Why Is So Special About The 7 Daze Egge Disposable Vape?

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned vaper, we are confident that this product will sate your demands and deliver a completely pleasurable vaping experience.
Why Is So Special About The 7 Daze Egge Disposable Vape?

Stay with us as we go over all you need to know about the 7 Daze Egge disposable vape device if you enjoy disposables and are always willing to explore new and intriguing products. 

The Specifications Of The Daze Egge Disposable Vape!

Some of the great features and specifications of the Daze Egge Disposable Vape are:

  • Per e-cigarette, 7.0 mL.
  • 50 mg/mL, or 5% by weight, of nicotine.
  • 3000 puffs on average per device.
  • Made using nicotine salt e-juice without tobacco.
  • Pre-charged and pre-filled.
  • Made in China after being designed in California.
  • Internal rechargeable battery capacity of 400 mAh.
  • Charge port for Type-C.
  • Coil Mesh.
  • Firearm with a draw-activation mechanism.
  • With this, you can understand that this vape can create a revolution in the vaping industry. 

    Small But Beautiful Design!

    It is crucial to how our cherished vapes look and feel in our hands because we frequently touch them. This is precisely what 7 Daze had in mind when they designed the new disposable vape, which is not only incredibly stylish but also pleasant to hold because of its sleek design.

    It is compact and sufficiently small to fit nicely in your palm, weighing only 1 oz. The name of the product derives from its distinctive round, curving shape, which is reminiscent of an egg or a lozenge if you prefer. The white upper body of the product contrasts nicely with the other, which is available in different colors depending on the flavor.

    Disposable Vape 7 Daze Egge Includes A Rechargeable Battery!

    When planning to produce their first disposable gadget, 7 Daze carefully selected their team members and attracted the top minds in air and vapor analytics from the beginning. As a consequence, a potent, lightweight, and technologically perfect vape was created. It promises to produce more than 3000 dense, flavorful clouds that will arouse all of your senses.

    This disposable, which has a 400mAh internal battery, ensures sustained delight with each draw. The draw is smooth but strong because of the limited airflow, and the 7 Daze disposable vape is a genuine delight for cloud chasers.

    Nicotine Derived Without Tobacco And A Newly Created Mesh Coil!

    An improved mesh coil and TFN are two fundamental factors that make 7 Daze's new disposables so delectable (Tobacco-free nicotine). The Daze's original mesh coil heats up almost instantaneously when you take a drag and gives you the strong kick you were searching for. TFN's purity guarantees a concrete and clean taste throughout.

    Ten Exciting Flavors You'll Always Want to Try Again!

    But don't be misled—there are plenty of wonderful fruit and fruit-menthol salt nic drinks to select from in addition to the well-known crunchy apple flavor. Red's Apple premium nic salts power the 7 Daze Egge disposable vape.

    For those seeking a cool vaping experience that is sweetened with a wonderful minty fragrance, there is Glacial Mint. The list of fruits and vegetables that make up Berry Fusion includes blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and pomegranates, to name just a few. The subtle mint flavor balances out the robust berry flavor.

    You'll like Island Colada if you prefer a creamy Pina Colada flavor with a nice peach-infused surprise. On the other hand, people who choose to acquire 7 Daze Egge disposable vape in order to enjoy their original Red-Apple flavor are guaranteed that and more thanks to the subtle menthol note in OG Reds Iced.

    If you enjoy tropical fusions, try the Sour Bites disposable, which combines tropical fruits and adds sour flavors to the mix. You can continuously vape with this disposable and immerse yourself in the strong scents of the juiciest, luscious fruits. A similar effect should be produced by the Tropical Passion, which has hints of guava and kiwi.

    Grapple Aloe is an option for those who seek refreshing flavors without any minty undertones. A strong apple and grape blend that has been strengthened with the cooling Aloe will awaken your taste buds at any time of day or night. Try Mangoberry and you'll understand why it is one of the most popular flavors since it is a delicious fusion of creamy mango and juicy strawberry.

    The final two, OG Reds Watermelon and Strapple Iced, both have the well-known apple flavor complemented by fresh watermelon or strawberry. The cooling effect is as mild as they come.

    What Are The Advantages Of The Daze Egge Disposable Vape?

    Because we use our favorite vapes frequently, it's critical that they feel and appear nice in our hands. This is precisely what 7 Daze intended when they developed the new disposable vape, which thanks to its sleek form is not only incredibly attractive but also convenient to carry.

    It is small enough to fit comfortably in your palm and only weighs 1 oz. The product's recognisable circular, curving shape—which resembles an egg or, if you prefer, a lozenge—led to the creation of its moniker. The product's white upper body contrasts beautifully with the other, which, depending on the flavor, is available in a variety of colors.

    7 Daze carefully chose their team members and recruited the greatest minds in air and vapor analytics from the beginning as they prepared to develop their first disposable device. As a result, a powerful, portable, and technologically ideal vape was produced. It promises to generate over 3000 tasty, thick clouds that will stimulate all of your senses.

    With each draw, this disposable 400mAh inbuilt battery provides continued enjoyment. Because of the limited airflow, the pull is smooth but powerful, and the 7 Daze disposable vape is a fantastic treat for cloud chasers.

    It features a fantastic 7mL e-liquid capacity that you may gradually consume for approximately 5 days thanks to its rechargeable battery. With the fast-charging capability, the gadget may be fully charged and prepared for all-day vaping in less than an hour. It features a USB-C charging socket on the bottom.

    The latest disposables from 7 Daze are delicious thanks to an enhanced mesh coil and TFN (Tobacco-free nicotine). When you take a drag, the original mesh coil of the Daze warms up very immediately and provides the powerful kick you were looking for. The purity of TFN ensures a consistent, concrete flavor.

    The combination of being shielded from unpleasant spills and receiving a mesh coil with the greatest amount of coil-to-wick contact will allow you to vape virtually silently. Daze 7 made sure you got the chance to benefit from their highest caliber products, which are their original 50mg nicotine e-liquids that first gained them notoriety.


    You never would have imagined that a tiny disposable vape could provide you with the same level of satisfaction or perhaps more so than other products on the market. We think the mesh coil being used is what gives the performance its oomph. So, it’s high time that you don’t have to wait any longer, be it for any occasion, Daze Egge disposable vape is the best vape in the whole vaping industry. Once you try it, you will fall on your knees for this vape forever and even recommend this to people around you!

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