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UWell Valyrian Coils For vapers, the UWell Valyrian Coils are a fantastic option. You receive three coils with a resistance of 0.25 ohms in a pack, so you may vape without sacrificing great flavor. Since these coils are pre-built using organic cotton, vapor generation is reliable. They also have ceramic donuts, which improve the vaping experience. It's vital to keep in mind that each pack has 2 coils with a resistance of 0.15 ohms, which perform best at wattages between 95 and 120 watts. Make sure you have the proper setup for these coils as they are only compatible with the Valyrian tank. Have fun vaping! How Many Coils Come in Pack: 2 Coils in a Pack Ohms Options: .15 ohms Coil Suggested Wattage: .15 ohms (95 watts-120 watts) Coil Suggested Wattage: n/a Coils Compatibility: Valyrian tank only What's in the package? Pack of 5 genuine replacement SMOK Nord regular stainless steel coils 1.4Ω Ohm. The box comes with a scratch sticker so you can check the authenticity of this product. Coils in the SMOK Nord series.
valyrian ii coil dual meshed

UWell Valyrian II Replacement Coils | 2-Pack | Start From -$8.50

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UWell Valyrian II Coils Trust your vape coils to be the most trusted name in vaping? Order Uwell Valyrian II Coils today for superior performance and discretion. These coils are designed to have a low resistance, meaning you get more power and less heating time. Made of stainless steel with cotton-wicking material, they boast a wide range of compatibility.Feel free to push your vape's limits without worrying about dry hits or burnt-tasting e-liquid! Lightweight and yet durable with comfortable threading- As Uwell Valyrian 2 was made to last. Color orientation is key too, so we've got colors ranging from Bordeaux Red to Verona Green. If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing vape experience without any compromise when it comes to flavor or cloud production, then these coils are a must-try! UWell Valyrian II Replacement Coils:  How Many Coils Come in Pack: 2 Coils in a Pack Coils Compatibility: valyrian tank only UWell Valyrian II Replacement Coils Q & A How Long Do The Coils Last? A: Roughly Around 1-2 weeks Depending on how much you vape Hows the Flavor on Coils: Opinion would say the flavor on a scale 1-10 would be around 7 (10 being Great in Flavor) Hows the Cloud Production?: Opinion would say the Cloud Production on scale 1-10 would be around 8(10 Being Big Cloud Production)

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