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Vaping feels soulless without the right E-Liquids. Realizing the importance of this part of a vaping gadget, Vapor Boss brings a collection of exemplary e-liquids that will add ultimate glory to your vaping experience. Our House Juice is created with one of the most-liked Eliquids among the vaping fraternity and includes all sorts of fruit flavors mouth-watering energy and mocktail drinks. That’s not all; many unique flavors give you the rich textured flavor of desserts and ice creams. Whether you want to relish your throat hits with the epic tarty taste or sweetness of cotton candy, you will find them all. That is the power of Vapor Boss House Of Juices.


Here’s the vape juice flavor palate you can pick from...

1. Melons – A phenomenal flavor that will easily become the highlight of your vaping. It is a great recreation of melon juice that you would want to have more.

2. Bubble Gum – Blessed by the authentic goodness of bubblegum, this flavor hits with sweet notes of fruity sweetness that are unique in their own way.

3. Love Potion- There is nothing like tasting the crisp, sweet, and heavy flavor of green apple juice. With this the nice menthol flavor makes vaping even cooler.

4. Taffy Factory Watermelon- Remarkable and refreshing, this amazing concoction brings the best sweet and buttery toffee flavor under the loaded watermelon juice. There is no way you won’t like it.

5. Boss Milk- If you are looking for an outstanding smooth and creamy texture like that of milk, here is your vape juice! It tastes just like fresh cow milk.

6. Puffin Dragon- When every hit brings the freshness of passion fruit, dragon fruit, and menthol, the vaping becomes ecstatic, and here is your pick!

7. Pina Colada- The most popular custom e-liquid that is made by mixing coconut and pineapple juices.

8. Watermelon Ice e-juice- Enjoy the sweetness of watermelon with the icy feeling of mint. This one is superb when it comes to going on tasteful throat hits.

9. Fruit Punch- The fine blast of mixed fruits that you must definitely try for vaping. This extraordinary sharing of flavors will be all that you ever desired from a perfect vaping session.

10. Reserve- It is time for you to sip on Caramel and Cappuccino nic hits. This vape juice is going to be a forever favorite of all coffee and caramel fans. Reserve it for those special vape times!

11. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream- With the taste that is close to a spoonful of vanilla ice cream, this e-juice is all hearts, especially for those who look to embark on a cool and delicious vape journey.

12. Cotton Candy- Get hooked by the carnival mood by selecting cotton candy e-liquid for yourself. This flavor is all about embracing soft and sweet clouds from beginning to end.

13. Truebacco- Here is the vape juice that would give you the most authentic experience of the tobacco flavor. A great choice for addictive smokers who have embarked on vaping for the good.

14. Root Beer Float- Boost your taste buds for the flavor of beer it often desires while you are at your most-enjoyable vaping adventure. Every cloud hit gives the exact root bear float flavor and there is no way you won’t ask for more.

15. Watermelon Goodness- It’s all watermelon hard candy here! This e-juice has been explicitly crafted for those who are the ultimate watermelon-flavored vaping fans.

16. Cherry Squares- This vape juice tastes like hard chewy candies infused with the rich taste of fresh cherries. An amazing flavor that we can’t wait for you to try!

17. Strawberry Cheesecake Pie – An exciting combination of flavors that really would make your soul happy as soon as it comes in contact with your taste buds. The creamy throat hits with a Strawberry Cheesecake pie is just the world feeling.

18. Blue Moon- It offers a satisfying mix of blue raspberries and sour straw candy. A perfect balance of sweet tastes that won’t let you hop on other e-juices.

19. Banana Ice Cream Pie- The only ready-made vape juice online that is certainly going to surprise you with its delectable vibes. It brings the mixture of banana ice cream and pie that you would find hard to say no to.

20. Sour Berry Squares- Here are your vapors that are filled with the taste of chewy sour mixed berry candies. A succulent e-liquid that would leave you impressed and happy all day long.

21. Butterscotch- Giving you amazing hits, there is nothing as sweet and impressive as the nicotine clouds that strike your mouth with the taste of original butterscotch.

22. Blueberry Lemonade- This tasty vape juice is prepared by bringing blueberries, mint, and lemon juice together. Every inhale gets you through a cool lemonade sip.

23. Strawberry Lemonade- Chiefly overpowering the strawberry flavor, lemon and mint juices are added to make it taste more pleasant. Here is another mocktail flavor that tastes great while vaping.

24. Menthol- The bone-chilling taste of menthol is hard to resist when it comes to relishing the nicotine vapor clouds. 

25. Banana Foster- Foster your vapors with enriching ripped banana flavor and texture It certainly is a not to miss.

26. Pumpkin Spice Pie- Keeps yourself thoroughly pleased with this rare and distinctive e-juice that tastes like a crisp, spicy pumpkin pie. Chances are high that it becomes your all-time favorite vape juice.

27. Peach- Pich this e-liquid if you are a hardcore fan of peaches. It brings the closest taste of peach juice which makes vaping even more fun.

28. Cool Mint Gum- Here is a unique way to inhale your cloud hits with a flavor of the mint where along with the chilling taste of mint you also get light undertones of the sweetness of a bubblegum. A rare e-juice flavor that’ll make your day!

29. Chocolate Mousse Pie- Here is the mousse pie vape flavor that is loaded with chocolaty vibes. Undoubtedly a fun-flavored vape juice for coco-dessert lovers.

30. Menthol Fresh- The extraordinary menthol taste that keeps you fresh and joyful from the start till the end of your vape session.

31. Berry Nice- Berries and menthol e-juice that is filled with tasty, sugary, and candy goodness. Once tried, you would definitely not want to be without it.

32. Pepper Licious- Fond of the pepper luscious candies? Here is your vaping match. It has a nice pepper crisp and sweet taste that you would like to have once again.

33. Menthol Grape- Master your cloud hits by picking up this flavor amalgamation of menthol and grape juice. This awesome flavor will keep your mouth clean and fresh!

34. Sugar Candy Gems- Loaded with the sweetness of candy gems, this vape juice is for relishing sugary candies.

35. Banana Squares- With this e-liquid, you can get to have the delicious taste ride of the chewy banana candies.

36. Sody Pop Cola- Sprint into the fascinating cola flavor while you inhale your nicotine clouds. Among other e-liquids, this one is going to instantly become your favorite.

37. Lemon Squares- Lemon Candy taste that fills your airways with a thrilling mood on every vapor of e-juice you pull in.

38. Wafflelicious- The thrilling vaping adventure is when you get to have all your cloud hits on the succulent taste of waffles. It is better in taste than it actually sounds and you are going to love it.

39. Toffee Cream- The most creamy toffee sensation that you can have while you vape. It brings the best out of what you desire from vape juice online.

40. Mango Berry Peach- The medley of mango, berries, and peaches that pleases your vaping soul with the awesome taste concoction.

41. Coconut Custard- On one hand you have the sweet and smooth coconut juice while on the other, the thick and creamy custard that solves your desire for vanilla and milk. This flavor when vaped settles your taste buds with pure satisfaction.

42. Blueberry Cheesecake- An epic cheesecake flavor that has been recreated into a vape juice for making vapers enjoy the taste of blueberries in its best form.

43. Tito’s Churros- Here is to get your vape time equipped with the original flavor of Tito’s Churros. This is one of the most remarkable vape flavors you would have ever tasted.

44. Black Cherry Custard- Nothing is as better as this pleasing blend! Custard overpowered with blackberries and cherries is something beyond ordinary when received in the form of throat hits.

45. Blueberry Custard- Whether or not you have been a fan of blueberry custard, you are sure to become one if you try it through this vape juice. Giving you a magical vaping taste, there is no way you would feel like dumping this one.

46. Mermaid Tears- Cherries blended with a soul-soothing cool taste of oceanic water is something that is a forever vaping keep. Having hit by this vape juice, you would feel as beautiful as a mermaid.

47. Smooth Groove- The incredible goodness of green apples, berry blitz, Kiwi, and Black Cherries. This medley is all about blessing your taste buds with the berry-delicious feeling with every draw you make.

48. Pina Berry- A remarkable flavor that comes from the mixture of pineapple and berries. This sweet and tarty vape juice gives a superb flavor kick and makes your throat hit all the more happening.

Embrace the Best of Vaping with Vapor Boss House Juice!

The specialty of the above E-liquids range by Vapor Boss House Juice is that they bring outstanding Custom e-juice for you without putting you in the mess and pain of creating your own. This also is a more affordable way of getting your favorite vape juice online. So when are you ordering one for yourself? We hope we’ll bring vaping joy beyond your expectations by treating you with our best range of E-liquids Vapes. 

Being a vaping fan, you would know that e-juice is an integral part of the whole vaping sphere. If you are keen enough to look for custom e-juices online, then you have to be extra cautious at every point. Custom E Juice online are present in many magical flavors, meaning there is going to be an exemplary one for every vaping enthusiast out there.

However, it is better that you read everything about them quite carefully and then proceeds further to purchase one of the custom vape ejuice online. Additionally, keep your personal preferences and best taste in your mind before jumping to any conclusion. Good Luck!

Wishing you a Happy Vape Time!

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