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VooPoo UForce Coils | 5-Pack| Fast Shipping

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Coil Types:
• U2 - 0.4Ω Rated For 40-80W
• U4 - 0.23Ω Rated For 50-120W
• U6 - 0.15Ω Rated For 65-110W
• U8 - 0.15Ω Rated For 70-130W
• N1 Single Mesh - 0.13Ω Rated For 50-100W
• N2 Dual Mesh - 0.3Ω Rated For 45-80W
• N3 Triple Mesh - 0.2Ω Rated For 65-100W
• P2 Single Mesh - 0.6Ω Rated For 24-28W
• R2 RBA Dual Coil - Dual Coil Build Deck
• D4 - 0.4Ω Rated For 50-90W

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