Announcement: Innokin's Green Innovation - Introducing Trine with Recyclable Batteries for Sustainable Vaping

In light of mounting worries about the environmental effect of throwaway vapes, Innokin is increasing its efforts to secure a more sustainable future in vaping.
Announcement: Innokin's Green Innovation

In light of mounting worries about the environmental effect of throwaway vapes, Innokin is increasing its efforts to secure a more sustainable future in vaping. With the release of its Trine invention, Innokin has taken the lead in connecting with European measures intended at safeguarding young people's health and addressing the environmental difficulties brought by throwaway vapes.

The UK's Environment Secretary, Steve Barclay, stated that disposable vapes add to a huge and constantly rising stream of hard-to-recycle trash, with roughly 5 million of these devices wasted each week. Innokin understands the importance of the situation and is dedicated to providing a sustainable solution.

With its innovative 3-in-1 design, Innokin's Trine is a game changer in the vaping industry. It departs from the usual throwaway approach and contains novel elements that promote sustainability. This new design focuses on easier recycling and longer device life cycles, both of which are important factors in lowering the environmental effect of vaping.

First, the Trine's design has a replaceable battery, which allows for easy recycling and reduces electrical waste. This feature allows the battery to be readily replaced or recycled, similar to standard external batteries, reducing the device's environmental impact.

Furthermore, the Trine solution's excellent battery durability results in a longer lifespan. Each battery can withstand over 300 full charge cycles while retaining more than 80% of its original capacity. This corresponds to a lifespan of up to two years under typical usage settings, as opposed to throwaway alternatives, which contribute to the rapid accumulation of electronic trash.

According to the NHS, the average smoker in the UK smokes 16 packs of cigarettes per month, and a UK standard disposable vape has the same amount of nicotine as 20 cigarettes. As a result, when a smoker transitions from smoking to vaping with disposable batteries, they discard an average of 192 disposable batteries every year. 

In contrast, smokers who use Trine can save up to 383 Li-on batteries per two years.

The Trine solution includes EcoDrain™ technology, the vaping industry's first eco-friendly battery recycling option. This unique solution actively solves the issues of dealing with abandoned batteries, ensuring that they are discharged safely and efficiently before recycling. This improves the sustainability of vaporizers.

Innokin's forward-thinking strategy also meshes with the future EU battery rule, which requires that all battery-powered products, including e-cigarettes, have removable and interchangeable batteries for the end user.

Innokin has exciting plans for March, when they will debut a new product based on the Trine solution. This much anticipated release marks a key milestone in their dedication to sustainability and innovation, giving customers a greener and more environmentally responsible vaping experience.

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