What Are Vape Drip Tips? How To Choose The Best One?

What Are Vape Drip Tips? How To Choose The Best One?

The drip tip, often referred to as a mouthpiece, comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and ceramic. When you "drip" you pour the e-liquid directly into the atomizer of the e-cigarette, not using a cartomizer, cartomizer or cartridge. Dripping is usually used by intermediate and advanced e-cigarette users who want to add a little more flavor to their e-liquids. Due to the area of ​​your tongue where the vapor reaches, the Drip Tip has a significant effect on flavor notes. Want to know more about it? Keep reading.

About dripper

The drip tip essentially turns your vape into a drip device; you simply attach the drip tip to your vape atomizer, eliminating the need for a tank. Like other e-cig peripherals, you get what you pay for and the quality of the cigarette drip while reducing how much you spend. Higher quality vape drops will be made of metal, while cheaper vape drops will be made of cheap plastic that won't last long at all and is also not as clean as metal. 

Shorter vape drops will have the opposite effect and heat up the vapor, which is great if you want a hotter hit. Longer stems will cool your vapor if you don't like warm vapor. It is possible to experiment with dripping with drip tips without spending a lot of money on a new RDA. Since the drip tip fits where the mouthpiece sits, you can only use the drip tip with a vape device that has a removable mouthpiece; you cannot use a drip tip with a device that has a mouthpiece attached. You want to get it exactly perfect, but that depends on the type of liquid you're using, so experiment with caution.

What is the right way to use vape drip tip?

Drip tips make dripping easier than traditional methods. Start by simply inserting the drip tip over the atomizer. Note that you can only do this if your device allows you to change the mouthpiece. This will create your mouthpiece for the cotton wick inside your vape. Drop a small amount of liquid into the mouthpiece; the trickiest aspect is keeping the coil wet, so take your time. If you don't add enough liquid, the wick will burn; if you add too much, the wick could overflow, requiring you to clean the tank of all the gooey liquid. You want to get it exactly perfect, but that depends on the type of liquid you're using, so experiment with caution.

How can you buy the right drip trip according to the tank?

Before purchasing a new drip tip for your tank, you need to determine the type of drip tip you currently have. Drip tips come in two main varieties and almost all vape tanks on the market use one or the other.

  • Currently, the most common type is the 810 drip tip. The 810 drip tip, which is used in vape tanks intended for direct inhalation into the lungs, is significantly wider than a cigarette filter.
  • Because so many people now prefer direct inhalation into the lungs, the 510 drip tip used on mouth-to-lung tanks is less common than it once was. Drip tip 510 is approximately the same width as a cigarette filter.

Since most drip tips come in one of these two common sizes, getting a replacement tank shouldn't be too difficult. If you're already using a sub-ohm tank designed for direct lung inhalation, for example, any 810 drip tip should work. You can use an adapter to try a different style of drip tip with your tank. Simply look for the adapter marked "510 to 810" or "810 to 510" depending on the type of tank you are already using.

There are not many vape tanks with proprietary drip tips that do not comply with 510 or 810 standards. Some proprietary tanks can be used with 510 or 810 drip tips thanks to adapters. You can usually find them by Googling the name of the tank manufacturer and "drip tip adapter".

How many times should a person replace a drip tip?

  • Do you only use one?

 Ultimately, how often you use your drip tip will determine how often you should replace it. Casual vapers can get away with changing theirs just once a year, while heavy users may want to change theirs two or three times a year. Plus, each one will last longer if you're a vape with a large collection of hardware and switch between several during the week.

  • The material must be flexible.

Another thing to consider is the material your drip tip is made of. For example, a drip tip made of plastic will not last nearly as long as a tip made of stainless steel.

  • Did you clean it regularly?

Do you clean your drip tip regularly? If this is your case, you can extend it. Bacteria and sap can wear down the material over time, leading to cracks or thinning of the material.


 As you can see there are many different drip tip alternatives and each variety has its pros and cons. Start with something like silicone drippers or acrylic/plastic drippers if you're just starting out. The best drip tips for you can be glass or wooden if you are looking for a great taste.

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