Why Should You Make Way For EB Design BC5000 Disposable?

Why Should You Make Way For EB Design BC5000 Disposable?

ELFBAR, a well-known manufacturer of disposable vaporizers, is involved in a legal dispute over trademark infringements. The business decided to change its name within the nation as a result; it is now known as EB Design. Despite this change, customers can still buy the brand's top-selling products.

EB Design BC5000 Vape- The Intro!

It is important to recognize the striking contrast color scheme of the disposable EB Design BC5000 device. With a twin coil, it has a capacity of about 5000 puffs and provides the purest flavor. Thanks to the flagon-shaped housing of the 650mAh battery, you'll have an unrivaled user experience. Do you fear that the electricity will run out? 

When the battery dies, you may use a Type-C connector to recharge your BC5000 so you can keep smoking until the very last puff.

The EB Design Disposable vaporizer is compact but powerful! The flagon container's design makes using it enjoyable. You'll fall in love with it the moment you hold it. The two-coil E.B. Design 5000 puff disposable products produce the greatest flavors. Its throwaway items are all rechargeable, so there is no longer a worry about running out of power. Each puff has personality and excitement because of the contrasting colors!

The Specifications Of EB Design BC5000 Vape!

  • Each Disposable is 5000 puffs.
  • 13ml E-liquid capacity.
  • A 650 mAh battery.
  • A pair of mesh coils.
  • Just 5% (50mg) Strength.

The Flavors Of EB Design BC5000 Disposable Vape!

Experience the superb color contrast of the Vape 5000 Device. The twin coil produces about 5000 puffs and offers the most exquisite flavor and freshest taste. The 650mAh battery is housed in a flagon-shaped housing that offers a distinctive user experience. Do you worry that your battery will die? If the battery runs out, you can recharge your Elf Bar 5000 using a Type-C adaptor and continue smoking as much as you like.

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To make mobile vaping available to everyone without sacrificing quality, the Elf Bar price is designed to be as reliable and practical as it can be. When shipped, every disposable vape pen is charged, loaded, and prepared for use.

Also, they are draw-activated, so all that is needed to start puffing is to dig them out. Each gadget offers approximately 600 puffs with a 550mAh battery bank and 2ml of 20mg nic salts, making it a fantastic travel companion for weekend excursions or going out at night.

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