Niko Bar Disposable Niko Bar Double Mango
Niko Bar Disposable Vape | 6000 Puffs | 5% Nicotine | $12.99 $12.99
Are you ready to elevate your vaping experience to a whole new level? Look no further because the Niko Bar Disposable is here to deliver an unforgettable journey into the world of vaping pleasure. With an impressive 6000 puffs and a generous 13mL capacity of premium 50mg nicotine e-liquid, this innovative disposable vape device is designed to provide you with an unparalleled vaping experience.  Product Specification: Up to 6,000 puffs Rechargeable USB type C charging port Nic Strength: 5% (50mg) Unmatched Convenience and Portability A Flavor Extravaganza: Indulge your taste buds with an array of mouthwatering Niko Bar Flavor. From refreshing fruit blends to classic tobacco flavors, each puff is a delightful journey that tantalizes your senses. With a wide range of flavors available, you're sure to find your perfect match. Double Mango: A flavor combination that prominently features the sweet and tropical taste of ripe mangoes, intensified by the presence of two layers or varieties of mango to create a rich and indulgent mango experience. Grape Aloe: A refreshing and unique blend of grape flavor infused with the soothing essence of aloe vera, offering a sweet yet mildly floral taste that combines the sweetness of grapes with the subtle, earthy notes of aloe. Mint Ice: A cooling and invigorating flavor profile that combines the crispness of fresh mint leaves with an icy menthol sensation, resulting in a refreshing and revitalizing vaping experience. Orange Soda: A delightful fusion of juicy, tangy oranges with the effervescence of fizzy soda, capturing the taste of a classic orange-flavored carbonated beverage for a nostalgic and delightful vape. Peach Rings: Inspired by the popular candy, this flavor brings the juicy and succulent essence of ripe peaches, reminiscent of peach-flavored gummy rings, offering a sweet and fruity vaping sensation. Sour Apple: A tart and tangy flavor that replicates the taste of green apples, delivering a slightly acidic and zesty note to contrast the natural sweetness, providing a sour yet enticing vape. Strawberry Banana: A delectable combination of sweet, ripe strawberries and creamy, smooth bananas, blending the two beloved fruits to create a harmonious and well-balanced flavor profile. Strawberry Kiwi: A delicious pairing of juicy, red strawberries with the tropical and slightly tangy taste of kiwi fruit, resulting in a refreshing and fruity vape experience. Strawberry Watermelon: A delightful fusion of two succulent fruits, ripe strawberries, and juicy watermelon, offering a sweet and juicy flavor combination that is perfect for those who love fruity vapes. Watermelon Ice: A refreshing and juicy watermelon flavor enhanced with a cooling ice menthol element, providing a cooling sensation that complements the natural sweetness of watermelon for a revitalizing vaping experience. Get Your Niko Bar Disposable Today: If you're ready to take your vaping journey to the next level, the Niko Bar is your ticket to an exceptional vaping experience. With an astounding 6000 puffs, 13mL of 50mg nicotine e-liquid, and a variety of delectable flavors, this disposable vape device is all you need to satisfy your cravings. Step into the future of vaping with Niko Bar Disposable - Order yours now and discover the true essence of vaping pleasure!
Funky Republic Fi3000 Apple Watermelon Funky Republic Fi3000 Berry Chill
Funky Republic Fi3000 Disposable | 4% Nicotine | $10.99 $10.99
Funky Republic Fi3000 Experience the ultimate vaping pleasure with the Funky Republic Fi3000 Disposable. This sleek and convenient device is designed to provide you with an exceptional vaping experience, boasting impressive specifications, an array of flavors, and convenient features. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the world of e-cigarettes, the Funky Republic Fi3000 Disposable Vape is sure to satisfy your cravings and elevate your vaping journey. Specifications Pre-filled with 5ml of e-liquid Contains 4% nicotine salt for a satisfying hit Offers approximately 3000 puffs per device Equipped with an 800mAh rechargeable battery for extended use Features QUAQ tech mesh coil for a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience Includes a USB Type-C cable for convenient charging Features The Funky Republic Fi3000 Disposable comes packed with impressive features that enhance your vaping experience: Long-lasting Performance: With its substantial 3000-puff capacity, the Fi3000 ensures you can enjoy your favorite Funky Republic Flavors for an extended period without worrying about running out. Rechargeable Battery: The built-in 800mAh battery not only offers sufficient power but can also be easily recharged using the included USB Type-C cable, allowing you to vape on the go without any interruptions. Enhanced Flavor: The QUAQ tech mesh coil technology guarantees a delightful and flavorful vaping experience, ensuring every inhale is rich, smooth, and packed with your chosen flavor. User-Friendly Design: The Fi3000 Disposable features a sleek and portable design, making it effortless to carry in your pocket or bag. It requires no maintenance or complicated setup—simply inhale and enjoy. Flavors: Choose from an enticing range of flavors to suit your preferences: Apple Watermelon Berry Chill Blue Mint Rose Blue Razz Ice Berry Storm Malaysian Mango Mountain Ice Miami Mint Peach Ice Pineapple Passion Lemon Strawberry Peach Sakura Triple Berry Ice Tropical Delight Watermelon Delight Watermelon Ice The Funky Republic Fi3000 Disposable offers a superior vaping experience with its impressive specifications, convenient features, and wide selection of tantalizing flavors. Whether you're seeking a refreshing fruit blend, a cooling mint sensation, or a unique combination, the Fi3000 has something to satisfy every taste bud. Embrace the convenience and pleasure of the Funky Republic Vape Fi3000  and take your vaping journey to new heights. 
Candy King Gold Bar Blue Razz Straws Candy King Gold Bar Gummy Worms
Candy King Gold Bar Disposable | $12.99 | 6000 Puffs | 5% Nicotine $12.99
Vaping has swiftly transformed from a niche hobby to a widespread trend, captivating enthusiasts with its tantalizing flavors and satisfying nicotine delivery. As the demand for portable and convenient devices continues to soar, the Candy King Gold Bar emerges as a standout option, offering a vaping experience that's second to none. In this article, we delve into the captivating features and benefits of the Candy King Gold Bar Flavors, shedding light on why it has captured the hearts of vapers around the globe. Discovering the Alluring Features of the Candy King Gold Bar Immerse in 6000 Smooth Cloud Hits Perfect Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine in Salt Form Efficient Battery: 600mAh Pre-Charged Battery A Plethora of Flavors: 13ml E-Liquid with 12 Flavor Options Seamless Automated Firing Mechanism Designed for On-the-go Vaping Exploring the Captivating Flavors Gush Fruits: Embark on a journey through a medley of assorted fruits, as Gush Fruits unleashes a bountiful burst of fruity goodness that tantalizes your taste buds, delivering an extraordinary vaping experience. Hard Apple: Indulge in the zesty essence of tart apples with Hard Apple, enveloping your palate in the invigorating taste of ripe apples for a uniquely satisfying nicotine encounter. Mint Fresh: Elevate your vaping moments with Mint Fresh as the invigorating taste of mint juice envelops your throat, providing the ultimate cooling sensation that invigorates your senses. Peachy Rings: Savor the authentic flavor of succulent peach juices with Peachy Rings, a favorite among vapers seeking a rich and fruity hit that leaves them craving more. Pink Squares: Immerse yourself in the delightful explosion of wild strawberries and raspberries with Pink Squares, a flavor-packed e-juice that promises to be a vaping delight. Sour Blue Razz Straws: Prepare to be amazed by the tantalizing blend of strawberries, green apple, pink lemonade, blue raspberries, and watermelon in Sour Blue Razz Straws, a flavor profile that tantalizes your senses. Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum: Treat yourself to the sensational fusion of strawberry and watermelon juices in Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum, a delightful explosion of flavor that wraps your senses in pure ecstasy. Gummy Worms: Relish the sour gummy candy flavor of Gummy Worms, offering a mind-blowing vaping experience that mirrors the freshness of the original candy. Rainbow Dweebz: Experience the fusion of sweet and tangy candies in Rainbow Dweebz, coating your palate with lusciousness that takes your puffing adventure to new heights. Sugar Batch: Infused with a medley of diverse fruit juices, Sugar Batch provides a pleasant tingling undertone that satisfies your taste buds with each inhale, offering a uniquely satisfying flavor profile. Swedish Gummy: Delight in the taste of lingonberry-flavored Swedish Fish Candies with Swedish Gummy, a delightful hit of happiness that captures the essence of a beloved candy. White Gummy: Succumb to your nicotine cravings with the sweetness of pineapple juice, perfectly encapsulated in the form of White Gummy for an irresistibly delectable vaping experience. Conclusion The Candy King Gold Bar specifications stand as a testament to the ever-evolving world of vaping, offering an unparalleled vaping experience that leaves no detail overlooked. With its exceptional features, including 6000 smooth cloud hits, optimal nicotine strength, an efficient pre-charged battery, and an array of tantalizing flavors, the Candy Gold Bar has rightfully secured its place as a favorite among vapers. Whether you're seeking a convenient option for daily use or a reliable companion for your travels, the Candy King Gold Bar Disposable is a vaping marvel that promises satisfaction, flavor, and style.
Funky Republic Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar Funky Republic
Funky Republic Ti7000 by Elf Bar Disposable - $12.99 $12.99
Funky Republic We are introducing the game-changing Funky Republic, developed by Elf Bar, to all vaping enthusiasts showering their love to this amazing vape. You won't believe it, but this smart disposable vape is indeed a true technological marvel and features various highly advanced innovations. These innovations can include a battery indicator, an e-juice indicator, and more. Not only this, the Funky Republic redefines highly compact design while delivering an impressive 7,000 puffs of extremely smooth flavor. The built-in screen sets it apart, providing a direct view of your juice and battery levels through a clever display window. This amazing vape comes pre-filled with 17ml of 5% Salt Nicotine and boasts a built-in 600mAh battery, easily rechargeable via the included USB Type-C cable. So, get ready to say goodbye to complexity and hello to pure satisfaction with the Funky Republic Vape. 7000 Puffs Smart Power Screen Display Window Battery Indicator E-Liquid Indicator Quaq Tech Mesh Coils Light Weight & Portable Disposable Design - Draw Activated USB Type-C Cable Included Rechargeable 600mAh Built-In Battery Pre-Filled 17mL E-liquid 5% Nicotine Anti Leak Technology Package Content Details Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposable  Funky Republic officially changed its name to Funky Lands. You may receive either Funky Lands or Funky Republic depending on current stock.
Elf bar Ultra Blue Cotton Candy Elf Bar Ultra Blue Razz Ice
Elf Bar Ultra BC5000 | Start from $14.99 | 5% Nicotine from $14.99
Elf Bar Ultra  The magnificent Elf Bar Ultra is even more delectable than their previous pre-filled disposable vape pod system gadget, the Elf Bar BC5000. It gives constant flavor with its mesh coil to provide a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Elf Bar's BC5000 ULTRA will last you days with over 5000 puffs and is powered by a rechargeable USB 650mAh built-in battery and a massive 13ml pre-filled pod with yummy e-liquid. Look through our selection of disposable vape bundles. The specifications of Elf Bar Ultra Easy to carry Type: Disposable Vape 13 ML Pod Nicotine 5.0% strength 650mAh Rechargeable Battery Capacity 5000 Ultra Puff Counts Ultra Mesh Coil Puffs 15 unique flavors 5% Nicotine Salt Type-C Charging Port Ultra Taste Ultra Safety The Flavours of Elf Bar Ultra Tropical Rainbow Blast Orange Soda Grape Honeydew Blue Razz Ice Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum Strawberry Watermelon Peach Tobacco Watermelon Ice Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Blue Cotton Candy Kiwi Dragon Fruit Berry Mint Strawberry Mango Raspberry Watermelon Dragon Fruit Banana Berry
Elf Bar Zero Tropical Rainbow Blast Elf bar Zero Blue Razz Ice
Elf Bar Zero | BC5000 | | $12.99 | Free Nicotine $12.99 $20.00
Elf Bar Zero  The Elf Bar ZERO BC5000 Nicotine Free pack is one of the most loved disposable vapes with a 650Ah rechargeable battery. The incredible Elf Bar Zero is even more delicious than their previous pre-filled disposable vape pod system device, the Elf Bar BC5000. Its mesh coil provides consistent flavor for a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Its mesmerizing flavors and features will make you experience heaven on earth.  The features of Elf Bar Zero are as follows: Travel Friendly Type: Disposable Vape 13 ML Prefilled Unique & Classy Design 0% Nicotine 650mAh Rechargeable Battery 5000 Ultra Puff Counts Ultra Mesh Coil Puffs 10 unique juicy flavors Mesh Coil for flavor Type-C Charging Port Elf Bar Zero Flavors Elf Bar Zero Blue Razz: Dive into a sea of electrifying flavor with Blue Razz. Each puff is a burst of tangy and sweet blue raspberry goodness that will leave your taste buds tingling. Elf Bar Zero Cranberry Grape: Indulge in the perfect harmony of Cranberry Grape. Tart cranberries intertwine with luscious grapes, crafting a balanced and delightful vaping experience. Elf Bar Zero Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: Embark on a tropical escape with Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. Exotic fruits dance together, creating a symphony of flavors that's both invigorating and satisfying. Elf Bar Zero Peach Mango Watermelon: Experience a fruity fusion with Peach Mango Watermelon. Juicy peaches, ripe mangos, and refreshing watermelons unite to create a flavor that's pure summer bliss. Elf Bar Zero Rainbow Candy: Taste the rainbow with Rainbow Candy. A medley of fruity and sweet notes come together, crafting a playful and vibrant vaping experience. Elf Bar Zero Strawberry Kiwi: Delight in the classic pairing of Strawberry Kiwi. Juicy strawberries and tangy kiwis create a harmonious blend that's both familiar and refreshing. Elf Bar Zero Strawberry Mango: Immerse yourself in the sweetness of Strawberry Mango. Ripe strawberries meet tropical mangos, delivering a burst of fruity goodness with every puff. Elf Bar Zero Tropical Rainbow Blast: Ignite your senses with Tropical Rainbow Blast. A whirlwind of exotic fruits and vibrant flavors collide, creating an explosion of taste that's both exhilarating and satisfying. Elf Bar Zero Watermelon Ice: Chill out with Watermelon Ice. Juicy watermelon flavor gets a frosty twist, offering a refreshing and revitalizing vaping experience. Elf Bar Zero Strawberry Banana: Experience the perfect fusion of Strawberry Banana. Creamy bananas meet juicy strawberries, crafting a flavor profile that's as smooth as it is satisfying.
Vapor Boss Disposable Vape- Adjustable Air Flow
Vapor Boss Disposable Vape- Adjustable Air Flow $15.88 $25.00
Are you a fan of vaping? If you aren’t, then you must give vaping a chance for sure. It is the newest form of acquiring nicotine without damaging your health much. Globally, there are many Disposable Vapes present in the market as the vaping industry is quite huge now. With so many vapes, there are a lot of sellers worldwide and locally who claim to sell the best kind of disposable vapes/pens. However, you just cannot trust anyone just like that. But, you need not worry. VaporBoss is a reliable site where you can buy real authentic disposable vapes. Both online and offline, Vapor Boss sells high-quality vaporizers, e-liquids, e-juice, salt nic, and other products to the vaping community. So, if you are willing to buy any vape or vape juice of your choice, you must visit the Vaporboss Site. You can also reach them for any kind of queries, complaints, and more. Flavor Profiles: Blue Shark Gummy Candy. Mermaid Tears. Fruit Punch. Melons From God. Strawberry Taffy. Vineyard Grape. Green Apple Ice. Blue Raspberry Sour Belt.   Adjustable Air Flow- our Disposables are adjustable air flow to fit your vaping preferred experience. Rechargeable Version Coming soon !
Pod King Pom Blue Straw Pod King Elf Bar
Pod King Elf Bar XC5000 | 5000 Puffs | 13.5ML | Start from $14.88 from $14.88 $25.00
Pod King The Pod King Elf Bar XC5000 disposable vape is a great match between Elf Bar, a maker of disposable hardware, and Pod King, a manufacturer of vape juice. By combining the best of both worlds, you get a vape product that produces distinct flavors while still providing a fantastic vaping experience comparable to other Elf Bar devices. About Pod King Elf Bar 5000 Puff Disposable Vape Elf Bar collaborated with Pod King Tasting to create the Pod King XC5000. The XC5000 has a rechargeable 650 mAh battery, a Mesh Coil, a 13.5ml reservoir, and a Type- C USB Fast Charging Port. Wow! Take a look at the popular "limited edition" varieties! Pod King - Elf Bar flavors: Blue Razz Pomo, Cranberry Soda, Mango Ice, Triple Apple Lush Ice, Mixed Berry, Pomo Blue Straw, Frozen Apple Strawberry, Rainbow, Red Apple, Watermelon Candy, Peach Mango, Frozen Apple Peach, Strawberry Dragonfruit Mango, Sundance, Apple Cider, Orange Bubbles, Straw Razz Cherry, White Gummy, Cotton Ball, Fcuking FAb, Bubble Berry, Banana Drop, Candy Love, Piña Fcuking, Straw Razz Candy, Blue Razz Fcuking, Dragronfruit Fcuking, Peach Fcuking, Fuji Lush, Fresh Mint, and Strawberry Fcuking.  Apple Cider - Elf Bar collaborated with Pod King Tasting to create the Pod King XC5000. The XC5000 has a rechargeable 650 mAh battery, a Mesh Coil, a 13.5ml reservoir, and a Type- C USB Fast Charging Port. Wow! Take a look at the popular "limited edition" varieties! Blue Razz Pomo - Vape flavor Blue Razz with a charmingly vintage twist. It's flavored with just the proper amount of pomegranate, which is somewhat sweet and a little tart. Cotton Ball - A delightfully retro vaping experience. When you inhale, you get the familiar sweet cotton candy flavor. More cotton candy flavor with undertones of raspberry on the exhale. Cranberry Soda - Come here for freshly harvested cranberries! Cranberry Soda is created by combining cranberries with a fizzy feeling. If you only try it once, it will become one of your favorites, but you must try it to find out! Fcucking Fab -This unique blend combines a powerful blast of mixed berries with our "Mystery Flavor" for a fun vape experience you'll never forget. Frozen Apple Peach - Puff on a peck of Red Delicious Apples and Country fresh peaches, served cold! The sensation on your tongue as you puff is sheer bliss! This delectable flavor combination delights from start to end, and we're confident you'll add it to your "Hot List" soon after your first taste! Frozen Apple Strawberry - Frosted strawberries and delectable Fuji apples will delight your palate and satisfy your soul. Mixed Berries - This flawlessly picked bunch of berry goodness hits your tongue with a rush of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry vape flavors, and even adds a small hint of cream to bring it all together tastefully. Orange Bubbles - This flawlessly picked bunch of berry goodness hits your tongue with a rush of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry vape flavors, and even adds a small hint of cream to bring it all together tastefully. Peach Mango - Begin your day with the refreshing flavor of freshly squeezed Florida oranges. This classic morning juice's zesty deliciousness is all yours for the puffing! Pomo Blue Straw - With one puff, you're on your way to see The Wizard of Flavor! Oh, the pomegranate, blueberry, and strawberry! Oh, the pomegranate, blueberry, and strawberry! Oh, the pomegranate, blueberry, and strawberry! Rainbow - Do you remember the Skittles candy? One of their catchphrases was "Taste the Rainbow." The tastes of the iconic candy have been preserved in this vape flavor. Try it! You'll enjoy it! Red Apple - The inhale is like sinking your teeth into a rich red apple, followed by a smooth cooling finish on the exhale. Enjoy a stroll through the apple orchard with this vape. Strawberry Dragon Fruit Mango - Take a look at this enticing Strawberry Dragon Fruit and Mango combination. All at once luscious, exotic, and guaranteed to satisfy! Sundance - This is your opportunity to enjoy a peach, mango, and apricot all at once! With this delectable Sundance vape flavor, we've got you covered! Get some right away! They're flying off the shelves and will be gone quickly. Triple Apple Lush Iced - Imagine the taste of red apple and watermelon blended with an ice-cold rush of menthol cooling in Triple Apple Lush Iced. You no longer need to imagine! Try this three-in-one vape flavor! Watermelon Candy - A truly memorable Watermelon candied flavor that perfectly balances sour and sweet every time you vape. You'll have a terrible time putting it down! White Gummy - A delectable blend of flavors, including pineapple and mixed tropical fruit, with a candy sweet finish. This flavor combination is sure to please even the most adventurous flavor seekers! Pod King Elf Bar Charging Instructions: To recharge the Pod King Elf Bar, we recommend purchasing a separate USB wall adapter and a detachable USB charging cable. It is best if you charge it for less than an hour and never leave it unattended. Finally, if it gets hot, unplug it immediately.
Daze Ohmlet Blueberry Peach Daze Ohmlet Lychee Aloe
7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable | $12.77 | Daze Ohmlet- 7000 Puffs $12.77
Daze Ohmlet  What do you expect when a juice manufacturing company decides to launch a disposable vape? Nothing but perfection. The 7 Daze OHMLET 7000 is built for all-around performance, dazzlement, and total satisfaction. Designed by Vape 7 Daze, the brand famous for its Red Apple e-liquid, the Daze Ohmlet 7000 is every cloud chaser’s delight. If you have ever tried the powerful Daze Egge disposable, then imagine if that disposable was 3x more powerful. That is exactly what the 7 Daze OHMLET disposable is.   Special Features and Benefits of the 7 Daze OHMLET Disposable Vape  10 mouth-watering and throat-hitting flavors 15ml prefilled e-juice capacity 5% nicotine salt concentration Mesh Heating LED Indicator Light Draw-Activated An integrated battery that can be recharged with a type-C USB charger. 7000+ hard-hitting puff Lightweight and compact for on-demand vaping What is the 7 Daze Disposable Vape About? The disposable vape is powered by an integrated battery and a 15ml e-juice capacity filled with 50mg of nicotine strength. These features all come together to deliver 7000+ throat-hitting puffs. Because 7 Daze is also a juice manufacturing company, special emphasis was placed on the juice hit. So, to ensure you get thicker and denser clouds from your draw, this Mouth-to-Lung disposable possesses a mesh heating element. This element ensures that the e-juice is well heated so that you can enjoy every taste and ingredient that went into the e-liquid. Additionally, this disposable vape comes in a ready-to-vape manner, fully charged and pre-filled. A very compact design ensures you can take it with you everywhere you go and vape on demand. Another critical part of the 7 Daze OHMLET is the LED indicator. This multi-purpose LED indicator light lets you know when the disposable vape is working or when it is charging. That’s right, the 7 Daze OHMLET is rechargeable (more on this later). One of the challenges people have with their disposable vape pens is the fact that they can run out without warning, and they lose all their favorite e-juice. 7 Daze anticipated that challenge and made the Daze OHMLET rechargeable. This means you get to enjoy every drop of your favorite e-juice and have uninterrupted vaping sessions. A disposable vape is not complete without the right e-juice, and the 7 Daze OHMLET is no slack in the e-juice department. As is to be expected from a juice manufacturing brand with award-winning, fan-favorites like the Red Apple e-juice collection, the 7 Daze OHMLET offers 10 exciting e-juices made from the finest blends of fruits, ice, and natural-food tasting flavors. Here’s a quick rundown of the 7 Daze OHMLET e-liquid profiles; Orange Kiss: A sweet blend of freshly picked oranges and aloe to offer total satisfaction Pineapple Peach Whip: An e-juice with a triple threat combo; lychee, peaches, and sweet pineapple Sour Rainbow Berries: If sweet and sour is your thing, then this tropical sour mix will definitely get your toenails curling with delight Strawberry Rolly: An e-juice made from delicious red strawberries and sweet. A must-have Tropical Gummi: No words to describe how it tastes. An e-juice infused with sweet and freshly-picked pineapples and a tropical blend Watermelon Grape Orange: Sweet watermelon and freshly picked oranges come together to deliver this sweet e-juice. A taste of sour to add spice to it from the tangy grapefruit White Grapeberry: One word describes this e-juice – a medley. Grapes and berries come together to create this e-juice symphony Icy Blast: A blast of ice running down your throat and giving you the chills Blueberry Peach: An e-juice made by infusing blueberry and peach Lychee Aloe: A combo made in heaven Conclusion If you are looking to take your vaping experience up a notch and you are looking for the vape that supports taste and performance, without giving up one for the other, then you should pick up the 7 Daze OHMLET. Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to cause reproductive harm in some states. Keep away from children. Not to be consumed by pregnant women.
Lost Mary Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary Strawberry Ice
Lost Mary | 5% Nicotine | $14.99 | Lost Mary OS5000 $14.99
Lost Mary Are you one of those who loves vaping Lost Mary but is thoroughly unaware of its most unique features? You know what? This vape can be your ultimate vaping companion that offers a powerful 500mAh battery for an entire day of vaping. Not only this, but with its pleasing 2ml of e-liquid capacity and a quite handy cool design. The Lost Mary vaping device makes refilling your tank a breeze, and this helps eliminate spills and mess. Now, you can also keep track of your battery level effortlessly with the help of a built-in LED indicator light. Its draw-activated firing mechanism also lets you enjoy vaping without any kind of button-pressing inconvenience. In addition to these features, this amazing vape has a Type-C charging port for swift recharges. It has a substantial 13ml e-liquid capacity with 5% nicotine strength and a remarkable puff count of up to 5000. Ordering it once will make you a fan of Lost Mary OS5000.  Battery Capacity: 650mAh E-liquid Capacity: 13ml 5% Nicotine Puffs: Up to 5000 Charging Port: type-C Integrated Rechargeable Battery Package Contents: 1 x Lost Mary Vape Device
Candy King Blue Razz Straws Candy King Gummy Worms
Candy King Air Disposable | $12.99 | 6000 Puffs | 5% Nicotine $12.99
Candy King Air  Presenting the Candy King Air, your literal all-time favorite gateway to vaping satisfaction. This innovative vape device boasts an impressive 6000 smooth cloud hits powered by a 600mAh rechargeable battery. The Candy King Disposable vape has always been a game-changer with a generous 13ml e-liquid capacity available in 13 delicious flavors. It comes pre-charged for your convenience and features an automated firing mechanism, making it incredibly easy to use. Its travel-friendly and comfortable design, along with a soft drip tip, enhances your vaping experience.  6000 Smooth Cloud hits to enjoy vaping for longer  5% nicotine strength in salt form  13ml e-liquid with 13 flavor options 600mAh battery and that too Pre-charged Automated Firing Mechanism to avoid inconvenience  Travel-friendly for long tours as well  Soft drip tip to enjoy hassle-free vaping  Comfortable & cool design to show off What's in the Package 1 x Candy King Air Disposable Vape
Esco bars Disposable Esco Bars Mega
Esco Bars Mega Disposable | 5000 Puffs | 5% Nicotine | $18.77 $18.77
Esco Bars Mega Esco Bars Mega is a line-up of perfection when it comes to one-step vape gadgets. It offers a satisfying vaping experience by its 6 explicit vape juice flavors which makes your cloud hits more flavorsome and smooth with a mix of pleasing tobacco-free nicotine of 5% strength. Featuring a disposable design, it is functional on an activated firing mechanism and comes precharged and prefilling. The 600mAh battery can be recharged to convert every drop of 14ml vape juice into delicious vapor by using a USB-C Cable. Created on a mesh-coil design, it delivers maximum juice and texture in the clouds. Check out the major highlights of this vape that make it an innovative and long-lasting vape in the market. Major Specifications of Esco Bars Mega 5000 Cloud Hits 5% nicotine strength 14ml Pre-filled e-juice (Mess-free) 600mAh Pre-charged battery (Rechargeable) Compact Highlighter Style Design Anti-leakage and Mesh Coil Build Comfortable drip tip 6 Exquisite Tastes of Esco Bars Mega Disposable Blood Orange Tangerine: Embrace the three outstanding flavor symphony that feels great through vapors. It is sweet, juicy, and tarty! Blueberry Raspberry Ice: A complex mix of blueberries, raspberries, and menthol juices that is great to feel refreshed throughout the day. Kiwi Guava: A pleasing hit that brings all the goodness of kiwis and guavas that will go down as your favorite. Peach Pineapple: The forever favorite fruit of the tropics is the vaping treat for your palates. There is no way you are not falling in love with this flavor. Rootbeer Float: A fan of float drinks? Here’s your pick! With this flavor, your taste buds feel bombarded with a pleasing taste of ice cream on soda. Strawberry Watermelon: A fruity concoction that comes straight by blending strawberries and watermelons
Daze Egge Berry Fusion Iced Daze Egge Glacial Mint
Daze Egge Disposable Vape | 7Daze Reds Disposable | $9.88 $9.88 $11.99
Looking for a vape that's both delicious and satisfying? Look no further than the Daze Egge Disposable Vape! Featuring a range of yummy flavors, this vape is perfect for cloud chasers and beginners alike. With high levels of performance and 5% nicotine strength, the 7Daze Egge Disposable Vape is a must-have for any vaping enthusiast. This disposable vape is perfect for those who want intense vapor production. With a smooth, rich flavor, it's easy to see why 7 Daze Egg is quickly becoming a favorite among vapers. Simply remove the cap and enjoy! This vape is also perfect for on-the-go use and has a 7ml capacity, meaning you can enjoy up to 3000 puffs before needing to dispose of it. With its easy-to-use design, the Daze Egge Disposable Vape is ideal for anyone new to vaping or who wants a quick and convenient way to enjoy their favorite e-juice. Daze Egge Flavours  BERRY FUSION ICED - This vape flavor is the perfect refresher for hot summer days. The smooth blend of berries and ice will keep you feeling cool and refreshed all day long. GLACIAL MINT - This subtle mint blend is perfect for those days when you need something cool and icy. With its cool hits, Glacial Mint is the perfect way to beat the heat.  GRAPPLE ALOE - Delight in the taste of juicy, sun-ripened grapes and tart apples with a touch of smooth aloe. The perfect refresher on a warm day, Grapple is ideal for enjoying all year round. ISLAND COLADA - Island Colada is one of the most refreshing and delicious flavors around. If you're looking for something super yummy and refreshing, look no further than Island Colada! MANGOBERRY -  This smooth blend of mangoes and berries is the perfect way to beat the heat. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a refreshing vape with Mangoberry. OG RED ICED - OG Red Iced is one of the newest and most refreshing vape flavors to hit the market. It's a perfect blend of sweet and tart, with a cool refreshing aftertaste that will leave you wanting more. OG REDS WATERMELON ICED - This e-liquid provides an intense and authentic watermelon taste that will leave your mouth watering. With a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, this e-juice produces big clouds of vapor with great flavor. SOUR BITES - Whether you're in the mood for something refreshing or just want to add a little extra zip to your vape session, Sour Bites is sure to satisfy. So go ahead and indulge—you deserve it! STRAPPLE ICED - Strapple Iced Vape Flavour by 7 Daze Egg is the perfect refresher on a hot day! The intense flavor of Strapple will have you feeling refreshed and satisfied. TROPIC PASSION - Tropic Passion is one of the most refreshing vape flavors around. If you're looking for something that will cool you down and give you a burst of energy, then this is a perfect choice. 
Elf Bar Tropical Rainbow Blast Elf Bar Triple Berry Ice
Elf Bar | Elf Bar BC5000 | Start from $13.75 from $13.75 $25.00
 Elf Bar Discover the immensely great vaping device EB Create Disposable Vape, formerly known as Elf Bar BC5000 – a cool gadget for people who like to vape. You won't believe it, but it’s stunning 5000-puff capacity, strong nicotine content, and great e-liquid quantity also makes it your go-to best vaping device. First, it can give you about 5,000 puffs and has strong nicotine that makes vaping taste good. The long-lasting battery recharges quickly via USB-C, and it's lightweight and pocket-friendly. The shape of the Elf Bar BC5000 is cool and easy to hold. And it's not heavy so you can carry it around in your pocket. Give this device a shot if you're looking for a vape that delivers intense flavors.  Approximately 5000 hits 5% nicotine concentration E-liquid capacity: 13ml 650mAh Battery Pre-filled, pre-charged, and rechargeable Cool Cuboidal Design Lightweight, Travel-friendly Automatic Firing mechanism Dual Mesh Heating USB Type C Port (Recharging) What's in the Package 1 x EB Design BC5000 Disposable E-Cig Elf Bar officially changed its name to EB Design in March 2023, and EB Design is rebranding to EB Create in June 2023. You may receive either Elf BAR , EB Design or the newer EB Create depending on current stock.
Esco bars Fruitia Blue Raspberry Lemon Esco Bars New Flavors
Esco Bars Disposable | Start From $12.99 | 2500 Puffs from $12.99 $25.00
Esco Bars Vaping has become more American thanks to Esco Bars, who have given it an apple pie flavor. These high-end vapes contain a novel beginning mechanism and a powerful 1100mAh battery that offers 2500 continuous puffs. Each bar contains 6ml of expertly crafted e-liquid, 5% salt nicotine for a pleasant kick, and a VG/PG ratio of 70:30 for silky, dreamy clouds. Esco Bars are unique because they employ mesh coils to create incredibly large clouds that mimic the finest silk. But here's the best part: they don't require any upkeep! With its 6ml e-liquid capacity, each bar can provide amazing puffs, and you just need one puff to start it. It's a delectable voyage through American culture, as well as a representation of a corporation that appreciates authenticity. Holds 2500 uninterrupted Puff Count Works on activated firing mechanism with 1100mAh battery 5% salt nicotine blended into 6ml of e-juice VG/PG ratio is 70:30 Mesh Coil used for finer velvety cloud productions Demands zero maintenance. E-liquid Capacity: 6ml What's in the Package Esco Bars Disposable Vape Device
Flum Float Aloe Grape Flum Float Aloe Mango Melon Ice
Flum Float Vape | 3000 Puffs | $13.88 | 5% Nicotine $13.88 $30.00
Flum Float  We are introducing the Flum Float, one of the most phenomenal vaping devices that has your ticket to a delightful journey through 10 energizing Flum Flavors, offering approximately 3000 puffs of pure enjoyment. Do you want to know what's inside this pretty bottle? This pretty looking mini bottle-shaped vape is amazingly pocket-friendly and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. Not only this, but it literally delivers a satisfying mouth-to-lung experience with an impressive 8ml vape juice capacity and 5% salt nicotine. The Flum Float comes pre-filled, pre-charged and requires zero maintenance – simply inhale, exhale, and vape like a pro. It has a draw-activated firing mechanism and is lightweight, durable, and incredibly easy to use. So, why wait now? Just order it right now!  Draw Activated Firing Mechanism 8ml e-juice capacity 5% nicotine concentration Approximately 3000 puffs 10 delicious flavors Zero Maintenance Required Lightweight & Durable Easy to access What's in the Package 1 x Flum Float Vape Device
Elf Bar Tropical Rainbow Blast Elf Bar Triple Berry Ice
EB Create | EB Create BC5000 | Start from $13.75 | EB Create Pod Device from $13.75 $25.00
Experience the pinnacle of vaping pleasure with the all-new EB Create BC5000, an upgraded version of the beloved ELF Bar BC5000. We've taken excellence to the next level, bringing you a device that boasts an impressive 5000+ puffs, a rechargeable 650mAh battery, and cutting-edge QuaQ technology for a vaping encounter unlike any other. Upgrade Your Vaping Game Today  Join the ranks of the first distributors to carry EB Create BC5000 and offer your customers an unparalleled vaping experience. Elevate your business with this world-class standard in disposable vaping technology. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stock EB Create Disposable and become a trailblazer in the vaping industry. EB Create BC5000 Specifications   Experience over 5000 satisfying puffs per unit. Designed for single-use convenience, cannot be refilled. Equipped with a rechargeable 650mAh battery. Compact dimensions of 79mm by 41mm by 19mm. Generous e-liquid capacity of 13ml infused with 5% nicotine strength. EB Create BC5000 Flavors: EB Create Vape offers an enticing array of flavors that cater to every palate. Whether you're craving the refreshing sweetness of fruit or the smooth richness of tobacco, we've got you covered. Here's a sneak peek at some of our mouthwatering flavors: Beach Day: A tropical escape with a blend of exotic fruits, capturing the essence of sun-soaked shores. Berry Mix: A symphony of ripe strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries for a burst of fruity delight. Cherry Lemon Mint: Zesty lemons, sweet cherries, and cooling mint combine for a refreshing vaping experience. Clear: Pure and untamed, this flavor offers a clean and straightforward vaping indulgence. Cranberry Grape: Tangy cranberries meet juicy grapes in a harmonious fusion of sweet and tart. Cuba Cigar: A sophisticated choice, reminiscent of fine cigars, delivering a rich and smoky essence. Malibu: Transport to a tropical paradise with coconut, pineapple, and a hint of mint. Mango Peach: Ripe mangoes meet succulent peaches, offering a sweet and juicy combination. Mixed Fruity: An ever-changing blend of various fruits, creating a dynamic and exciting vaping experience. Peach Berry: Ripe peaches and mixed berries come together for a harmonious balance of sweetness. Peach Mango Watermelon: A trio of succulent fruits - peaches, mangoes, and watermelon - evoke summer vibes. Pineapple Orange Mint: Tropical pineapple, zesty orange, and refreshing mint unite for a revitalizing taste. Pineapple Strawnana: A fusion of pineapple and ripe banana, creating a tropical and creamy delight. Sakura Grape: Floral cherry blossoms meet juicy grapes, offering a unique and delicate vaping encounter. Snoow Grape: Enjoy the essence of grape in a cool and refreshing vaping experience. Snoow Ice: A chilly twist on the classic, delivering a frosty blast with every puff. Strawberry Passion Fruit Duo Ice: Ripe strawberries and exotic passion fruit, chilled to perfection. Strawberry Pina Colada: Taste the tropics with a blend of ripe strawberries and creamy coconut. Sunset: Indulge in the warm hues of a sunset with a harmonious blend of flavors. Tropical Rinbo: Dive into a tropical medley of flavors, invoking images of exotic landscapes. Watermelon BG: Refreshing watermelon flavor, offering a juicy and mouthwatering vaping sensation. Unbeatable Deals - Price Drop Alert! Visiting can always be a surprising experience for you. You can grab incredible deals on EB Create Pod Device. Seize this chance to enhance your product lineup with the latest in vaping innovation. Your customers will thank you for introducing them to the future of disposable vaping.
Lost Vape Orion Bar Aloe Grape Lost Vape Orion Bar Banana Cake
Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable Vape | 7500 Puffs | $10.99 $10.99
Introducing the Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable Vape – where you will get ample specifics you should be looking for in a disposable vape. Orion Bar is an incredible vape with 7500 puffs of deliciousness. It's like having 18ml of tasty salt nicotine e-liquid with a 5% nicotine punch in your pocket. With a bunch of 42 marvelous distinct flavors, it's a powerhouse of flavor. Plus, it's super easy to use since it comes pre-charged and pre-filled. Even the 650mAh battery ensures longevity, while being pre-charged and pre-filled means you can start vaping right away, no preparations needed. So, say goodbye to airflow issues and leak problems and switch to Orion Bar Vapes. Approximately 7500 Puffs 8mL Prefilled E-Liquid Capacity Integrated 650mAh Battery 5% Nicotine Concentration Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism Adjustable Airflow (Yes) Charging Type-C Port What's in the Package Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable Vape
Funky Republic Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar Funky Republic
Funky Lands | 7000 Puffs | $12.99 | Funky Land Disposable $12.99
Funky Lands  Are you all set to dive into the pool of an extraordinary Funky Lands vaping adventure with this amazing vape? It is undoubtedly the #1 disposable vape trend out of all in the world. Funky Republic has some magical features, including a sleek design, a compact device, and a draw-activated mechanism. You will be literally experiencing a whopping 7000 puffs of unbeatable flavor and vapor production longer than you think. You can also recharge it hassle-free anywhere with the everywhere available USB Type-C cable. And, its thanks go to the built-in 600mAh battery, ensuring extended vaping sessions. And this amazing vape comes pre-filled with 17mL of 5% Salt Nicotine. It features anti-leak technology, so you can enjoy your vape without any mess. So, what are you waiting for? Try Funky Lands today, and enjoy the guaranteed leisure that will become your favorite.  7000 Puffs: With a whopping 7000 puffs Smart Power Screen Display Window: Built-in screen display Battery Indicator: Ensuring you're never caught off guard E-Liquid Indicator: You're never left with an empty tank unexpectedly Quaq Tech Mesh Coils: Experience unbeatable flavor and vapor production Lightweight & Portable: Designed for on-the-go convenience Disposable Design: For your one-time use Draw Activated: No buttons, no hassle USB Type-C Cable Included: Recharge your Funky easily with the included USB Type-C cable Rechargeable 600mAh Built-In Battery: Built-in 600mAh battery for extended vaping sessions Pre-Filled 17mL E-liquid: Funky Republic Land comes pre-filled with 17mL of 5% Salt Nicotine Anti-Leak Technology: No mess, no fuss What's in the Package 1 x  Funky Land Vape

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