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Smok V12 Prince Q4 | $7.70 | 3-Pack | Fast Shipping

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Our V12 Prince Q4  Coils are trust worthy coils straight from the manufacturer. These M4 Coils are made in a 3-pack. 

V12 Prince Q4 Coils:

  • How Many Coils Come in Pack: 3 Coils in a Pack
  • Ohms Options: .4 ohms
  • Coil Suggested Wattage: .4 ohms (40 watts-100 watts)
  • Coils Compatibility: Prince tank, Prince Stick,

V12 Prince Q & A

  • How Long Do The Coils Last? A: Roughly Around 1-2 weeks Depending on how much you vape
  • Hows the Flavor on Coils: Opinion would say the flavor on scale 1-10 would be around 6 (10 being Great in Flavor)
  • Hows the Cloud Production?: Opinion would say the Cloud Production on scale 1-10 would be around 6(10 Being Big Cloud Production)

Smok V12 Prince Q4 | $7.70 | 3-Pack | Fast Shipping Product Featured Image has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 11 reviews.
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