Press Release: Innokin Unveils Green Innovation - Introducing Trine Featuring Recyclable Batteries for Sustainable Vaping

The Trine system also includes the first environmentally safe battery recycling solution in the vaping industry, EcoDrainTM technology. 
Press Release: Innokin Unveils Green Innovation

Innokin is working harder to make sure that vaping has a more sustainable future as worries about the effects of disposable vapes on the environment mount. Since the release of its Trine invention, Innokin has been at the forefront of supporting European-wide measures to address the environmental problems associated with disposable vapes and preserve youth health.

With almost 5 million of these devices thrown away each week, disposable vapes are a major and rapidly growing source of difficult-to-recycle waste, according to UK Environment Secretary Steve Barclay. Innokin is dedicated to providing a sustainable solution and acknowledges the seriousness of the problem.

With its distinct 3-in-1 design, Innokin's Trine is a vaping device that takes a fresh approach. It departs from the conventional throwaway paradigm and adds cutting-edge elements that improve sustainability. Easy recycling and extended gadget life cycles are the main features of this new design, which is aimed at lessening the environmental effect of vaping equipment.

First off, one notable feature of the Trine's design is its detachable battery, which makes recycling simple and cuts down on electronic waste. This feature reduces the environmental impact of the gadget by making it easy to recycle or replace the battery, much like with ordinary external batteries.

Furthermore, the Trine solution's exceptional battery life results in a longer lifespan. Every battery retains more than 80% of its initial capacity and can withstand more than 300 full charge cycles. This compares favorably to disposable alternatives that hasten the accumulation of electronic trash, as they have a lifespan of up to two years under typical usage settings.

A typical disposable vape in the UK contains around the same amount of nicotine as twenty cigarettes, and the average smoker in the country smokes sixteen packs of cigarettes a month, according to the NHS. Consequently, when a smoker converts from smoking to vaping and uses disposable batteries, they discard 192 disposable batteries annually on average. On the other hand, a smoker can save as many as 383 Li-on batteries every two years.

The Trine system also includes the first environmentally safe battery recycling solution in the vaping industry, EcoDrainTM technology. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, the difficulties in managing spent batteries are actively addressed, guaranteeing a secure and effective discharge prior to recycling. As a result, vaporizer sustainability is increased.

The impending EU battery rule, which requires all battery-powered products, including e-cigarettes, to have batteries that are detachable and changeable by the end user, is in line with Innokin's forward-thinking strategy.

Innokin has big plans for March, including the release of a brand-new product that makes use of the Trine solution. With this much anticipated release, they are demonstrating their dedication to sustainability and innovation and giving customers the chance to enjoy a more environmentally responsible and greener vaping experience.

You can visit  for more specific details on Innokin's Trine solution and their sustainable business model.

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