Why Do We Use v12 Prince Dual Mesh Coils For Vaping?

Know in this blog how v12 Prince Dual Mesh Coils from Vapor Boss can raise your vaping standards. These can offer you vaping with massive clouds and intense flavors
Why Do We Use v12 Prince Dual Mesh Coils For Vaping?

Vaping devices are trending devices nowadays with v12 Prince Dual Mesh Coils link; when a person thinks about quitting cigarettes, only vaping devices can help you. Every part of the electric vape device is very important, including the battery, coils, and e-liquid juice. Before going further, let’s go deep into what a vaping device is. An electric vape is a portable device for all customers who love vaping or smoking. The vaping devices are not only filled with tobacco like cigarettes; the device has a feature with many inbuilt systems like batteries, coils, salt nicotine, and e-liquid. Every feature has its respective role, and the design with portable attracts customers to buy once and then repeat and repeat.    

Without keeping this blog in suspense, today, you will get to know about the main features of an electric vape device, which makes large vapors and outstanding flavor performance. In this blog, we will share with you the very important part of an electric vape device, which is coils. The coil helps vapors to vaporize and feel the vapor refreshing. The very well-known vape device brand Vapor Boss is where you can easily get dual mesh coils.

These are those coils that are double layered of mesh material and pass a content heat in e-liquid, and once the vaper vapes, it gives a satisfying draw. This helps the device to make a large cloud. When the vaper does vape, it produces less nicotine from the e-liquid as compared to a single coil. V12 Prince link is designed to enhance the performance of vaping devices. Dual mesh coils are designed into both the Prince Tank and Prince Stick. One pair of these Coils generally works for 2 weeks, but sometimes it depends on the user.

What are the Features of Dual Mesh Coils 

  • 3 coils in a packet
  • 2ohms option
  • 70 watts -120 watts coil suggested wattage 
  • Best wattage option 85w -105w
  •  Prince tank and Prince stick coil compatibility 

Benefits of using the Best Mesh Coils

  • Produce double vapor cloud
  • Deliver intense flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • These mesh coils will not harm your vape device battery
  • Long time satisfaction 

About Vapor Boss

Vapor Boss is an international vaping retail brand. The most popular brand among vapers for so many years. The customer rating and their experience made this brand demanding in the vaping world. This brand has delivered a number of designed vaping devices, e-liquid, salt-nicotine, and coils. The designs of vaping devices attract customers to buy and experience new products. This vaping world welcomes every person to experience their vaping, and there is no age limit to explore different e-liquid juice. Vapor Boss delivers their products both platforms online and offline 

Why should vapers use the best Coils for vaping? 

Today’s time 30% of people use vaping devices for different reasons. Some vape for their different vaping – liquid juice, some do it to look cool, some do it because they like to smoke, and some like vapors that come from vaping devices. Vaping device features also engage customers to use the devices. In the party and club, the large clouds or vapors motivate teenagers or adults to vape. The large cloud indicates the quality of these coils, the only device with a cheaper price that helps the vape device to produce a high number of vapors and enhance your e-liquid flavor. As this is a small gadget, vaper can be carried anywhere at home, at the office, at the club, and in the lounge. They really produce large clouds, even more than the hookahs, but it depends on your experience.

What is the role of the Prince stick and Prince tank in the dual mesh coil?

Prince stick is a combination of battery with 3000mAh and TFV12 Prince tank. This device is so legendary. This is a smart mechanical battery. The combination of both the devices Prince Sticks and Prince Tank, the features of sleek design, powerful battery, and impressive juice capacity offer customers an exclusive vaping experience. This combination is perfect for those vapers who look for outstanding performance, simplicity, and portability. 


Hope you find the answer to your question: what if you don’t get large vapors or outstanding performance from your old vaping device? This time to experience new features in the vaping devices. V12 Prince dual mesh coils are easily available on the top and most demanding vape device “Vapor Boss” website, and you can visit any retail vape shops you will find there. 

Don’t forget to share your experience on our website, and it engages us to manufacture and invent new things. 

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