Lost Vape Orion Bar Aloe Grape Lost Vape Orion Bar Banana Cake
Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable Vape | 7500 Puffs | $10.99 $10.99
Introducing the Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable Vape – where you will get ample specifics you should be looking for in a disposable vape. Orion Bar is an incredible vape with 7500 puffs of deliciousness. It's like having 18ml of tasty salt nicotine e-liquid with a 5% nicotine punch in your pocket. With a bunch of 42 marvelous distinct flavors, it's a powerhouse of flavor. Plus, it's super easy to use since it comes pre-charged and pre-filled. Even the 650mAh battery ensures longevity, while being pre-charged and pre-filled means you can start vaping right away, no preparations needed. So, say goodbye to airflow issues and leak problems and switch to Orion Bar Vapes. Approximately 7500 Puffs 8mL Prefilled E-Liquid Capacity Integrated 650mAh Battery 5% Nicotine Concentration Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism Adjustable Airflow (Yes) Charging Type-C Port What's in the Package Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable Vape
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Flum Float Aloe Grape Flum Float Aloe Mango Melon Ice
Flum Float Vape | 3000 Puffs | $13.88 | 5% Nicotine $13.88 $30.00
Flum Float  We are introducing the Flum Float, one of the most phenomenal vaping devices that has your ticket to a delightful journey through 10 energizing Flum Flavors, offering approximately 3000 puffs of pure enjoyment. Do you want to know what's inside this pretty bottle? This pretty looking mini bottle-shaped vape is amazingly pocket-friendly and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. Not only this, but it literally delivers a satisfying mouth-to-lung experience with an impressive 8ml vape juice capacity and 5% salt nicotine. The Flum Float comes pre-filled, pre-charged and requires zero maintenance – simply inhale, exhale, and vape like a pro. It has a draw-activated firing mechanism and is lightweight, durable, and incredibly easy to use. So, why wait now? Just order it right now!  Draw Activated Firing Mechanism 8ml e-juice capacity 5% nicotine concentration Approximately 3000 puffs 10 delicious flavors Zero Maintenance Required Lightweight & Durable Easy to access What's in the Package 1 x Flum Float Vape Device
Elf Bar Tropical Rainbow Blast Elf Bar Triple Berry Ice
Elf Bar | Elf Bar BC5000 | Start from $13.75 from $13.75 $25.00
 Elf Bar Discover the immensely great vaping device EB Create Disposable Vape, formerly known as Elf Bar BC5000 – a cool gadget for people who like to vape. You won't believe it, but it’s stunning 5000-puff capacity, strong nicotine content, and great e-liquid quantity also makes it your go-to best vaping device. First, it can give you about 5,000 puffs and has strong nicotine that makes vaping taste good. The long-lasting battery recharges quickly via USB-C, and it's lightweight and pocket-friendly. The shape of the Elf Bar BC5000 is cool and easy to hold. And it's not heavy so you can carry it around in your pocket. Give this device a shot if you're looking for a vape that delivers intense flavors.  Approximately 5000 hits 5% nicotine concentration E-liquid capacity: 13ml 650mAh Battery Pre-filled, pre-charged, and rechargeable Cool Cuboidal Design Lightweight, Travel-friendly Automatic Firing mechanism Dual Mesh Heating USB Type C Port (Recharging) What's in the Package 1 x EB Design BC5000 Disposable E-Cig Elf Bar officially changed its name to EB Design in March 2023, and EB Design is rebranding to EB Create in June 2023. You may receive either Elf BAR , EB Design or the newer EB Create depending on current stock.
Funky Republic Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar Funky Republic
Funky Republic Ti7000 by Elf Bar Disposable - $12.99 $12.99
Funky Republic We are introducing the game-changing Funky Republic, developed by Elf Bar, to all vaping enthusiasts showering their love to this amazing vape. You won't believe it, but this smart disposable vape is indeed a true technological marvel and features various highly advanced innovations. These innovations can include a battery indicator, an e-juice indicator, and more. Not only this, the Funky Republic redefines highly compact design while delivering an impressive 7,000 puffs of extremely smooth flavor. The built-in screen sets it apart, providing a direct view of your juice and battery levels through a clever display window. This amazing vape comes pre-filled with 17ml of 5% Salt Nicotine and boasts a built-in 600mAh battery, easily rechargeable via the included USB Type-C cable. So, get ready to say goodbye to complexity and hello to pure satisfaction with the Funky Republic Vape. 7000 Puffs Smart Power Screen Display Window Battery Indicator E-Liquid Indicator Quaq Tech Mesh Coils Light Weight & Portable Disposable Design - Draw Activated USB Type-C Cable Included Rechargeable 600mAh Built-In Battery Pre-Filled 17mL E-liquid 5% Nicotine Anti Leak Technology Package Content Details Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposable  Funky Republic officially changed its name to Funky Lands. You may receive either Funky Lands or Funky Republic depending on current stock.
Hyppe Max Flow Aloe Grape Hyppe Max Flow Banana Berry
Hyppe Max Flow | 2000 Puffs | $10.88 | 5% Nicotine from $10.88 $26.00
Hyppe Max Flow We're pleased to announce and introduce the Hyppe Max Flow. We are sure that vapes like Hyppe Max Disposable will become your favorite with its hassle-free arrangement. It is just perfect for adults aged 21 and older and prohibited for less than 18 teenagers. The vape, like Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Vape, outlasts more than other disposables with an impressive 2000 puffs per device in the market. You also won't need to worry about any refilling issues because it's disposable and also about recharging issues. Because these issues are all taken care of already to make your experience smooth and risk-free. It is a pre-filled vape with a 5% nicotine salt e-juice that ensures a satisfying vaping experience. It's also designed to fit comfortably and offers protection against overheating and short circuits, providing a safe and enjoyable vaping journey. Hype Max Flow Sizes with 2000 Puffs per device. It is only for adults of 21+ age or older. Vg/Pg Ratio is 70VG/30PG Blend respectively. 5% or 50mg of Nicotine strength. Hype Max Flow Life expectancy is 2 years. body material used is plastic. Comes in various colors. Protection from overheating, short-circuit, etc> Hyppe Max Flow rbx mesh coil New and Improved Package Content Details Hyppe Max Flow Disposable E-Cigarette  
Flum Pebble Blue Energy Flum Pebble Apple Grape Fruit
Flum Pebble Disposable | $14.88 | 6000 Puffs from $14.88 $25.00
 Flum Pebble Stop searching for the best vaping devices and get ready for Flum Pebble which is the special kind of available vape in the market. To your surprise, it's not like regular cigarettes; instead, it has some immensely cool element that makes it awesome. This vaping device literally helps you quit smoking cigarettes as well. Consider as one of the best vaping devices worldwide, Flum Pebble Vape offers around 6000 puffs, and it's a lot to fulfill your weekly or maybe monthly vaping desires. Moreover, Flum Pebble Vapes contains 14ml strong nicotine and a 600mAh battery that's conveniently rechargeable. And it has a big battery that can be charged with a special cable called USB Type-C. Believe this brand once will literally enhance your vaping experience like being in heaven. It's guaranteed you will use Flum Pebble once and look for it always. Around 6000 Puff Capacity. Nicotine Strength: 14ml 600mAh Battery. Rechargeable via USB Type-C. 50mg (5%) Salt Nicotine.  Package Content: 1 X Flum Pebble Disposable E-Cigarette    
Lucid Air Plus Aloe Grape Ice Lucid Air Plus Apple Ice
Lucid Air Plus Disposable Vape | 5000 Puffs | $9.75 - $11.99 from $9.75
Lucid Air Plus  Anyone looking for a simple and useful vaping experience can choose Lucid Air Plus Mesh Disposable without any second thought. Its outstanding puff count, diversity of flavors, and compact size make it an ideal pick for vapers who want an effortless device that delivers exceptional flavor and vapor yet is always on the go. Therefore, if you're looking for a premium disposable that offers all of these benefits and more, this one is surely a device worth considering. The Lucid Air Plus rechargeable battery was created precisely to give you the power to take full use of your magnificent 5000 puffs. This device satisfies the demands of every vaper by producing sizable clouds, stronger kicks with each pull, and extended vaping delight thanks to its pre-loaded 12ml vape juice. Specifications: Nicotine – 0% / 5% Nicotine Liquid – 12mL Rechargeable Battery 5000 Puffs Per Device Begin Your Vaping Fantasy With Lucid Air Plus While Lucid Air Plus offers you the absolute best of both worlds—impressive performance and very tasty vape juices—it is now time to choose your preferred flavors from the list below and start living out your vaping fantasies! Aloe Grape Ice: Using a mixture of grapes, lemon juice, and aloe creates a distinct mojito flavor with each inhalation and exhalation you take when vaping. Apple Ice: All Apple fans are in for a treat with these delicate ice notes. Your palates will be satisfied, and the likelihood that you will use this e-juice again is increased. Blue raspberry Lemonade: This Lucid Air Plus Mesh disposable transports you back to your youth in the most nostalgic way possible. The mouthwatering flavor of blueberry lemonade is guaranteed to provide the palate with a fun vaping experience! Honeydew Ice: You will be treated to an amazing vaping adventure with the help of the tropical fruit honeydew, mint, and ice. You will treasure this vape juice for the rest of your life since it is special and unforgettable. Lychee Ice: A quality vape juice without a doubt that leaves your taste buds in amazement and astonishment. Outstanding chilled lychee flavor with a noticeable menthol flavor. Peach Ice: This one will make you feel good from the start to the finish of your vaping session, much like drinking a glass of chilled and fresh peach juice does. Rainbow Sherbet: It will be the greatest replica of rainbow sherbet you've ever experienced to have this flavor on your tongue as clouds of nicotine. Strawberry Ice: A strawberry-flavored chilled vaping assault that will leave your taste buds with strong nic hits. Watermelon Ice: The perfectly ripe and sweet watermelon arrives as a cloud of nicotine, leaving the vaper feeling completely fulfilled. Your vaping experiences are made even more spectacular with added mint.
-58% sale
Flum Gio Berry Fusion Flum Gio Juicy Apple
Flum GIO Disposable Vape | 3000 Puffs | $12.88 | 5% Nicotine $12.88 $30.00
Flum Gio Flum Vapor Newest Disposable Vape the Flum GIO Disposable Vape. With the Same Structure as its previous model, the Flum Gio disposable Vape has new unique flavors that are sure to make your tongue do backflips. Many May Call it Flum Float Gio disposable vape, But in fact, it is called Flum GIO.  Features & Specifications 3000 Puffs are available per device. The device is for 21+ adults only and is not for the minors. Vg/Pg ratio is 70/30 Blend respectively. Nicotine strength is 5% OR 50MG. The life expectancy of the device is about 2 years. E-juice capacity in the device is 8ml. It is a buttonless design. 800mAh battery. The device is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Flavours Flum GIO Tropical Punch: Embark on a taste journey to the tropics with Tropical Punch. A medley of exotic fruits creates a punchy and invigorating vaping experience that's as vibrant as a tropical paradise. Flum GIO Juicy Apple: Satisfy your cravings with Juicy Apple. Each puff is a bite into a ripe and succulent apple, capturing the essence of a crisp orchard harvest. Flum GIO Power Bull: Experience an energizing blend with Power Bull. A fusion of invigorating flavors mirrors your favorite energy drink, delivering a powerful punch with every puff. Flum GIO Strawberry Pom: Indulge in the fusion of Strawberry Pom. Luscious strawberries mingle with the tanginess of pomegranate, creating a symphony of fruity delight. Flum GIO Peach Ice Tea: Quench your thirst with Peach Ice Tea. Ripe peaches and refreshing tea notes meet a blast of icy coolness, delivering a revitalizing and invigorating vaping experience. Flum GIO Berry Fusion: Immerse yourself in a fusion of berry goodness. Ripe berries come together in a symphony of sweet and tart flavors, crafting a vaping journey that's both delightful and satisfying. Flum GIO Tobacco Cream / Tobacco: Find comfort in the classic with Tobacco Cream. Rich and robust tobacco flavor is complemented by a creamy twist, offering a vaping experience that's both familiar and indulgent. Flum GIO 0% Blue Shark Gummies: Dive into a sea of nostalgia with Blue Shark Gummies. Each puff is a bite into the playful sweetness of blue gummy sharks, making for a joyful and satisfying vape. Flum GIO 0% Mermaid Tears (Rainbow Candy) (Vapor Boss Brand) 0%: Indulge in the enchanting flavors of Mermaid Tears. A rainbow of fruity candies dances on your palate, creating a magical and vibrant vaping journey. Note: This Disposable device e-liquid contains Nicotine which is not allowed to be used or consumed by the minors or less than the age of 21, people with respiratory problems, pregnant women etc. Are You a retail store looking to buy in wholesale? We have Flum GIO Wholesale available Click link below!  https://vaporboss.com/pages/wholesale Buy in Wholesale   Retail Price Showing is for 1 piece 
-37% sale
Vapor Boss Disposable Vape- Adjustable Air Flow
Vapor Boss Disposable Vape- Adjustable Air Flow $15.88 $25.00
Are you a fan of vaping? If you aren’t, then you must give vaping a chance for sure. It is the newest form of acquiring nicotine without damaging your health much. Globally, there are many Disposable Vapes present in the market as the vaping industry is quite huge now. With so many vapes, there are a lot of sellers worldwide and locally who claim to sell the best kind of disposable vapes/pens. However, you just cannot trust anyone just like that. But, you need not worry. VaporBoss is a reliable site where you can buy real authentic disposable vapes. Both online and offline, Vapor Boss sells high-quality vaporizers, e-liquids, e-juice, salt nic, and other products to the vaping community. So, if you are willing to buy any vape or vape juice of your choice, you must visit the Vaporboss Site. You can also reach them for any kind of queries, complaints, and more. Flavor Profiles: Blue Shark Gummy Candy. Mermaid Tears. Fruit Punch. Melons From God. Strawberry Taffy. Vineyard Grape. Green Apple Ice. Blue Raspberry Sour Belt.   Adjustable Air Flow- our Disposables are adjustable air flow to fit your vaping preferred experience. Rechargeable Version Coming soon !
Lost Mary Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary Strawberry Ice
Lost Mary | 5% Nicotine | $14.99 | Lost Mary OS5000 $14.99
Lost Mary Are you one of those who loves vaping Lost Mary but is thoroughly unaware of its most unique features? You know what? This vape can be your ultimate vaping companion that offers a powerful 500mAh battery for an entire day of vaping. Not only this, but with its pleasing 2ml of e-liquid capacity and a quite handy cool design. The Lost Mary vaping device makes refilling your tank a breeze, and this helps eliminate spills and mess. Now, you can also keep track of your battery level effortlessly with the help of a built-in LED indicator light. Its draw-activated firing mechanism also lets you enjoy vaping without any kind of button-pressing inconvenience. In addition to these features, this amazing vape has a Type-C charging port for swift recharges. It has a substantial 13ml e-liquid capacity with 5% nicotine strength and a remarkable puff count of up to 5000. Ordering it once will make you a fan of Lost Mary OS5000.  Battery Capacity: 650mAh E-liquid Capacity: 13ml 5% Nicotine Puffs: Up to 5000 Charging Port: type-C Integrated Rechargeable Battery Package Contents: 1 x Lost Mary Vape Device
Elf bar Ultra Blue Cotton Candy Elf Bar Ultra Blue Razz Ice
Elf Bar Ultra BC5000 | Start from $14.99 | 5% Nicotine from $14.99
Elf Bar Ultra  The magnificent Elf Bar Ultra is even more delectable than their previous pre-filled disposable vape pod system gadget, the Elf Bar BC5000. It gives constant flavor with its mesh coil to provide a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Elf Bar's BC5000 ULTRA will last you days with over 5000 puffs and is powered by a rechargeable USB 650mAh built-in battery and a massive 13ml pre-filled pod with yummy e-liquid. Look through our selection of disposable vape bundles. The specifications of Elf Bar Ultra Easy to carry Type: Disposable Vape 13 ML Pod Nicotine 5.0% strength 650mAh Rechargeable Battery Capacity 5000 Ultra Puff Counts Ultra Mesh Coil Puffs 15 unique flavors 5% Nicotine Salt Type-C Charging Port Ultra Taste Ultra Safety The Flavours of Elf Bar Ultra Tropical Rainbow Blast Orange Soda Grape Honeydew Blue Razz Ice Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum Strawberry Watermelon Peach Tobacco Watermelon Ice Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Blue Cotton Candy Kiwi Dragon Fruit Berry Mint Strawberry Mango Raspberry Watermelon Dragon Fruit Banana Berry
-15% sale
Suicide Bunny Madrina
Suicide Bunny Madrina | $11.95 | 120ml Vape Juice $11.95 $13.95
Are you a fan of vaping? If yes, then you would know that the biggest difference between traditional cigarettes and vapes is the e-liquid flavors or the vape juice, which is why you have opted for it. Isn’t it? Vape juice is something that gives the disposable vape its eminence and makes a person feel ecstatic at every point of vaping. Today, in this piece of article, we are going to discuss one of the best vape juices which are taking rounds in the market. Here, we are highlighting Suicide Bunny Madrina Vape Juice. Let us study a little more about this flavorful vaping juice. About The Bunny Madrina Vape Juice! The fierce ladies of the world served as inspiration for the Suicide Bunny vape juice collection, which blends sweet and sensual with a powerful flavor punch. Discover these luxurious and delectable dessert vape juices that combine flavors of traditional cake with unusual fruit. By Madrina, we are simply pointing to the mixed melon blends with a thick layer of vanilla on the top. The Features! Talking about the features, have a look below: Available in flavors; Mixed Melons, Vanilla, and Cream. Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The Bottle size is up to 120ml. In The End! It won’t be wrong to say that Bunny Madrina Vape Juice is a complete package in itself. You won’t feel a craving for any other juice once you try it.
Pod King Pom Blue Straw Pod King Elf Bar
Pod King Elf Bar XC5000 | 5000 Puffs | 13.5ML | Start from $14.88 from $14.88 $25.00
Pod King The Pod King Elf Bar XC5000 disposable vape is a great match between Elf Bar, a maker of disposable hardware, and Pod King, a manufacturer of vape juice. By combining the best of both worlds, you get a vape product that produces distinct flavors while still providing a fantastic vaping experience comparable to other Elf Bar devices. About Pod King Elf Bar 5000 Puff Disposable Vape Elf Bar collaborated with Pod King Tasting to create the Pod King XC5000. The XC5000 has a rechargeable 650 mAh battery, a Mesh Coil, a 13.5ml reservoir, and a Type- C USB Fast Charging Port. Wow! Take a look at the popular "limited edition" varieties! Pod King - Elf Bar flavors: Blue Razz Pomo, Cranberry Soda, Mango Ice, Triple Apple Lush Ice, Mixed Berry, Pomo Blue Straw, Frozen Apple Strawberry, Rainbow, Red Apple, Watermelon Candy, Peach Mango, Frozen Apple Peach, Strawberry Dragonfruit Mango, Sundance, Apple Cider, Orange Bubbles, Straw Razz Cherry, White Gummy, Cotton Ball, Fcuking FAb, Bubble Berry, Banana Drop, Candy Love, Piña Fcuking, Straw Razz Candy, Blue Razz Fcuking, Dragronfruit Fcuking, Peach Fcuking, Fuji Lush, Fresh Mint, and Strawberry Fcuking.  Apple Cider - Elf Bar collaborated with Pod King Tasting to create the Pod King XC5000. The XC5000 has a rechargeable 650 mAh battery, a Mesh Coil, a 13.5ml reservoir, and a Type- C USB Fast Charging Port. Wow! Take a look at the popular "limited edition" varieties! Blue Razz Pomo - Vape flavor Blue Razz with a charmingly vintage twist. It's flavored with just the proper amount of pomegranate, which is somewhat sweet and a little tart. Cotton Ball - A delightfully retro vaping experience. When you inhale, you get the familiar sweet cotton candy flavor. More cotton candy flavor with undertones of raspberry on the exhale. Cranberry Soda - Come here for freshly harvested cranberries! Cranberry Soda is created by combining cranberries with a fizzy feeling. If you only try it once, it will become one of your favorites, but you must try it to find out! Fcucking Fab -This unique blend combines a powerful blast of mixed berries with our "Mystery Flavor" for a fun vape experience you'll never forget. Frozen Apple Peach - Puff on a peck of Red Delicious Apples and Country fresh peaches, served cold! The sensation on your tongue as you puff is sheer bliss! This delectable flavor combination delights from start to end, and we're confident you'll add it to your "Hot List" soon after your first taste! Frozen Apple Strawberry - Frosted strawberries and delectable Fuji apples will delight your palate and satisfy your soul. Mixed Berries - This flawlessly picked bunch of berry goodness hits your tongue with a rush of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry vape flavors, and even adds a small hint of cream to bring it all together tastefully. Orange Bubbles - This flawlessly picked bunch of berry goodness hits your tongue with a rush of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry vape flavors, and even adds a small hint of cream to bring it all together tastefully. Peach Mango - Begin your day with the refreshing flavor of freshly squeezed Florida oranges. This classic morning juice's zesty deliciousness is all yours for the puffing! Pomo Blue Straw - With one puff, you're on your way to see The Wizard of Flavor! Oh, the pomegranate, blueberry, and strawberry! Oh, the pomegranate, blueberry, and strawberry! Oh, the pomegranate, blueberry, and strawberry! Rainbow - Do you remember the Skittles candy? One of their catchphrases was "Taste the Rainbow." The tastes of the iconic candy have been preserved in this vape flavor. Try it! You'll enjoy it! Red Apple - The inhale is like sinking your teeth into a rich red apple, followed by a smooth cooling finish on the exhale. Enjoy a stroll through the apple orchard with this vape. Strawberry Dragon Fruit Mango - Take a look at this enticing Strawberry Dragon Fruit and Mango combination. All at once luscious, exotic, and guaranteed to satisfy! Sundance - This is your opportunity to enjoy a peach, mango, and apricot all at once! With this delectable Sundance vape flavor, we've got you covered! Get some right away! They're flying off the shelves and will be gone quickly. Triple Apple Lush Iced - Imagine the taste of red apple and watermelon blended with an ice-cold rush of menthol cooling in Triple Apple Lush Iced. You no longer need to imagine! Try this three-in-one vape flavor! Watermelon Candy - A truly memorable Watermelon candied flavor that perfectly balances sour and sweet every time you vape. You'll have a terrible time putting it down! White Gummy - A delectable blend of flavors, including pineapple and mixed tropical fruit, with a candy sweet finish. This flavor combination is sure to please even the most adventurous flavor seekers! Pod King Elf Bar Charging Instructions: To recharge the Pod King Elf Bar, we recommend purchasing a separate USB wall adapter and a detachable USB charging cable. It is best if you charge it for less than an hour and never leave it unattended. Finally, if it gets hot, unplug it immediately.
-24% sale
Blue Rasp Explosion
Blue Rasp Explosion | $13.99- Disposable Vape $19.00 $25.00
Experience an explosion of blue raspberry flavor with each drag! Prolly the best flavor youll ever vape.
-36% sale
Elf Bar Zero Tropical Rainbow Blast Elf bar Zero Blue Razz Ice
Elf Bar Zero | BC5000 | | $12.99 | Free Nicotine $12.99 $20.00
Elf Bar Zero  The Elf Bar ZERO BC5000 Nicotine Free pack is one of the most loved disposable vapes with a 650Ah rechargeable battery. The incredible Elf Bar Zero is even more delicious than their previous pre-filled disposable vape pod system device, the Elf Bar BC5000. Its mesh coil provides consistent flavor for a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Its mesmerizing flavors and features will make you experience heaven on earth.  The features of Elf Bar Zero are as follows: Travel Friendly Type: Disposable Vape 13 ML Prefilled Unique & Classy Design 0% Nicotine 650mAh Rechargeable Battery 5000 Ultra Puff Counts Ultra Mesh Coil Puffs 10 unique juicy flavors Mesh Coil for flavor Type-C Charging Port Elf Bar Zero Flavors Elf Bar Zero Blue Razz: Dive into a sea of electrifying flavor with Blue Razz. Each puff is a burst of tangy and sweet blue raspberry goodness that will leave your taste buds tingling. Elf Bar Zero Cranberry Grape: Indulge in the perfect harmony of Cranberry Grape. Tart cranberries intertwine with luscious grapes, crafting a balanced and delightful vaping experience. Elf Bar Zero Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: Embark on a tropical escape with Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. Exotic fruits dance together, creating a symphony of flavors that's both invigorating and satisfying. Elf Bar Zero Peach Mango Watermelon: Experience a fruity fusion with Peach Mango Watermelon. Juicy peaches, ripe mangos, and refreshing watermelons unite to create a flavor that's pure summer bliss. Elf Bar Zero Rainbow Candy: Taste the rainbow with Rainbow Candy. A medley of fruity and sweet notes come together, crafting a playful and vibrant vaping experience. Elf Bar Zero Strawberry Kiwi: Delight in the classic pairing of Strawberry Kiwi. Juicy strawberries and tangy kiwis create a harmonious blend that's both familiar and refreshing. Elf Bar Zero Strawberry Mango: Immerse yourself in the sweetness of Strawberry Mango. Ripe strawberries meet tropical mangos, delivering a burst of fruity goodness with every puff. Elf Bar Zero Tropical Rainbow Blast: Ignite your senses with Tropical Rainbow Blast. A whirlwind of exotic fruits and vibrant flavors collide, creating an explosion of taste that's both exhilarating and satisfying. Elf Bar Zero Watermelon Ice: Chill out with Watermelon Ice. Juicy watermelon flavor gets a frosty twist, offering a refreshing and revitalizing vaping experience. Elf Bar Zero Strawberry Banana: Experience the perfect fusion of Strawberry Banana. Creamy bananas meet juicy strawberries, crafting a flavor profile that's as smooth as it is satisfying.
-56% sale
Lucid Charge Sour Strawberry Punch Lucid Charge Disposable
Lucid Charge Disposable | 7000 Puffs | $13.22 $13.22 $29.99
Lucid Charge Disposable  It is now time to formally announce the arrival of the new Lucid Charge Disposable. The Lucid Charge, one of the most durable vapes on the market, can carry up to 7000 puffs of your preferred flavors in its 12mL E-Liquid capacity. The liquid inside is painstakingly created by Shijin Vapor's flavor specialists, and mesh coil technology enhances the overall flavor and the delightful vaping experience. Several scrumptious e-liquid flavors are available for the Lucid Charge, a small, ergonomic device with a built-in Type-C rechargeable battery. Let’s now study more about the lucid charge vape! A Look At The Features Of The Lucid Charge Disposable! This amazing device carries some really intriguing features, these are: Nicotine – 5% Liquid – 12mL Type - C Rechargeable Battery 7000 Puffs Per Device Lucid Charge Disposable Flavors Aloe Pineapple Ice - What’s better than the icy flavor mixed with aloe and pineapple? Dragon Lychee Ice - What a delicious combination it sounds, doesn’t it? Cool Mint - Win a cool splash with the refreshing cool mint flavor. Peach Mango Strawberry - What a luscious combination of all three juicy fruits! Peach Orange Cranberry - You are going to get blown away by the awesome flavor of peach orange cranberry flavor. Sour Blueberry Punch - This might sound a bit sour, but is a win-win for all. Sweet Tobacco - Erase the difference b/w smoking and vaping with this flavor. Grapple Ice - It already sounds so scrumptious! Grab it now. Sour Strawberry Punch - Get a savory punch of sour strawberry punch flavor at the earliest. Kiwi Berry Ice - Kiwi is such a delicious fruit! You are thoroughly going to enjoy it If you are wondering where you can get this vape from, count on VaporBoss, they have the best vaping products available.
Esco bars Fruitia Blue Raspberry Lemon Esco Bars New Flavors
Esco Bars Disposable | Start From $12.99 | 2500 Puffs from $12.99 $25.00
Esco Bars Vaping has become more American thanks to Esco Bars, who have given it an apple pie flavor. These high-end vapes contain a novel beginning mechanism and a powerful 1100mAh battery that offers 2500 continuous puffs. Each bar contains 6ml of expertly crafted e-liquid, 5% salt nicotine for a pleasant kick, and a VG/PG ratio of 70:30 for silky, dreamy clouds. Esco Bars are unique because they employ mesh coils to create incredibly large clouds that mimic the finest silk. But here's the best part: they don't require any upkeep! With its 6ml e-liquid capacity, each bar can provide amazing puffs, and you just need one puff to start it. It's a delectable voyage through American culture, as well as a representation of a corporation that appreciates authenticity. Holds 2500 uninterrupted Puff Count Works on activated firing mechanism with 1100mAh battery 5% salt nicotine blended into 6ml of e-juice VG/PG ratio is 70:30 Mesh Coil used for finer velvety cloud productions Demands zero maintenance. E-liquid Capacity: 6ml What's in the Package Esco Bars Disposable Vape Device
-58% sale
Hyppe Max Air Mango Freeze Hyppe Max Air Lush Freeze
Hyppe Max Air 5000 Puffs | 5% Nicotine | $10.50 $10.50 $20.00
Hyppe Max Air Introducing the Hyppe Max Air – the one and only brand that genuinely cares about its customers. It is very famous worldwide and known for its immense devotion and loyalty towards customers and dedication to creating exceptional e-liquids. Get ready for a remarkable vaping experience with 5000 puffs, a large 13ml juice capacity, and a strong 650mAh battery. It's powered by 5% Salt Nicotine, which provides a satisfying kick. The Mesh Coil ensures smooth clouds, and you can start vaping with a simple puff – no buttons needed. What makes it even more special is the wide range of 10 unique flavors to choose from. And for your convenience, it's equipped with a Type C charger for easy recharging. Plus, it even includes a lanyard, a first in the world of vaping. Hyppe Max Air disposable vape is all about giving vapers a delightful and continuous vaping experience.  Puffs: 5000 Juice Capacity: 13ml Battery: 650mAh Nicotine Concentration: 5% Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine Coil – Mesh Coil Firing Mechanism: Draw-activated Flavor Profile: 10 Lanyard Included Rechargeable: Type C charger Package Content: Hyppe Max Air Disposable E-Cig 1 X Lanyard
Lucid Air Grapefruit Ice Lucid Air Banana Ice
Lucid Air Disposable Vape | 5000 Puffs | Start from $9.75 from $9.75
Lucid Air Disposable Vape The Lucid Air is a revolutionary new disposable vape pen from Mig Vapor. It has the highest nicotine content of any disposable on the market at 5% Tobacco-Free, Nicotine, and it uses mesh coil technology to deliver up to 5000 puffs per cartridge. The Lucid Air comes with two 16.7ml E-Liquid cartridges for you to enjoy right out of the box! The Lucid Air disposable vape has 5000+ puffs you can enjoy from this innovative product! The Lucid Air Disposable Vape Flavors Lucid Air Peach Ice - Peach Ice Vape Flavour is a refreshing and juicy flavor that will send your taste buds on an adventure. This vape juice has been formulated using only high-quality ingredients. The peach ice vape juice is the perfect blend of peach and menthol. Lucid Air Strawberry Ice - Strawberry Ice is a refreshing and smooth vape flavor that will leave you wanting more. The sweet taste of strawberries combined with the coolness of menthol makes for an amazing combination that you won’t want to miss out on. Lucid Air Banana Ice - Banana Ice is a very smooth and cooling vape that will leave you craving for more. The inhale of this e-liquid will give you the taste of sweet banana mixed with a hint of vanilla cream, while the exhale offers you the same flavors but in an icy manner. Lucid Air Honeydew Ice - Honeydew Ice Vape Flavour has a subtle aroma and is revitalizing. It has a very sweet smell that will remind you of the fruit itself. You’ll love how it tastes just like the real thing! A subtle aroma of honeydew, watermelon, and other tropical fruits. A taste that will put you in a good mood! Are You a retail store looking to buy wholesale? We have Lucid Air Wholesale available Click the link below! https://vaporboss.com/pages/wholesale Buy in Wholesale
Candy King Blue Razz Straws Candy King Gummy Worms
Candy King Air Disposable | $12.99 | 6000 Puffs | 5% Nicotine $12.99
Candy King Air  Presenting the Candy King Air, your literal all-time favorite gateway to vaping satisfaction. This innovative vape device boasts an impressive 6000 smooth cloud hits powered by a 600mAh rechargeable battery. The Candy King Disposable vape has always been a game-changer with a generous 13ml e-liquid capacity available in 13 delicious flavors. It comes pre-charged for your convenience and features an automated firing mechanism, making it incredibly easy to use. Its travel-friendly and comfortable design, along with a soft drip tip, enhances your vaping experience.  6000 Smooth Cloud hits to enjoy vaping for longer  5% nicotine strength in salt form  13ml e-liquid with 13 flavor options 600mAh battery and that too Pre-charged Automated Firing Mechanism to avoid inconvenience  Travel-friendly for long tours as well  Soft drip tip to enjoy hassle-free vaping  Comfortable & cool design to show off What's in the Package 1 x Candy King Air Disposable Vape

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