Blueberry Lemonade
Blueberry Lemonade | $19.00 | 60ml and 450ml Bottles from $19.00 $25.00
This delicious e-liquid, available in 60ml and 450ml bottles, is guaranteed to excite your taste buds. Blueberries, lemonade, and menthol round out the flavor profile, making this a drink that's both sweet and sour at the same time.
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade from $19.00 $25.00
Strawberry Lemonade Flavored EJuice!
Menthol from $19.00 $25.00
Menthol is the perfect variety of refreshing agent which can be consumed in order to develop the perfect type of content. The menthol vape flavor is used to let you experience cool and breeze flavor both in inhale and exhale. Get one for you in 60ml or 450ml portion.
banana foster
Banana Foster from $19.00 $25.00
A 60ml and 450ml liquid version of an old-time favorite treat. It was possible to create a true-to-flavor beverage by combining small quantities of real banana, whipped cream, spiced rum, and other ingredients.
Pumpkin Spice Pie
Pumpkin Spice Pie from $19.00 $25.00
Pumpkin Spice Pie Flavored EJuice!
Peach | $19.00
Peach | $19.00 from $19.00 $25.00
Peach Flavored EJuice!
Cool Mint Gum
Cool Mint Gum from $19.00 $25.00
60ml and 450ml Cool mint gum is a very refreshing gum candy flavor which can be consumed in order to chill and refresh yourself. This is the perfect combination that exists.
Chocolate Mousse Pie
Chocolate Mousse Pie from $19.00 $25.00
Chocolate Mousse Pie is a delicate crème cheese vape flavor which is made with the help of churned crème and nuts. It is small in size and available in 60ml and 450ml bottles.
Menthol Fresh
Menthol Fresh from $19.00 $25.00
60ml and 450ml Menthol Fresh is made with the goodness of lime and mint. They have a pretty unique taste and we bet you never tasted the same before.
Berry Nice | $19.00
Berry Nice | $19.00 from $19.00 $25.00
Berry Nice is a flavorful e-liquid with a blast of blended berry aromas and tastes. Using a high concentration of salt-based juice, these e-liquids come in both 60ml and 450ml sizes.
PEPPER LICIOUS from $19.00 $25.00
Peppermint Hard Candy Flavored Ejuice!
Menthol Grape
Menthol Grape from $19.00 $25.00
Grape Menthol Flavored EJuice!
Sugar Candy Gems from $19.00 $25.00
Sugar Gems Candy Flavored Ejuice!
banana squares
Banana Squares from $19.00 $25.00
Banana squares are back in another 60ml and 450ml bottles. Try this new taste to improve your experience.
Sody Pop Cola from $19.00 $25.00
Cola Soda Flavored EJuice!
Lemon Squares
Lemon Squares from $19.00 $25.00
Lemon Squares are the sugary vape flavors which are made with the help of amazing fruits and nuts essence. They are ready to carry away in 60ml and 450ml bottle sizes.
Waffleicious from $19.00 $25.00
Waffle Flavored EJuice With A Hint Of Strawberru!
Toffee Cream
Toffee Cream from $19.00 $25.00
Creamy Toffee Flavored EJuice!
Mango Berry Peach
Mango Berry Peach | $19.00 from $19.00 $25.00
Mango berry peach is made with the help of dark mangoes which are simmered in sugar and lemon zest is added upon that to create the best type of vaping product. The berries and peach flavor will blow your mind in a good sense. Get ready to taste it in 60ml or 450ml bottle sizes.
Coconut Custard
Coconut Custard from $19.00 $25.00
Coconut Custard is another amazing variety of custard flavor which is available in the marketplace with the dash of coconut on exhale. This is made with the help of fresh coconuts and available in 60ml and 450ml.

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