Pod 5500 Flavors
Pod 5500 Disposable Vape | 5% Nicotine | 5500 Puffs | $19.99 $19.99
Pod 5500 Disposable Vape  Pod 5500 is a revolutionary device that was launched by Pod juice. The device is utterly unique as compared to present devices in the market. As a vapor, you would be able to enjoy 5500 puffs with a series of 26 flavors. The good news is that now you can even recharge Pod 5500 with the assistance of a Micro USB port. This is not an end; you will be more surprised to discover that Pod 5500 airflow is now controllable with the help of the bottom control ring. Isn’t that exciting news! Have a look at some excited features of Pod 5500 5.5% Nicotine 12.0 ml per e-vape 5500 puffs (Approx) Contains Salt Nicotine Airflow control 600 mAh Internal Battery (Micro USB option) Draw Activity firing mechanism 1 Device per package Pod 500 Flavors: Get set to Rock Cotton Carnival (Cotton Candy): This cotton candy is all set to draw you back to your childhood. Get set to taste the sweetness of pin cotton candy on inhaling and exhaling both. Strawberry kiwi: Have you ever imagined consuming sweet strawberries with a pinch of sour kiwis. Well, if not, then you have the moment now. Peblez: It’s an outstanding combination of fruit flavor and creamy with yummy vanilla crisp on the exhale. Mighty Mint Sapphire: It’s another cool blue mint taste that is all set to ride your taste buds to the next level. Marshmallow: Now, you have another reason to smile and taste the sweetest candy flavor of all-time favorites marshmallow in a liquid form. Hawaiian: It’s a refreshing, energetic tropic flavor juice that is all set to enhance your vaping experience ever. Glacier Fuji Apple: Discover the new taste in the vaping world. It’s time to mix the apple and ice mixture to rock your taste buds. Frozen Strawberry Guava: A tremendous mix flavor of the juice is here to excite you the most. Are you ready to experience the sweet strawberry inhale and guava taste on exhale? Frozen Sour Apple: Apple juice flavor has been an all-time favorite for vapers. But this time, you will be able to taste the ice+ sour apple combination by Pod 5500. Aloe Grape: It’s juicy, mouth-watering, and a unique flavor you have never tried. So, buckle up to dig into it. Cookies and Cream: It’s time to memorize your childhood as Pod 5500 presents a unique combination of cookies and cream in a liquid form. Chilled Blue Razz: We bet you haven’t this unique flavor ever. It is all about a taste of saltwater with a mixture of delicious and sour blue raspberries. Blue razz lemonade: Have you ever wondered how it will be feeling like consuming sour and sweet blue raspberries with a kick of lemonade? If not, then you have a moment now! Blue Razz Chew: It’s appropriate blueberries and gum flavor blended perfectly under the supervision of experts. Berry lush Apple: When mixed berries dominate apple flavor, your taste buds will thank you for bringing this unique flavor close to them. Arctic Lush: Now, you can taste the icy menthol breeze that tingles your mouth with a perfect blend of fruity lush. Strawberry Snow Cone: Sweet strawberries are ready to join hands with snowy ice to bring an exceptional flavor to your taste buds. Pod Energy: You will feel good energy hitting your buds and negative energy getting out on the inhale and exhale. Try this new hit to feel the difference. Sour strawberry gummy: Pod 5500 sour-sweet mixture of gummy and strawberry is your ticket to happiness. Enjoy it on your own or get accompany of your friends. Glazed Donut: Sweet but little sour touch is pod 5500, another flavor that reminds you of a glazed donut. Glacier grape chew: Who said grape couldn’t fit perfectly with ice and some chew flavor. It’s time to break the myth and try pod 5500 glacier grape chew flavor for an advanced vaping experience. Polar peach (peach ice): All good benefits and nutrients of peach are perfectly blended with ice to let the vapers taste a unique flavor ever. Blueberry Muffin: If due for any reason, you are missing your all-time favorite muffins and can’t consume them, then pod 5500 is allowing you to taste blueberry muffin flavor in a liquid form. What else can be good than this Loops: It’s a cereal-based fruit loops flavor that is a tastier, exceptional, and best vape that no vaper would want to miss. Banana Frost: Frozen banana flavor is you’re another reason to stick around with your favorite pod 5500 devices. Arctic Blue Razz Watermelon: Sour and sweet blue raspberries were enough, but pod 5500 experts infused ice and watermelon blend into it to spin the taste buds of vapers. We ensure you haven’t tasted anything like this before ever. Declaration: Pod 5500 advises you to be concerned with your local doctor before trying any new flavor because every human body functions differently.

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