Ignite V25 Blood Orange Ice
Ignite V25 Disposable Device | 13.88 | 2500 Puffs $13.88
Ignite V25 Legendary hardware king Ignite has finally delved into the vaping space to offer a more powerful and robust vape pen known as the Ignite V25 Disposable Vape. One of the challenges vapers have with the current vape pens on the market is unsustainability – the performance wanes after prolonged use, meaning that the throat hit becomes less powerful. But not the V25. The V25 delivers dependable powerful hits from the first draw to the last puff. Like all disposables, the Ignite V25 is 100% maintenance-free. It requires zero charging or filling. It comes in a ready-to-vape manner and can be vaped right out of the box. It doesn’t require any form of cleaning or refilling. As for its aesthetics and ergonomics, the V25 disposable vape is highly compact and lightweight, which makes it an ideal travel companion. The V25 is a true vape-on-demand disposable as it can be in your pocket for the entire day and you can vape on demand. There is no preparation required. When it comes to performance, the V25 is a potent vape delivering dense and thick clouds. This is made possible by its 1000mAh internal battery (the most powerful vape device in the Ignite Disposable Series) which combines well with the 7.5ml e-liquid to give you a staggering 2500+ puffs. The disposable comes with the standard 5% nicotine strength and it is not tobacco nicotine but salt nicotine. Specifications of Ignite V25 Vape Pens Pre-filled 7.5ml 1000mAh internal battery that requires no charging Ready to vape disposable 5% synthetic salt nicotine that delivers a cigarette-style experience Up to 2500+ puffs per disposable Discreet, portable, lightweight, and compact to give you on-demand vaping Flavors of Ignite V25 Disposable Vape Pens Blood Orange Ice: This e-juice is the perfect blend of exotic and succulent blood oranges and ice-chilling menthol. Blue Raspberry Ice: Nothing says sweet and tangy like this flavor. And for that extra magic, this berry-flavored e-juice has a touch of ice to deliver a chilly menthol finish. Icy Mint: Freshly picked garden-grown mint leaves and icy menthol crystals were thrown into a mix to create this bold and invigorating flavor. The perfect ice flavor to send a chill down your spine. Passion Fruit Lemon: A worthy companion for all occasions, this is the meaning of tropical. This e-juice is a mix of tropical passion fruits that offers a taste of paradise – bright and cheesy. A twist of lemon was thrown into the mix to elevate the mouth-watering flavor and make it refreshingly irresistible. Pink Lemonade: To create this e-liquid, orchard-fresh berries and freshly squeezed lemons came together and were curated into this deeply soul-satisfying pink lemonade. Raspberry Watermelon: of bright watermelon are blended with freshly picked and plump raspberries to give you a cool, refreshing, and crisp fruit treat. Sour Apple Ice: This e-juice is a must-have. When you are not enjoying the mouth-watering, tart-green apple with succulent juices, you are refreshed by the cold menthol that calms your spirit. Strawberry Cheesecake: A buttery graham cracker crust with a juicy strawberry topping, this e-juice offers the rich creamy, and velvety filling of a decadent cheesecake. Strawberry WaterMelon: A lush e-juice made from farm-fresh strawberries and blended with the crisp chunks and smooth cuts of watermelon. Very Berries: This e-juice is bursting at the hems with fresh juices as it is made from a bushel of mountain-fresh berries – nature's finest. Feature Summary The V25 disposable vape comes with some of the most sophisticated features and auto-firing technology that you will ever find on the market, everything about this vape is superior, from the battery to heating components. You can be sure of its safety because the V25 boasts less than a .005% defect, meaning that it is safer than most of the devices you have on the market.

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