Hyde Rebel Recharge Disposable | 4500 Puffs | $14.44 | 5% Nicotine $14.44
Hyde Rebel Recharge Vaping with Hyde Rebel Recharge is a joy to own. Ergonomically assembled as a one-step disposable vape unit, it sports a soft mouthpiece and outer shell. For those who are looking for the most prolonged puffs in a disposable, here's your pick! It's a way to vape without caring about the refills and maintenance. Being compact and convenient, it keeps the vaper relaxed during his/her vaping time and is blistered with ultra-smooth performance and super tasty flavors. As the name suggests, it can be recharged through a micro USB Charger which is not included with the system. Check out the leading features of this vape below- SPECIFICATIONS OF HYDE REBEL RECHARGE 4500 Puffs count 600mAh battery 10ml e-liquid 5% Nic-concentration Draw-activated firing mechanism Cylindrical design, textured pattern Rechargeable (Micro USB Charger) Captivating 16 flavors FLAVORS OF HYDE REBEL RECHARGE Strawberry and Cream - Sweet, fruity, and milky! A smooth and sugary ride to puffing! Raspberry Watermelon - Sweet- raspberries and watermelon! Can it even get better? Strawberry Banana - A Classic blend, relished by shake lovers Peach Mango Watermelon - A perfect fruit punch to knock out your taste buds Banana Ice - Freeze your puffs with banana undertones Energise - Energy drink lovers would love it! Aloe Grape - Unique but delicious! Lemon Crumble - Subtle lime hits set your senses high! Sour Apple Ice - Frozen apples with a gentle touch of sourness! Cola Ice - Fabricate your nic hits with a cool coca-cola taste. Pina Colada - A blast of fruity drink can not get any cooler! Strawberry Kiwi - The taste concoction, everyone would relish to vape with. Tropical Gummy - Created with fruity flavors with a touch of bubblegum. Spearmint - The classic crowd favorite! Blue Razz Ice - Icy blueberries and raspberries taste divinely! Lush Ice - Watermelon and Candy. Who would say no to? Pick up your flavor match. Vaping with Hyde Rebel won’t be a disappointment. It is truly a rebel in the throwaway vape systems. It has everything that a vaper can expect through a disposable vape, striking looks, smooth airflow, and immense throat hits that are utterly flavor enriched to soothe your puffing cravings.

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