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Aloe Grape Lush Freeze
Hyppe Max Flow Duo With 2500 Puffs | 5% Nicotine | $14.77 $14.77 $33.00
Hyppe Max Flow Duo The Hyppe Max Flow Duo Disposable is a compact and lightweight device that offers 2500 puffs. This battery-powered cigarette provides a level of nicotine that suits the 5% salt nicotine to get you through your day as you draw on it with its convenient, draw-activated firing mechanism. It doesn't require any buttons or knobs! But don't take my word for it - see why everyone says there's never been anything better since the introduction of these fantastic disposables! Perfect for travelling or heading out on the town for a night of clubbing, when you're carrying as much stuff as possible is ideal. Hyppe Max Flow Duo Disposable Vape Kiwi Strawberry & Guava Strawberry - An uplifting blend of guava, kiwi, and strawberry flavours; the type of vape that will have you craving more! Aloe Orange & Aloe Grape - Get a taste of what might make you feel alright with an electric shock, and don't say I didn't warn ya: Aloe Orange & Aloe Grape flavour by the Hyppe Max Flow Duo. Aloe Lush Freeze & Aloe Grape - This tropical inhale is perfect for individuals on their spiritual journeys or as a stress reliever for more worldly people - it doesn't matter who you are, these zesty vape flavours will take care of all those problems. Lush Freeze & Peach Freeze - Made by those who love to see other people freeze, these flavours are just as good at giving you brain freezes on a hot day. Lychee Freeze & Lychee Guava - Put the icy get out of your mind and onto your tongue with the all-new Lychee Freeze, a juicy, blend of lychee guava and menthol sensations mixed into one e-juice. Hawaiian Freeze & Cotton Candy Freeze - Give your vape game a little pop with this appetising duo. While vaping on Hawaiian Freeze and Cotton Candy Freeze- you get to decide which juice will jolt your palette. Chewy Watermelon & Blue Gummy - It’s a party in your mouth! This bright and sweet disposable is perfect for outdoor days. Its delightful taste will revitalize you during summer adventures. Strawberry Freeze & Blue Razz - This ice-cold summertime treat is the perfect, breezy, and refreshing way to bring a hint of strawberry flavour and watermelons to every heady day. Watermelon Peach Pear & Strawberry Apple Watermelon - The mix of watermelon, peaches and pears with soothing strawberries and watermelon makes for a mouthwatering but mild experience that will not disappoint your taste buds Strawberry Banana Freeze & Banana Freeze - Fresh berry and banana flavours are frozen to deliver a cool, refreshing experience. Take a leisurely stroll through this patch of strawberry banana and banana frozen delight. Are You a Retail store? Hype Max Flow Duo Wholesale Available Click belowhttps://vaporboss.com/pages/wholesale* Any order made is going to be a preorder, you may be contacted to ensure you are aware :)

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