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Coastal Clouds With a solid footing in the vaping industry, Coastal Clouds Premium defines your throat hits with its accurate and delicious e-liquid that comes wrapped in a 60ml bottle. It gives plenty of tasty options to select from and all of which are remarkable for their unique taste. Additionally, the vaper can also select the strength of nicotine that he/she personally prefers as these offer three different nicotines i.e. 0mg, 3mg, and 6m g. Once tasted, you are coming back to relish the iconic vape juices of this brand!  Key Specifications of Coastal Clouds Premium E-liquids 60ml in each bottle Offers 3 nicotine types-0mg,3mg, and 6mg Premium smoke with a balanced VG/PG ratio Offers a 28-flavor scale 28 e-juice flavors of Coastal Clouds Premium Pineapple Guava- Explore your vaping soul with this pineapple and guava juice overloaded e-juice. This concoction gives a superbly unique nicotine bang that you will never forget for the good. Mixed Berries- The perfect vape juice concoction that’ll give you infinitely incredible taste. This is made by mixing different berries like blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries. Tres Leches- Ultra creamy and milky. Get hooked by the flavors of three different milk products. It’s not to miss! Blood Orange Mango- It is sweet, tangy, and zesty! A popular vape juice for those who like the tastes of mangoes, oranges, and lime, together. Mango Berries- One of the new flavors that can leave you awestruck in the range of e-juices. Mango juice with a smidge of berries makes this worth a try. Apple Peach Strawberry- The trio that tastes awesome when vaped. This will work well if you like the taste of apples, peaches, and strawberries. Melon Berries- You feel overall pleasurable when the amalgamation of melon and berries strike with thick nicotine clouds. Citrus Peach- The peach juice with a hint of lime will have you amazed from the beginning of inhaling till the end. Passion Fruit Orange Guava- Get your palates on an ecstatic ride with the blend of these three iconic flavors while you puff. Blueberry Banana- One of the best e-liquid tastes that involve the two ultimate tastes of banana and blueberries. Lemon Meringue- A fantastic flavor lime meringue pie created in the line of vape juices. You are definitely going to have fun with this one. Maple Butter- Giving you the similar taste vibes of the warm maple pancakes, this e-liquid will take you to your best mood. Blueberry Limeade- Light notes of lime juice added to the blueberries is something that will impress your taste buds and throat forever! Pink Lemonade- An all-time favorite drink at parties is here to rejuvenate you through vaping. Peach Tea- Fond of the peach ice tea taste? Have a sip of it on every draw you inhale. Strawberry Apple Coconut- A succulent blend of strawberries, coconut, and apples. It is as much interesting as it sounds. Tobacco- Smokers shifting to vaping would like this taste as this taste closely gives those vibes. Menthol- Coastal Clouds Premium ensures that it takes care of the classic menthol lovers. This e-juice is simple yet bold and a favorite of many. Tropical Lemonade- The vape juice where lime dominates over the rich blend of tropical fruit juices. Lemon Raspberry- The sweet raspberries and tarty lemon juice blend to unite on an outstanding e-juice. Watermelon Cream- The richness of watermelons when mixed with creamy notes of milk is something that you will ask for again and again. Strawberry Cream- Here is to the creamy-luscious taste with a touch of strawberries. There is the latest launched Ice-blend range by Coastal Clouds Premium where the popular vape juices have been re-created with a mixture of authentic mint. These are...Blood Orange Mango IcedMango Berries IcedApple Peach Strawberry IcedGrape Berries IcedPassion Fruit Orange Guava IcedMelon Berries Iced

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