Azul Berries eJuice Naked 100
Azul Berries eJuice Naked 100 60ml | $10.95 from $10.95 $25.00
Azul Berries eJuice Naked 100 is a Blueberry creamy custardy flavor. One of the only 3 cream flavors naked 100 e-liquid came out with.
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Banana 60ml & 450ml | $19.00 $19.00 $25.00
Creamy, sugary, and delicious, this e-liquid taste is as close to the real thing as it gets. It doesn't taste like sweet banana candy, but rather like the creamy fruit flavor you know and love. You have a choice between two alternative volume options: 60ml or 450ml.
Banana Cookie Treat from $19.00 $25.00
You'll think you're vaping fresh-baked oatmeal cookies with creamy bananas from your neighborhood bakery with this mouthwatering vape mix. When it comes to taste, this 60ml and 450ml Twist Banana Oatmeal Cookie flavor is one you have to inhale to appreciate.
Banana Cream
Banana Cream from $19.00 $25.00
Caramelized banana, pie crust, and vanilla custard fill Banana Cream (60ml and 450ml) to the brim. As excellent as the one your mother used to make and certain to please your taste buds.
Banana Cream Pie | E-Liquid 60ml & 450ml | $19.00
Banana Cream Pie | E-Liquid 60ml & 450ml | $19.00 from $19.00 $25.00
Flaky pie crust laced with a delicate vanilla cream custard tops Banana Cream Pie E-rich, Liquid's indulgent flavor. 60ml and 450ml sizes are available; the taste lasts for hours.
Banana Custard
Banana Custard | $19.00 from $19.00 $25.00
Deliciously sweet candied banana and creamy vanilla custard make up Banana Custard E-Liquid. There are two sizes available: 60ml and the larger 450ml bottle.
banana foster
Banana Foster from $19.00 $25.00
A 60ml and 450ml liquid version of an old-time favorite treat. It was possible to create a true-to-flavor beverage by combining small quantities of real banana, whipped cream, spiced rum, and other ingredients.
banana nut
Banana Nut 60ml & 450ml of E-Juice | $19.00 from $19.00 $25.00
This banana nut bread-inspired dessert concoction is made with real bananas and real nuts. When you take a puff, you'll taste sweet bananas that have just become ripe, then creamy caramel and mild undertones of almonds. Pre-filled with 60ml and 450ml of e-juice, this handy gadget fits in your pocket.
Banana Pie
Banana Pie from $19.00 $25.00
Its rich caramelized banana pie crust flavor, and creamy vanilla custard fill our 60ml and 450ml bottles of banana vape juice.
banana split
Banana Split from $19.00 $25.00
Banana Split ejuice into 60ml and 450ml sizes will have you going back for more, much like your favorite ice cream sundae. This vape dessert has luscious bananas, creamy vanilla ice cream, and a smattering of cherries and almonds.
banana squares
Banana Squares from $19.00 $25.00
Banana squares are back in another 60ml and 450ml bottles. Try this new taste to improve your experience.
Banana Toffee
Banana Toffee 60ml & 450ml e-juices | $19.00 from $19.00 $25.00
On top of the crumbly biscuit foundation, Banana Toffee is presented with milk chocolate shavings, creating a flavorful combination of bananas, toffees, and biscuits. It's unlikely that anything else will satisfy your vaping needs, quite like these 60ml and 450ml e-juices.
Bancakes from $19.00 $25.00
At first, bite, savor the richness of bananas and the decadence of cakes. This tasty breakfast vapor will have you craving it all day long. Bancakes come in two sizes: 60ml and 450ml.
Bang XXL Flow Disposable Vape | 3500 Puffs | Start From $15.88 from $15.88 $25.00
Bang XXL Flow Bang XXL Flow Disposable Vape, an upgraded version of the original Bang XL is all geared up to hit the vape market like a storm. More powerful and robust, this pod comes with a vape juice capacity of 9ml and a pre-charged battery of 600 mAh, allowing tight 3500 puffs to satisfy your nicotine cravings instantly. Its draw-activated firing mechanism allows you to begin vaping right away. The spanking new flavors of the Bang XXL deliver a delectable taste with the added kick of menthol to awaken your tactile sensations. The addiction to these authentic and refreshing flavors is real and you would never want the battery to run out. Key Specifications In-built 600mAh battery 3500 tight puffs per pod 9ml vape juice Easy screw-on mouthpiece VG/PG blend - 70/30 Nicotine Concentration- 5% Bang XXL Flavors With EXTRA Sweetness Verry Berry: A delicious fusion of fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries to bring an icy cool breeze to your palate. This flavor is blended to perfection to jam your tongue with cloudy goodness. Watermelon Lush: A pure taste of watermelon flavor with an ice-cool finish. This extra juicy flavor is created to spruce up your senses with luscious bold notes of watermelons followed by ice and a refreshing menthol hit. Peach Gummy Ice: It is a unique blend of sugary gummies, fresh peaches, and menthol for a relaxing vaping experience. Each inhales will fill your mouth with sweetness while the exhale will be cool and frigid. Blueberry Ice: A nostalgic smooth yet strong blueberry flavor that stays on your tongue for quite a long time. Clean and crisp, this blueberry ice will make you feel dancing on cloud 9. VaporBoss Disposable Vape The standout feature of VaporBoss Disposable Vape is its impressive 4000 puff capacity. With this device, you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without worrying about recharging or refilling. It's the ideal solution for those who are always on the move or simply want a convenient vaping option without the need for maintenance. Whether you're traveling, attending social events, or simply enjoying a day out, Vapor Boss Disposable Vape delivers consistent flavor and satisfaction. Available Flavors: Blue Shark Gummy Candy Mermaid Tears Fruit Punch Melons From God Strawberry Taffy Vineyard Grape Green Apple Ice (Love Potion #9) ICE BlueRaspberry Sour Belt
-51% sale
Bang XXL Switch Duo Strawberry and Watermelon Ice
Bang XXL Switch Duo | 6% Nicotine | $14.88 | 2500 Puffs $14.88 $30.00
BANG XXL SWITCH DUO DISPOSABLE VAPE Hey, have you tried the Big Bang XXL Switch Duo Disposable Vape ever? If not, so it's your bad luck, and change it to your good luck by trying it today itself. It is one of those and hidden gems of the vaping industry that can literally give you an immense level of pleasure like hell. This amazing and immensely great vape comes in a revolutionary vaping pod mod system with highly advanced technology for a better experience. This vape not only provides a smooth vaping journey but also offers the give us the assurance of safety. You should also know that it has been designed under the guidance of experts and has followed all the rules regarding ingredients. Its compact, cool, and sleek design can grab your attention, and its travel-friendly quality will be a favorite for sure. Pre-filled with 7ml e-juice tank. Pre-charged with 1,100 mAh Battery. 2,500 Puffs. 8 flavors swapping options (2 1). 6% nicotine (6mg/mL of e-liquid). Lightweight and travel safely. Zero maintenance. A One-time-Use Product. Activated firing mechanism. Package Content 1 Big Bang XXL Switch Duo Disposable Vape User Manual  
Bang XXL Strawberry Watermelon
Bang XXL | 2000 Puffs | Start From $9.88 from $9.88 $11.98
Bang XXL Introducing you to the new technology-based disposable vape known as the Bang XXL Disposable Vape. This vape is the newest type of bang brand. This vape comes with 2000 puffs per device which last longer than various other bang vapes on the market. The 2000 puffs on average can be consumed in a week. The Bang XXL disposable vapes are those high-end disposable vapes that give delicious flavor within a very high puff-yielding device. Though the device has no buttons, you just need to start vaping in order to turn the device on. However, each device of the Bang Vape yields about 2000 puffs of fruity, succulent as well as minty e-juice flavor, and each flavor of these vapes is very exotic in taste. The taste buds of your tongue will feel those exotic flavors and leave a feeling of happiness and joy in you. The disposable device, therefore, packs an amazing different variety of flavors like icy banana e-juice, cool mint, etc., and these flavored e-liquids are carried into an easy-to-carry device. The device comes pre-filled with 6ml of e-juice as well as a long-lasting built-in 800mAh battery which is disposable. Though, the disposable device was engineered to be long-lasting e-juices with an exotic taste of flavor. The device is also known as the all-in-one vaping system because of its various quality features. The nicotine salt amount present in the e-liquid has the ability to boost the taste of the flavor in your device. The device mechanism is fully automatic and there is no complexity in its usage. Features & Specifications 2000 Puffs are available per device. The device is for 21+ adults only and is not for minors. Vg/Pg ratio is 70/30 Blend respectively. Nicotine strength is 5% OR 50MG. The life expectancy of the device is about 2 years. The E - juice capacity of the device is 6ml. It is a bottomless design. 800mAh battery. The device is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. WE DO NOT COVER DEFECTIVE BANG XXL. THERE IS A HIGH DEFECTIVE RATE. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU TRY VAPOR BOSS BARS.    Flavors Apple Ice Cool Mint Strawnana Strawberry Ice Cream Honeydew Ice Bubble Gum Ice Banana Ice Blueberry Ice Gummy Bear Havana Tobacco aka Havana Cream Lemon Tart Mango Guava Pineapple Mango Red Raz Passion Strawberry Watermelon Watermelon Lush Note: This Disposable device e-liquid contains Nicotine which is not allowed to be used or consumed by minors or less than the age of 21, people with respiratory problems, pregnant women, etc. VaporBoss Disposable Vape Each Vapor Boss Disposable Vape is pre-filled premium e-liquid, providing a smooth and flavorful vaping experience from the first puff to the last. With an incredible 4000 puffs per device and an affordable price of $15.88, this disposable vape is the perfect choice for vapers on the go. The wide range of available flavors ensures there's something for everyone, from refreshing fruit blends to satisfying menthol options. Whether you prefer sweet and fruity notes or a more cooling sensation, Vapor Boss Disposable Vape has you covered. Available Flavors: Blue Shark, Gummy Candy Mermaid Tears Fruit Punch Melons From God Strawberry Taffy Vineyard Grape Green Apple Ice (Love Potion #9) ICE Blue Raspberry Sour Belt   Are You a retail store looking to buy wholesale? We have Bang XXL Wholesale available Click the link below! Buy in Wholesale   Retail Price Showing is for 1 piece   
-51% sale
Barz Max Disposable vape | $9.99 $9.99 $20.00
Barz Max Disposable Vape Presenting you the all new disposable vape device, the Barz Max Disposable Vape. Barz Max is a device that comes without any hassle and worries of refilling and recharging itself. Hence, it is known as the future of vaping as it is an all in one disposable pod device which is a new as well as a hot selling item. It is a large and quite easy to use as well as straight out of the box device. Barz Max Disposable vapes come with 600 hits and 5% or 50mg of salt nicotine. The Barz Max Disposable Pod Device is the new upgraded version of the original Barz or Buzz Disposable Device. The Barz Max features a convenient auto-draw mechanism having a large 2ml juice capacity. It is also available in a variety of flavors so you need not to be worried about pressing any buttons for the charging and refilling. Features It is a disposable device having near about 600 hits. Its e-liquid contains 50mg or 5% of the salt nicotine strength. The draw-activation firing mechanism is available in the pod. There is an built-in battery of 420mAh power. It is a disposable, non-rechargeable and non-refillable device. 2ml of the e-juice capacity is available per device. Barz Max Disposable device comes pre-filled. Equals to the approximately 30 Cigarettes/Pack. Comes under the various color variations. Protection from the overheating, short-circuit etc. Flavors Strawberry Watermelon. Pineapple Ice. Lush Ice. Mango Guava. Grape Ice: It is a blast of menthol and grapes that make Grape Ice an exquisite flavor mesmerizing the taste buds. Strawberry Banana: An explosion of sweet strawberries and ripe bananas make for a fruity finish when combined with the nicotine salt. Cool Mint: Refreshing mint is augmented with menthol to create a sweet minty taste closely followed by a chilling sensation for your taste buds. Melon Ice: Frigid honeydew melons are sliced as well as mixed with the nicotine salts to create a chilly fruit flavored treat. Banana Ice: Ripened bananas combined with ice that creates a refreshingly cool banana shake which has the capability to tantalize the taste buds. Cola Ice: A carefully crafted creation taking notes of the cola poured into a large glass of ice that can satisfy the taste buds as well as cool the throat. Blue Razz: A mythical blue raspberries are juiced to reveal the sweet but tangy flavor that can make your taste buds fond of it. Package Includes 1 x Barz Max Disposable Device. Warning: If the coils has a sub-ohm resistance then please make sure you have a great understanding as well as having a technical knowledge on how to use mods and the batteries that can handle the Sub-Ohm coils. Do not use short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or the similar hybrid style device. In case, if you are not familiar or unsure of particular products or set-ups then you should not use it. Always use the proper precautions and handle with care. Note: This device contains nicotine so it is NOT for the minors, pregnant women and the people with respiratory problems. Buy in whole sale
Bavarian Creme
Bavarian Creme from $19.00 $25.00
Cantaloupe is added to the 60ml and 450ml bottles of this mix to bring out the flavor of the traditional Italian dessert in a rich and decadent way.
Berry Belts eJuice Naked 100
Berry Belts eJuice Naked 100 60ml | $19.00 | Fast Shipping from $10.95 $25.00
Berry Belts eJuice Naked 100 is a strawberry sour belts candy flavor. One of the only 3 candy flavors naked 100 e-liquid came out with.
berry delicious
Berry Delicious from $19.00 $25.00
Sweet and sour fruit combine in this delicious infusion. Everything from raspberries to blueberries can be found in this 60ml and 450ml flavor cartridge.

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