste.

Pineapple Mango Lost Mary Vape: On the inhale, you can taste both mango and pineapple. It is so sweet and delicious that if you didn't read the product label, you may think it was a sweet and sour apple. I focused on the tastes and quickly identified both the pineapple and the sweet mango. Just enough ice can be tasted on the exhale to bring out the fruit tastes. It is neither too nor inadequately chilly to bring out the fruit tastes. They were accurate. The only aftertaste between puffs is sweet pineapple and juicy mango. Nothing out of the ordinary, no off-putting artificial flavour, simply luscious fruit.

Strawberry Mango Lost Mary Vape: Pretty similar to the pineapple-mango taste I adored. For an adult vaper who likes strawberry over pineapple, this is a fantastic alternative. 

Side Bar: In the Pineapple Mango, the pineapple flavour dominates, in my opinion. Mango and ice step up in the mixture and yet offer a pleasant flavour (although quite different from the pineapple version of this mix). Overall, it offers a great strawberry/fruit mango flavour when vaped.

Blueberry Ice Lost Mary Vape: The blueberry flavour is true, however because there is less ice, it is less prominent. Although it is called Blueberry Ice, this flavour has a little less ice than any of their other fruit varieties. I don't like ice as long as it's there for a cause (like to make fruit flavours pop). To make this flavour equivalent to the other fantastic fruit flavours in this instance, I would have increased the ice. You're going to adore this flavour if you're someone who enjoys less ice.

Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary Vape: It was enjoyable to sample Blue Razz Ice, which included blueberries up front. I can find a blueberry taste that makes me think of the Smoking Vapor Blueberry e-cigarette I used to like. The raspberry that was added to this flavour gives it the necessary sweetness while being the same blueberry that they use in their Blueberry Ice. For that reason, I like this one better than Blueberry Ice.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Lost Mary Vape: This taste fell short of their intended objectives; Either Kiwi, Passion Fruit, and Guava don't blend well together, or the flavours were entirely overlooked. There isn't enough ice to mask the unpleasant flavour, so it merely lingers on your tongue. When I tasted it, I exhaled twice as forcefully as I breathed. It wasn't as horrible as the rest of my team thought it was, but it wasn't the greatest guava I've experienced either, one of my team members who prefers guava vape, remarked after trying it. It is more difficult to evaluate this one because guava is not well-liked at work.

Strawberry Ice Lost Mary Vape: This strawberry ice vape is top-notch. The strawberries are very beautiful. It tastes like strawberry jam to me. The strawberry flavour is perfectly complemented by the iciness, which also adds a sweet and pleasant flavour to the in-between puff. 

Strawberry Piña Colada Lost Mary Vape: My favourite was this taste. We consumed a great deal of Pia Coladas while I was a surfer from California. This flavour made me think of my early years. Because they overdid the coconut flavour, it appears icier than it actually is. That makes for a fantastic drink-inspired flavour when coupled with a little ice and various fruit flavours. I'm going to purchase one now since I can vape all day.

Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary Vape: On a number of fronts, this one fell short. Forget about expecting to experience a sweet sundae flavour. The strawberry flavour is muted, it isn't very frosty, and something else, whose flavour I can't pinpoint, has taken its place.

Watermelon Lost Mary Vape: This fruit taste of watermelon is amazing. It is sweet enough and frosty enough to give it some pop. On both the inhale and exhale, I experience watermelon and ice. Between puffs, there is only delicious watermelon; there is no aftertaste. I really enjoy this taste. It would be enjoyable to vape all day.

Quick Wrap-up

If you love sweet, crisp, fresh fruit flavours, there are several great ones here. In most situations, their tastes are icily cold. The few people without iciness may have benefited from it.

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