Juul Files PMTA for Menthol Pod of Next-Generation

The FDA denied the application in June 2022, but after Juul obtained a federal court temporary stay of the denial, the agency changed its mind and consented to reevaluate Juul's PMTA.
Juul Files PMTA for Menthol Pod of Next-Generation

For use in Juul's "next generation" gadget, Juul Labs has submitted a marketing application to the FDA for a refill pod with a menthol taste. Juul filed a premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) in July for both the gadget and a pod that tastes like tobacco.

Only the 2G device, which has a user-controlled lock and requires age verification to operate, will accept the menthol refill pod. A press release from the corporation stated that the quantity of 2G devices that can be purchased will be restricted. In order to deter customers of legal age from activating vapes and then selling them to minors, Juul claims that it would also cap the amount of activations that each age-verified user is permitted to make.

Regulating the sale of any vaping product with menthol taste is still prohibited by the FDA. Millions of PMTAs for menthol and other non-tobacco flavored vapes have been denied by the government; in fact, menthol refills for devices it has approved, such as the Vuse Vibe, have been denied. R.J. Reynolds, the manufacturer of Vuse, is among the firms who have filed legal challenges against the menthol denial orders.

Since September 2021, the next-generation Juul device—known as the JUUL2—has been available for purchase in the UK. It's accessible in Canada as well. According to Juul's study, the JUUL2 has "improved airflow capability" over the original JUUL device, and while using e-liquid with a lower nicotine level of 18 mg/mL, it provides more vapor and nicotine each puff.

Since 2020, a PMTA for Juul's initial device has been considered. The FDA denied the application in June 2022, but after Juul obtained a federal court temporary stay of the denial, the agency changed its mind and consented to reevaluate Juul's PMTA.

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